The Rare Four-Color Cards!

Hey everyone! I decided to make this little just for fun contest cause I love seeing all types of cards. But sadly, there are some color combos that don't get to see much light at all. These are the four-colors:

Artifice (White-Blue-Black-Red)
Chaos (Blue-Black-Red-Green)
Aggression (Black-Red-Green-White)
Altruism (Red-Green-White-Blue)
Growth (Green-White-Blue-Black)

Based on their names you might be able to guess how Wizards has dealt with these colors in the past. But if we're being serious, Wizards has printed 10 cards in these colors TOTAL, so I don't think there's really that much of a standard to go on.

Instead, I'd rather just see some cardsmiths craft some really cool four-color cards, regardless of whether or not they match the ten cards wizards has printed.

Cheers and happy smithing!


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