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  • @HeroKP

    Uh wat? I have no idea. Except that Jace is from Vryn ofc.

  • @sanjaya666 I mean, we technically could include some of those if we make it a relatively large set, and make cards based off the planechase planes' cards
  • @sanjaya666

    Arkhos - A plane of constant twilight where no one can differ dreams from reality.
    Iquatana - A plane with a bunch of chimneys and vents which shoot out Aether which makes up the atmosphere. (Narcomoebas are here)
    Ir - A plane inhabited by giants called the Fomori, they protect a fortress said to be a "mana haven"
    Kaladheim - Not much info on her, Angrath visited, home of the 2014 Duel of the Planeswalkers ultimate boss.
    Karsus - Not much info here either, the only thing we know is that there is a giant crystal thing.
    Kinshala - A plane introduced in Archenemy, it has a south African style open air market place with humanoid traders.

    I'll finish the rest later.
  • I think that if we include all of the planes e know about, this will be something of a cluster****. We need to establish a roster of 5-10 planes.
  • @pjbear2005 Alright then, though I don't really know about what is this all really though. I mean, are we gonna making a sort of Core Set with the theme 'All-Planes-in-One' or... okay then.

    So, I'm just gonna wait then.
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    Having all planes at once will have a lot of unique mechanics of each set interwined with each other. Maybe you can think a Ravnica like set, setting all selected planes (5 per set, and do alliance between planes, for example:

    Theros and Amonkhet, both are based on real life mythos and locations, both of them have gods. But they have a lot of mechanics:

    Amonkhet Block Mechanics: Aftermath, Embalm, Exert, Eternalize

    Theros Block Mechanics: Monstrosity, Heroic, Bestow, Devotion, Inspired, Tribute, Constellation, Strive

    So, you must think a way that makes up or shows a bit of both set without making it complex for starting players. So, lets try to make a card for it:


    Balacing issues apart, you can depict a "Constellation" keyword from the Theros block without making it complex.

  • @ElMagici that's... a really incredible idea!
  • @Ranshi922 thanks! We need to set the base to avoid a overcrowding of keywords or reinvented in a convoluted way keywords.
  • @Ranshi922

    Ixalan and Innistrad block (Morbid, Raid and Fateful Hour) on a Mythic.

  • Blocks work perfectly!
  • By the way, for all lesser known planes as well, they could almost combine with Ravnica, creating new Guilds.
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    @Dom_Rocks So, there will be like hundreds of guilds?


    Guess I'll join the guild of the Unstable League of Dastardly Doom then :))
  • Is anyone against some of us having self insert characters? (Not Mary Sue type self-inserts)
  • I'd love that! I already have a few fanwalkers.
  • @sanjaya666, why the heck not?!
  • @Ranshi922 and @kandra127, Fan Planeswalkers are okay, because this is for the Cardsmithers, I want everyone to have creativity in this, everyone involved in the Plan-ar,

