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    To @fiskerton:
    The Epitome is actually made for a 4 player game of EDH ^-^ I'd love to sit out of the game for the other players to find out what the cards do, but it's just that I'd love to play the game alongside them as well.

    To everyone:
    I think the wording of Epitome isn't necessarily what we should be focusing on right now. I put this this on the "contests and challenges" tab and not the "custom sets" tab for a reason. I do appreciate everyone pitching in to fix the wording on the tome, but I'd much rather see you all put the priority of providing the cards for the tome over trying to "fix" the tome itself.

    If you are still persistent on insisting that the tome needs to be fixed over the cards, then please understand this:

    1.) I'm trying to avoid big and over complicated ways of communicating to other players what the tome is trying to do. I'd much rather have a four sentence paragraph and have players ask me questions rather than an entire poem and have players take a solid five minutes to read the card and refer to it whenever they're unsure on what's happening.

    2.) The reason why I'm not using Gonti's wording, and instead using this shorter wording, is because I'd like for the first card you cast with tome to always say that you can spend mana of any type to cast it, and that the other cards you can cast during that turn will need you to provide the specific mana to play it if you wish, essentially locking you to play one custom card per turn. I also want the cards to only ever be accessible whenever you activate the tome, so that at least this way, it's less confusing when a player is and is not able to cast custom cards during a turn.

    3.) Keep in mind that I'll be doing this game on untap. Meaning that they aren't actually putting the cards themselves on their side of the field, but instead creating copies to represent that card on their side of the field. I do understand that putting custom cards in places that they don't belong (graveyard, hand, library, exile) is something that I need to avoid, but let's please cross that bridge when we get to it. Right now, I need entries, we can sort out the tome problem towards the end of August (when this contest is over).

    I appreciate all of your input for fixing the tome, but I please would like to see everyone putting in some entries ^-^ I hope the above doesn't come off as harsh, it's just that many people seem to be coming here for fixing the tome only and seem to ignore the fact that this is a contest.

    Happy smithing to you all! I hope to see all your marvelous designs soon when you guys have the time!
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    Are cards we submit here all become full art cards? I have some cards that I want to show to you, but when I search their art, some of them seem to be difficult to fit the full art card frame.
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    @Tomigon If you yourself can't find the original art, or if you think the art can't fit the frame, it's alright! I can search for an alternate artwork that seems to fit the function of the cards you submit if it really doesn't want to fit the frame :)
  • Now onto our spotlight card of the day! This is another one of our cardsmiths that has sadly left us to chase other dreams, but will forever be remembered by all of us who have taken a gander at their amazing and creative designs that can all be seen by their 12 most recent cards! The card of the day is Ephemeral Departure by Gelectrode with a beautiful full art border and an alternate art by the same artist! May they prosper and achieve what they sought out to do! *Raises glass* to Gelectrode!
    (You can click the card to visit the original card!)


  • Here are my five old cards (I'll definitely do the new entries at some point):
    Cerebral Bartering
    Art: Dragon Prince by Edric
    Tempestuous Inspiration
    Art: Corrupted Signs by Dmitry Burmak
    Rupture Slime
    Art: Ooze by Henry Peters
    Convoker of Alphas
    Art: AC3 - Wolf Pack by Hyae Na Ko Glassick
    Unconquerable Soul
    Art: Invictus by ExitMothership

    (I second @Tomigon's mention about if you need me to change anything)
  • @ManaChrome, what’s the jist here?
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    @Ranshi922 It's kind of complicated, but let me give you a basic run down. (But I still recommend you read the original post for the rules since they go into more detail about what this is about.)

    1.) You can submit up to 5 new cards of your choice that were meant for play for EDH.

    2.) You can submit up to 5 old cards of your choice that were meant for play for EDH.

    3.) No complicated custom mechanics for any of the old or new entries. Custom mechanics are allowed, but I recommend you not to use them, or at least, keep them simple.

    4.) I will be using all of the entries submitted here for a special project that will introduce non-custom-card-makers to the unique designs of MTGCardsmith!

  • Heya! Spotlight card of the day is Madhat Archivist! A bit unfair I guess to showcase your own cards XD But I hope that this'll inspire everybody on their designs for this contest! (Click on the card to be linked to the official cardsmith card page!)

  • @ManaChrome
    I think it's ok to include some of your favorite cards to custom card pile:)
    Btw are you going to add all cards you spotlight to the pile? I think Ephemeral Departure causes memory issues.
  • @Tomigon I think three end steps isn't much of a hassle to track down. But I'll include it anyway and see what the other players think.
  • @ManaChrome
    I think that design is pushing the edge of what non-custom card players are willing to put up with. That seems very unset-y (because it is). I’d at least give it a silver border.
  • Also, where are the entries, @everyone ?
  • I don't necessarily think it needs a un set border. But it definitely has memory issues in commander.
  • @modnation675
    Fair enough, and @ManaChrome did make very specific rules for scrolls that eventually say they can only exist in the hand or on the stack. I’m just a tad concerned players will “tap out” (no pun intended) when they see it.
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    @Arceus8523 Yeah, I don't think I'll be including the archivist if able (if able: if we have enough entries that including archivist would not be needed). But I believe that modnation's comment was concerned with the Ephemeral Departure from a while back.
  • I was gonna enter ten cards likely. But I didn't want the art to have to be changed for full art.
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    I can go ahead and go out of my way to look for alternate art for your cards like I did for the Grovarg Cultist I did a while back (although, if I can't find art that fits into the flavor of your card, I might have to re-interpret the flavor of your card in search for fitting art). I don't mind looking for art pieces ^-^ It's usually the best part of making cards for me!
  • Okay I'll try to get some cards in later today. It's just hard as I'm on the phone and our battery is dying.

    So I'll see you later. :)
  • image
    Here's something for archivist.
  • @Arceus8523
    Wow that's so cool!

    By the way, if you are going to select [MTG] when you add custom cards, I suggest you to put "(CCG)" after the card name. For example; "Madhat Archivist (CCG)". This is because players might think our custom cards are real cards.
  • @Tomigon Yep yep! I already put all these cards under the "MTGCS" tab ^-^
  • 1st new card entry
    Art: https://www.deviantart.com/rhads/art/The-light-85608437

    I think you need to find an alternate art for full art frame again tho X)
  • I am confused. What exactly are we submitting? As in what are the criteria? Story? Design? Art? All of the above?
  • Also what’s the tome?
  • @Ranshi922 just go to the rules on the first page, it should explain all the discussed things on page1 and 2 (it’s the most recent variant of the rules)
  • @Ranshi922 I answered most of your questions in that message you sent me, but it seems that I missed a few ^-^

    1.) This is a contest where cardsmiths basically get to showcase their all time favorite cards that they made. And as an opportunity to make new cards for people who aren't in the custom card community to admire all of your designs!

    2.) This is a contest ^-^

    2.a) When you say "art," this is referring to one of my comments stating that it would be nice if you could link the original art piece of the card you made along side your entry.

    2.b ) When you say "design," this is referring to the design of the Epitome of Possiblity, since most people were concerned on how powerful the tome should be and how the tome was worded. (But don't mind that for now, it's not what we currently are worrying about.)

    2.c ) You don't need to input a story for your cards ^-^ If you would like to, go ahead! But I currently have no desire to turn this into our "Core Set Cardsmiths" sorta project XD. To clarify: This is a contest that is connected to a project, not a set.
  • oh... I thought that the big post there was the rules... I didnt see that there where others
  • ok. I dont know what card. You are referring to... So we just showcase our best work?
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