Stitia, Plane of 13 Deaths (RPG Style Saga/My First Saga)



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    "I'm not afraid of you anymore, Timothy. You can alter as many memories as you want, but the truth will still live on. Laugh all you want, but you will fall eventually. Just you wait," Verth confidently stood his ground. He has been through betrayal after betrayal on this long journey to peace in Stitia, and he wasn't going to let another one of Timothy's obstacles get in his way. Sure, Timothy was a force to be reckoned with, but deep in his heart Verth believed that he could overcome this daunting challenge. If he couldn't find help on Stitia, he would turn to New Tommia, or other planes of existence until Timothy was dealt the punishment he deserved. At the present moment, however, Verth needed to gather as much mana as he could to defend against whatever Timothy had in store for him and his allies.
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    "Oh-kay! I won't tell."

    You lead the girl through the woods and back into Ystheria, taking care to go the long way. However, you end up getting lost, unfamiliar with the path of woods you decided to cut though...

    "Vin... where... are we?"

    You wish you had even the slightest idea. You nearly trip over tangling vines. The trees are dark and twisted, blocking almost all light from coming down. You see a dim light in the distance, but can't make out what it is. Meanwhile, you smell food being cooked in the distance, along with some people chit-chatting.

    You're starving. If you don't find food soon, you will suffer consequences.

    Which way will you go, or will you try to find your way back?
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    "Looks like we need to find that office, darling," Levin says with a wink. It would obviously be very conspicuous, but the question is where to find it...

    Will you start your search inside or outside?
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  • The Northern Cathedral - Finale

    As Foritu's essence approaches the hexagonal altar, the shade pursues, attempting to consume it. The essence nearly rushes into Isguia, but the shade intervenes. The men and women performing the ritual notice, and focus their power on banishing the shade.

    "So... the contingency plan's in action?" Isguia asks to the sky above.
    "Yes..." Conse responds. "There is no danger in my revealing my true intentions. It's already too late for anyone to stop me..."
    "A shame it had to come to this. If Foritu fell, then surely the Southern Cathedral fell as well."
    "It has... it's now or never, my followers. All who disappoint me shall die."

    Foritu is scathed by a skeletal hand, dodging to avoid further harm. The shade is struck by a beam of light that arcs, nearly hitting K'Trinop. It isn't killed, but it's quite injured.

    "So many souls within that creature..." Conse desires. "Give them to me!"
    "Yes, oh great one!" The priests respond.

    All of the priests look away from the ritual and aim their scepters at the shade. A portal opens, and suddenly, the shade is completely eradicated by a dark, wretched beam of power. Its essence is drawn into the portal, much to the dismay of K'Trinop, and it closes.

    "The soldiers can take care of the interloper... it's time! BRIDGE THE GATEWAY!"

    Every scepter connects in a circle, and the same circle forms in the sky, though much larger. Arcane lightning of dark and purple hues strikes the surrounding area rapidly, and it feels like the entirety of Nasita was plunged into winter as a horrid death chill washes over the region. Anyone against the summoning is sapped of their will to fight, their will to resist, their will to live, all as a colossal portal yawns open in the sky. The clerics are warped as the being descends, but what comes forth is not their god. A facade is revealed to the entire world, and all onlookers can do is watch in horror as their god is revealed to be the very thing they swore to stop...

    To be continued...

  • Why do no catastrophic monsters get summoned in the cathedral I'm in?
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  • The Northern Cathedral - Finale Part 2

    The demon descends upon a world it has not touched for 540 years. He is enraged. He is empowered. And he is laughing as the angels turn to demons, and the merest sight of him warping the minds of the Hexist followers. Those that thought this summoning would bring Conse. But Conse was a lie. That wizard was be naught but a ruse. A cheap disguise that hid the truth.

    "CONSE ALMIGHTY!" One of the clerics call out.
    "Save us! SAVE US!"
    "No! He has to be real! He's done so much for us!"
    "That was I, and I have plenty to offer for those that continue to support me. Now... where is my warm welcome?"
    "Everyone... he's right," Isguia says without even flinching. "This is your god. No matter the appearance he takes, he is your savior. Now bow down!"
    "Thank you for your support, Isguia. It would be selfish for me not to reward you..."

    Dark angel wings unfurl from Isguia's back as she ascends into angelhood, her appearance suggesting that Khantsievth made her a new Retributionist.

