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  • @Ranshi922 Read the message I sent to you, it should clear up some foggy things.
  • I literally did and sent a list of questions.
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    New #1:

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    New Entry #2:

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    New Entry #3:


    Hybrid's are not my strongest point, but I wanted to try it anyways.
  • Do we have better odds if we use Cardsmith itself or is the probability the same as if we were to use that other one?
  • @Ranshi922 I suggest you make the cards in cardsmith itself so that your followers can favorite it as to where if you were using magic set editor, they wouldn't be able to favorite it or add it to sets.

    Ah, I forgot to mention one thing to you: When this contest is over, I'll be making your cards "full art," in magic set editor, but you can just leave that to me so that you wouldn't have to go through too much ^-^

  • Got it! I was just seeing if... idk what I was really asking. I was going to use cardsmith regardless because I know what I am doing on it.
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    (Old) Entry #1:
    Merfolk Aetherspreader (Because I am proud of the concept and it was well recieved)
    (Is it ok if I submit both versions and you because theyre the same with a different art?)
    image image
    ...and one has a refined wording but its the same effect! I am submitting one of them, just pick whichever you like better to be the true entry 1.
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    New Entry #4:


    didn't know if planeswalkers was allowed but here we go.
  • Old Entry #2
    Eowyn, Galvanic Pathfinder
    She might not be agreeable to most people because of her colors, but I put a fair amount of work into getting it just right and I am proud of it!
    Wait were we not supposed to introduce them and why we think they should be selected?
  • Old Entry #3:
    I simply had to include a phobia card in my entries, but most are situational or complex or reliant on other phobia cards (phobophobia in particular) but Xenophobia is the only to not be an enchantment, but it is short and sweet and useful in almost evry situation!
    (I am just going to continue to do my intros anyway)
  • Old Entry #4:
    One of my first Transform Spells! Battleblessed Seraph ----> Forsaken Archon. I just think that its a cool idea that opponents can block and suffer the consequences or take damage. Not to mention that the flavor text seals the deal for me!
    image image
  • Last but most certainly not least! Old Entry #5:
    My most well received card prior to Sorinjace and Aryanf, it is Herald of Pride! While other people were giving creatures this effect for the sheer purpose of it existing so that triple strike could make any sense I made a card that revolved around it and made sense!
    It is still one of the cards I am most proud of to this day!
  • @ManaChrome, can a card that I made yesterday count as a new entry?
  • Ah, I guess, sure @Ranshi922
  • Then Into the Maw we go! (I like puns, even bad ones)
  • As I said: Into the Maw! (New Entry #1)
    A sliver tribal enchantment to pair with the gratuitous amounts of sliver cards I have been making recently! (dont worry. I am almost done with sliver ideas and proxies and whatnot!)
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  • Its a nice uncard that doesnt make me too *throws on shades* UN-Easy
  • I just realized the shrinking energy weapon equipment flavor text rhymes. Lol
  • So it seems.
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    New Entry #2:
    Power Surge, a card with a mechanic by one of our finest; @Tomigon!
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    Our 1st entry compatible with full artwork.

    Full Art: The Dreamteller of Cats

  • Are they supposed to be full art?
  • @Ranshi922
    @ManaChrome will search for whatever art fits in full art, if your art doesn't work.
  • image

    Alright! It's been a while since I posted a card "*bump,*" so here's an interesting card inspired by @Operator (although this card is a Dragon, has flying, and lost the Shapeshifter type :P Sorry Operator if this offends you T-T)!

    I find this card such an interesting design even though it's relatively simple! Again, you can click on the image itself to visit the card itself in its original state and favorite the original card made on MTGCardsmith! Happy cardsmithing to you all! Ciao for now! (I'll try and do these "*bump*" cards more often ^-^ All my school projects are so far now finished!)
  • Why would it need to fit full art?
  • @Ranshi922 It's more of an aesthetic, really. Just so that you don't mix up the customs with the noncustoms. Don't worry about the art for now ^-^. Just be sure to send simple and safe designs and leave the rest to me! I don't want to stress you over looking for art, so just have fun making and submitting cards!
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