    So sure
  • Ok. I am thinking we might want to construct a plot trajectory or this might end up like a fan service core set. I could play a villain; that title sure warrants the possibility.
  • okay. I have a few. here's two. Eltan is my fanplane, a wintry, medieval plane full of war, goblins, and arcane secrets.
    Name: Ignus Slightfeather
    Plane of origin: Eltan
    Colors: Red and Blue
    Backstory: on Eltan, Ignus accidentally killed a whole gathering come to watch him. He was flung off the plane by the force of the blast, and still hasn't told his sister, Lusa. After the blast, Ignus went to Innistrad, where he became an alchemist. He began to perfect the art of transmutation, and figured out how to transform himself temporarily into Aether. He followed an Aether stream intothe Blind eternities, and faced off against the true nature of the Eldrazi. Scarred and empowered by this, he became stuck in the Blind Eternities. He began to orchestrate Aether flows, Directing planeswalkers' first, uncontrolled planeswalks and shaping the destiny of the Multiverse.
    Preferred form of magic: Transmutation and Aether Manipulation
    Character’s strengths: Extremely powerful, Plenty of intense magical study and a healthy resistance to explosion.
    Character’s flaws: Arrogance. He believes he can solve any problem that comes his way. also, he cant enter any planes.
    Name: Lusa Slightfeather
    Plane of origin: Eltan
    Colors: White, Black, and Green
    Backstory: Her planeswalk and close scrape with death on a hunting mission brought something back with her. this presence followed her, killing small creatures and sometimes people. She travels the planes, trying to save everybody from the darkness everywhere, unaware that she is spreading it.
    Preferred form of magic: Healing, resurrection,and a bit of necromancy.
    Character’s strengths: Able to manipulate the veil between life and death.
    Character’s flaws: Believes that in the end, nothing anyone does really matters. (Nihilism)
  • @Ranshi922 I like self inserted characters
  • @Everyone, just so we are clear what I meant by a Mary Sue character, that's any character that bends the story around them. See things like Beowulf for examples. (The Old English Text)
  • Also, characters that are too perfect. Ignus is kinda overpowered, but I made him because I thought "Hey, what if someone was orchestrating a bunch of stuff"
  • I wouldn't be using those ones, I just wanted to show them. I have more Ideas, like my fanwalker Teri.
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    I also have a premise for my character but have no real clue how it would be implemented in card form.

    Name: Ranshi (Last name lost to in time and translation)
    Aliases: The Apath, The Dark One
    Species: Azra

    Plane of Origin: Unknown, theorists suspect Pandemonium, a plane in the far reaches of the Aether inhabited by demons, devils, and the such. Where beings of lights are the things that go bump in the night)

    Backstory: I honestly don't feel like writing it all out here in a way that seems presentable. I have a draft and all that which I will chip pieces out of to insert in flavor texts.

    Magic: Empathic Abilities, Dimentomancy (A rare and mercurial form of magic that shifts with the state of mind. Such magic is impossible to master without first reaching an understanding of oneself.)
  • This is a self insert character in many ways, but I am willing to make the name less one the nose.
  • You know the shards of Alara, right?

    What if they became Guilds of some kind instead of Planes?
  • @Dom_Rocks Maybe, Ravnica fused with Alara and they become large 3 color shards (1 set is the Alara color shards, the other is a set of Tarkir color shards). Then we can give plane combinations 2 colors and then we have those planes split on the shards
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    Name: Aeliel Primis Tenebris

    Aliases: The Augur, the Farseer

    Species: Human

    Plane of origin: [UNKNOWN]

    Colors: White, blue, and black

    Backstory: It is suspected that once he was born in a noble family and he was already a wizard by himself afterwards. But an accident during a strange war that involves him and the other noble families to obtain a wish-granting device causing his planeswalker spark to be ignited and sent him directly in Ravnica during Nicol Bolas' invasion. Currently is being hidden in the shadows and steadily amassing wealth and followers by raising a sort of cult that worships the forgotten gods of Ravnica themselves.

    Magic: Augury, telepathy, spatial manipulation

    Character's strength:
    - Spatial manipulation. He could channel mana to unleash a distortion or rift in space that causes matters to lose their cohesion. Can't be used repeatedly because it's a taxing method.
    - Quick teleportation. His mastery over spatial magic allows him to transport himself at any point he could see within a plane. Not to be confused with planeswalking.
    - Future sights. By focusing mana to his mind, he could see alternate futures to see the better path he could take. Can't be used repeatedly because it's a taxing method.
    - Passive telepathy. He could hear the thoughts of people around him in a maximum distance of a few meters only. Can be deactivated to prevent the flood of information.
    - Thought barrier. Allowing a degree of protection against mind-based spells.
    - Keen intellect. Aeliel is a scholar and an adept of thaumaturgy. In addition he's also a smooth talker to an extend.

    Character’s flaws: Somewhat aloof and cold, doesn't care much about other people but is leaning towards a neutrally good character.

    "After all, one cannot simply goes to nowhere without any preparation."
  • Ravlara?
    Shards of Ravnica?
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