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Strengthen the Hyjack Cackle!

I've started a new "creature type" comprised of two legitimate subtypes, Hyena and Jackal.

image image image

You can see that I've only used Red and/or White thus far. You won't be that restricted.

Art isn't the easiest to find for these awesome warriors, so I've decided to collect art pieces you may use:

MarkTarrisse (2) -

AlexAlexandrov -

David AP -

If you choose to use other artwork, be sure to credit the artist and try to stay true to the above styles.

Here's the rules:
1. Cards must be NEW
(shouldn't be a problem)
2. The only card type allowed is Creature
3. The subtypes must include Hyena Jackal
4. Additional subtypes can be whatever you want
5. Any rarity
6. The only color you can't use is
7. No joke cards, realistic only
8. 4 entries per cardsmith
(I'll only consider the 1 I believe the best from a unique smith)
9. Remake whatever whenever (Just let me know)

1st-3rd and honorable mentions will have their submissions favorited.

1st-3rd will be discussed in the Hall of Fame -

1st: 1 favorite of his or her choice
(at my discretion), and a token of them in this set -

Some of you may not have been informed (or noticed), but I favorite only the cards that have won contests I've (co)hosted, this makes "Faiths_Guide Faves" very rare...

You have one week (until Friday the 14th). Good Luck All!


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