Dual Lands Challenge *Circuit Challenge* [Challenge Over, Congrats @FaithsGuide]

Dual lands, or lands that can tap to produce two types of mana, are the fundamental building blocks of many decks in the game. I challenge you to create a dual land. Remember, the simpler, the better. Examples from real Magic:


Administrative Details
For most of my challenges, I only allow the submission of one card. For this challenge, I will make an exception - you can submit one card or a cycle of similar cards.

First Place - 1 Circuit Point
Second Place - 3/4 Circuit point
Third Place - 1/2 Circuit Point
Honorable Mentions - 1/4 Circuit Point

Cards can be either new or old and can be created using other platforms (for instance, mtg.design or Magic Set Editor). The deadline at present is Friday, October 25. Go to creating!


  • Alright rad. I'll enter the Blackened Skies Polluted Lands as a five-card enemy land cycle:

  • My concept is ready! Just need to make the cards
  • Prepare for ten lands and five alt arts soon! As in, next couple of days soon.
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    Have some mercy for the losing player, eh? Or... since you're playing a black heavy set, make your early life payments count. These are the duals for Stitia, which I nicknamed "loser duals"

    Not an entry

    MTG.Design is whacko with full-arts, but here are the five promos.

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    @Vert at the moment, your entry is not legitimate since it's not a cycle - you'll note that green is represented four times and black is represented only once. They need to be represented equally. Generally there are ally cycles (WU,UB,BR,RG,GW) and enemy cycles (WB,BG,GU,UR,RW) but sometimes they mix it up on Ravnica - but each color needs to have two cards with it.

    Edit: nevermind
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    Misty Mountains
  • What about a really nifty and thematic 3-card cycle? It isn't intended for every color.
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    Here's a concept I have. It can tap for one allied color, or one enemy color. Or if you're good and just need an untapped land, you can opt to pick not color. (Wasn't going to originally do a full cycle, but I broke down and did it anyways.)


  • I'm modifying the instructions to include any group of related lands. That means that @Vert's submission and @Faiths_Guide's idea are legal.
  • @Je_Suis_Oluwa - Ok, sweet. Here's my Dual Land submission:
    image image image
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    The "opponent's choice" cycle

  • Updated my post with five promos, although they do not contribute to my entry in any way
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    Here's my submission:

    Not for submission, but just to better understand my second card:

  • Here's my submission:

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    Mind Dual land cycle
    This enters the battlefield tapped unless you have three or more, or three or fewer, cards in your hand than another player.
    T: Add A or B.

    Comment on previous entries: ppl are forgetting that when a land is "plains island" it already has a native ability "T: Add W or U".
  • looks fun. Ill join this when I can think of some good land ideas.
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    Here! I made these on mtg.design. Is that okay?

    Edit: Changed to follow rules :)





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    Just want to clarify something. "Duel Land" as in...
    1. A land that can create two colors of mana
    2. A land that creates mana of more than one color, but not "any color"
    3. A land that creates more than one color (can be "any color")
    4. A land that works best with the use of more than one color (but doesn't necessarily have to create mana of multiple colors)
    5. Some other, more accurate way of explaining the parameter

    I assume its number 1, but I'm not positive, so I wanted to just get this clarified.
  • @Je_Suis_Oluwa If it is option 1 in @theran_baggins question, does that make my entry invalid?
  • image

    Might do a cycle.
  • @Je_Suis_Oluwa Thanks! I will change my entry soon.
  • @Je_Suis_Oluwa, thank you for clarifying.
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    My Cycle. All created on MSE since I've found it a bit quicker for mass producing and editing cards quickly.

    These are all designed for EDH, and there is one for every color combination.


    image image image image image image image image image image
  • @Norzael
    I would word the last ability this way:
    {t}: Add { }{ }. Activate this ability only if
    you control your commander.
  • @Faiths_Guide
    I would have, but the commander I made this deck idea for can be present on anyone's field, dependent on the situation. So my only benefit from it being on someone else's field, but in play, are these lands rather than the creature just giving me a benefit or more of a benefit.
  • This is a concept I had at GRN release. It's only a 4-card cycle based around green (as the ramp color) as I don't think this is appropriate for any other color. I might make the other cards later if I have the time, but I'll post the names.


    GW = Luminous Garden
    GU = Biolaboratory
    GB = Festering Sewers
    GR = Wild Menagerie

    But maybe a possible GG land too?
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