and a happy new year

Tis the season for making magic cards.

Not just any magic cards, Christmas themed magic cards.

In this contest, you can create up to 3 cards that are Christmas themed or perhaps any other holiday that is in December like New Year's Eve, Honukkah, or Kwanzaa. Your birthday is not a holiday.

Neither is snow.

You can create up to 3 cards, and they must be new cards made in this month this year.

The contest ends on the 25 of december.

There will be 3 winning cards, each of the cardsmiths will get a prize.

More presents for the winners and more coal for the losers (just kidding)

1st place: follower plus 2 favs

2nd place: 2 favs

3rd place: 1 fav

Will will be the judge and I will judge your cards on the many concepts of a magic cards such as artwork,mana cost, flavor text, abilities, p/t, etc.

But as long as you have some Christmas spirit in you, you will do just fine.

Let the cardsmithing begin, and happy holidays.


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