Zaheer's Autumnal Contest

Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I've been in this community, I had a whole lot of life stuff I had to deal with, but I will hopefully be back for a bit.

I wanted to come back with a contest, sure I'm definitely not the best at making them, but I still hope to achieve a contest that helps you guys be able to have lots of fun and explore new card creations.

I want to see you, Cardsmiths, make autumn-themed cards, they can be made with any site, just if you want favorites you'll have to make MTGcardsmith versions. A couple of ideas include harvests, scarecrows, festivals, and a whole lot more!! (Couldn't really think of much more at the exact moment:lol:)

Rules: (If you ever need clarification, please ask.)
You can have a maximum of three entries.
Only new entries are allowed. (The oldest that I'm allowing are cards made during the beginning of September.)
Would you please also try to credit the artist, because they truly deserve the credit because they are awesome.

Prizes: (if you feel that there is more I can give, please let me know.)
1st place: Gets 5 favorites of their choice, a follow, and a special card declaring you as the Master of Autumn. (If I'm already following you then an extra 5 favorites.)
2nd place: Gets 5 favorites of their choice, a follow, and a custom-made autumn-themed card based on you as a Cardsmith. (If I'm already following you then an extra 3 favorites. Also if you want anything in particular for the card DM me.))
3rd place: Gets 5 favorites of their choice, and an opportunity to co-help me with my next Contest. (Not sure if that's a prize or not, but could be fun, if you want to do that.)
Honorable Mentions: Will each get 5 favorites of their choice, and an autumn-themed card based on you as a Cardsmith. (There will be a total of three honorable mentions. Again, if you want anything in particular for your card, DM me.)

A quick sum of the basis of the contest, create fun, interesting, and awesome cards that you love. I want you guys to have fun with this contest, and not just feel as if it is something tedious or uninteresting. If you come up with anything you think I could/should add to make this a much more fun experience, please let me know.

The Contest closes for judging on November 30th. Enjoy everyone!!!


  • Okay - first off, I'm definitely going to participate. 

    I'm not sure if we still follow these rules, but they are still at the top of the forums, and I personally follow them to the best of my ability... 
    Anyways - you don't have to.. I just thought it would spice things up if you offered up more than just a bunch of faves. Maybe you might want to tweak your prize offerings so that favorites are 5 or less but offer up other stuff...

    After all, you did say to let you know if there's anything else you can do for prizes. One thing that's not so common you could tack on instead of all those favorites is a HALL OF FAME mention or even a prize card (Like creating a card themed after the cardsmith. Maybe one that's autumn themed! Maybe you can experiment and branch off from these. If you run out of ideas, you can always say you'll donate your next X mystery prizes to them :relaxed: haha

  • @jpastor, thank you for the help!!! I appreciate the suggestions of someone as esteemed as yourself :)
  • @Zaheer_The_Grim
    I found artwork alas!

    I didn't want to go with an un card... but this idea just came to me lol. Hope you like it.
  • @Zaheer_The_Grim

    There is an easter egg hidden within it
  • I wanted the second ability to be activatable by any player but ran out of space

    all the abilities are based on the concept of "trick (tails) or treat (heads)"
  • edited October 10
    Oooo This slipped under the radar!

    Harvest Owl
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