Planar, the Ultimate World.



  • Ohzov + Azorius + Esper = Azoresov?
  • I feel like having 3 huge planes as the first set isn’t prudent.
  • @Ranshi922 We'll have Ravnica/Alara on one set, with other planes on the shards and the second set will be Ravnica/Tarkir (Shards) with the other planes on the shards
  • Shards of Ravnica sounds good
  • Why not Fractured State?
  • @Ranshi922, "Fractured State" seems okay for the set, but I think that Shards of Ravnica sounds better.

    By the way, can you make a Rare version of Davriel for this set?
  • Yes, I can. What sort of motifs is he going to align with?
  • @pjbear2005 idea sounds good.

    Set 1: Shards of Ravnica
    Set 2: Fractured State
  • Phyrexia + Kaladesh
    (basically Kaladesh with the real people made into artifact creatures and artifacts made non-artifacts)
  • @Ranshi922, Well, he helps Dovin create this to use the Elderspell, right? So make a Davriel God Card or make him as he helps Dovin, your choice.
  • @Dom_Rocks @Ranhsi922 Probably not a God Davriel just yet, maybe just a card that goes with his character, he would get something to help him in his quest for qodhood. There would be a bunch of planeswalkers in one place, but Nicol Bolas failed and he planned for eons. Davriel knows his plan would have to be perfect and have just about everything covered.

    Maybe something like:

    Davriel, Lord of the Manor

    That's what he is known by on Innistrad, so basically I have an idea.

    Davriel is on Innistrad with Dovin practically begging at his feet, Davriel agrees, in return for a device or something similar to do something like contain sparks or like a mana EMP, Davriel goes on tasks from Dovin, while Dovin plans things out. Dovin supplies Davriel with things to help like thopters. Davriel travels to planes like Alara, and other high mana planes.

    Davriel already has a worldsoul in him, if he can control it or gain power over it, he already has all the power of one plane. He can also steal spells from other people, if he uses Dovin's technological prowess, they can send thopters and constructs across the planes using the pieces of the planar gate, gather plane specific mana from each plane, infuse that mana with the gate, and put it together on Ravnica, the planes converge.

    As the planes converge, Davriel and Dovin (at the center of the convergence) are given visions of the mending and the creation of the multiverse. They realize what power they could control.

    Davriel uses scattered mana to put his manor above the rest of the newly formed shards with constant mana flow to himself. Once he has enough mana to control his worldsoul and enact his plan, he splits the planes back to their original positions.

    A couple things happen, any planeswalker on the plane (Other than Davriel and others aligned with him, near him at the time) is weakened as they are forced through the multiverse a second time. Planes are weakened with their mana stolen. Davriel's manor turned into basically a pocket dimension that is almost everywhere in the multiverse at the same time.

    If any of this is disliked by you guys, we can change it. It was just something that came to mind.

    I also want to see a Good aligned Ravnica planeswalker turn evil or a good aligned Ravnica character become an evil planeswalker if possible, maybe someone like Ral or Lavinia.
  • I am down for Davriel’s rise to omnipotence.
  • Davriel also has contracts with demons, which means demonic power. If we really wanted to, we could bring someone back from the dead to align with Davriel, we wouldn't want it to be someone who died in War of the Spark, but maybe someone like Xenagos (with or without his godhood) or Sifa Grent (from a comic series, tried to kill Dack Fayden).

  • I know all about Sifa, but she doesn't seem like the type to follow orders.
  • Planeswalker Wise:

    Davriel (Mythic)
    Good Guy Person* (Mythic)
    Dovin (Rare)


    Ral (Rare, probably)
    Vraska (Rare)
    Jace (Maybe Uncommon)
    Teferi (Maybe Mythic) He would try and help since he was there during the mending.

    *The good guy couldn't be anyone from the original gatewatch other than Jace.
  • @Bowler218 Nissa and Chandra pronounced their love for each other and ran away at the end of War of the Spark? I think
  • @pjbear218, Chandra is busy just doing general heroic stuff and being attacked by Tibalt. Why not Jace?
  • @pjbear2005, Davriel, Lord of the Manor is one character too long for the planeswalker frame and the planeswalker frame is awful at passive planeswalker abilities.
  • @Ranshi922, @pjbear2005, Davriel, Manor Master?
  • Davriel, Manor Lord
  • @Ranshi922
    Davriel, Dark Lord Cosplayer
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    The good guy person is Teyo since he's:
    - A meek boi
    - Not really that strong
    - A protective boi
    - Also a shieldmage too

    In addition, he kinda feels like that average 'displaced' anime protagonist who is slowly getting stronger at each season.
  • @sanjaya666, Teyo does seem like a good option.

  • Teyo, Shard Shieldmage.
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    @KorandAngels, sorry for talking about your idea yet.
    "Phyrexia + Kaladesh
    (basically Kaladesh with the real people made into artifact creatures and artifacts made non-artifacts)"
    Seems smart, we do really want Shards of Ravnica, but we could incorporate one way or another

    Pia, Slave to Phyrexia
    Chandra must battle her own Mother. Right?
  • @Dom_Rocks

    someone made a phyrexianized Rashmi already.
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