    "No... she knew? The high priest knew and didn't tell us?!"
    "This... is your only chance." Isguia warns as she rises. "Onto the altar if you be with us. Otherwise, you can die knowing your lives were wasted."

    No one steps onto the altar, except for the cultists and the very few people that have a change of faith. Objects are thrown at them, but a protective barrier keeps anything from hitting them or Khantsievth.

    Khantsievth booms out. "Pity. You act like you actually have a choice."

    Suddenly, purple fire engulfs anyone that didn't accept the offer. It tries to engulf K'Trinop as well, and he has to summon a defensive barrier to protect himself. After the smoke clears, an army of demons, zombies, and horrors have replaced the summoners and the clerics, the soldiers and the guards. The moon's glow turns pure red, and they spring to life.

    "K'Trinop... such a poor, pathetic fool. You tried so hard to stop me, and I appreciate your valiant effort. But this is where you die for good. Your soul will be mine..."
    "I'm not letting this happen again!"

    A thrash of vines appear, and a sword of oak and holy smashes an incoming spike in two. Appearing in front of K'Trinop is Sprot, alongside...

    "Well... from one hell to another," Rafael grunts.
    Wosy spits out a shot of burning hot saliva at a zombie nearby, killing them. "Bloody hell..."
    Onaeca is seemingly emotionless. "Well... that's Khantsievth..."
    "Yeah! The person we're trying to stop!" Pathos yells out.
    "Then let's stop him!" Sanova roars out. He has traded his hammer for a flail. and seems to be more brutal with it than he ever was with anything, killing several zombies with his startup.
    "WELL WELL WELL! Isn't this a party?!" Khantsievth mocks. "If it isn't Sprot and the Band of Misfit Servants! They even got a little pet cat as their mascot!"
    "The only pets I see here is every last one of your servants!" Sanova shouts as he sends a zombie through the air with enough force to hit the forcefield around Khantsievth. "And they're all going to die!"
    "Oh! Are they? And what would that accomplish?"

    Every single zombie that has been killed thus far rises again, along with everyone that died during the attack on the cathedral, and the group suddenly finds themselves completely surrounded.

    "Pathetic insolents! I'm surprised you weren't killed, but I won't make the same mistake..."

    The world warps around Khantsievth as corrupted energies spurt from the ground. Gravity begins to fade. Reality is pulled apart like string, and all six of the new arrivals find themselves in dire straights as a corrupting force dominates them.

    "E-everyone! You have to run!" Sprot cries out.
    "How the hell you expect me to do that?!" Rafael screams, struggling.
    "I'm going to use my power to neutralize his magic... don't worry about what happens to me!"
    "You expect me to just leave you here?!" Pathos protests. "I don't do that. You're one of-"
    "If you stay here we all die! Now when I say go, go!"
    "You heard her," Wosy seconds.
    "I'm... sorry to leave you to die, Sprot," Onaeca apologizes. "I'll make sure your efforts aren't in vain..."
    "Ah... so emotional..." Khantsievth insults. "The pathetic Goddess of Nature is going to give her life for what she believes is the greater good... hmph... I'll play your little game."

    Suddenly, the strange power afflicting everyone disappears... except on Sprot.

    "I'll give you your wish... you want to die a martyr? Then die a pathetic martyr!"
    "SPROT!" Pathos and Onaeca shout out at the same time. Sanova throws his flail, but it shatters against the forcefield as a rush of damning energy overtakes Sprot, her body seeming to be deleted from reality itself, piece by piece as she lets out a wail of agony that is slowly warped, echoing through Nasita.
    Sanova rushes towards Khantsievth with his bare claws, a battle cry escaping his maw. "I'm killing this-"
    Rafael yokes Sanova by his neck, essentially clotheslining him. "Snap out of it. We're leaving. You don't stand a chance whether you like it or not, and there's nothing you can do about it."

    Pathos mourns, and Wosy comes over, picking up Sanova and Onaeca.

    "C'mon, buddy," Wosy tells Pathos. "There's always tomorrow."
    "Yeah... you're right..."

    Wosy flies into the air, and Pathos and Rafael follow him as the briskly fly away. In the distance, Gladoise starts to fly back towards the cathedral, but he's suddenly ambushed by a crushing weight that causes him to be slammed to the ground. Theirin flies towards Khantsievth, but smacks hard against the forcefield. While the forcefield shatters, that isn't the only thing; you hear bones break on impact, and Theirin falls onto the altar. He's twitching and helpless as he's crushed under a massive foot, his essence fading away...

    [To be continued...]

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