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  • @kandra127 @Red_Tower Don't forget, not only will we have guilds on a shard, but other planes will be on them too.
  • Yeah, @kandra127 @Red_Tower, @pjbear2005 is right, other planes too.
  • Y'all are right about the combos, I hadn't eaten and didn't consider that there were other ways to match them up.
    And yeah, there are definitely other planes, I was just thinking about how the shards/wedges would match with the guilds, since they have some of the strongest identities.
  • I feel like Ixalan should go on the Naya shard, It has the colors of each faction
  • Where do you think Kamigawa fits?
  • Why doesn't Boros fit into an association of knights like the Bant?
    I think Llorwyn would go on the Naya shard.
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    @Dom_Rocks I think kamigawa would go on Temur or Bant.
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    Ahmonkhet + Naya: Samut
    Art by Daarken.
  • I think Kamigawa works fits well with Temur and Jeskai most.
  • Innistrad probably goes into Grixis
  • Innistrad should be in Grixis and Jund.
  • @Ranshi922,I'm going to leave a card idea here for you so you can make or edit my thoughts and choices for it, cool?

    Good guy person:

    Jace, Thought Builder 2UU
    Legendary Planeswalker - Jace

    +2: Each player draws a card.
    -2: You draw two cards.

    -10: You get a emblem with "Each opponent can't draw more than one card per turn"

    SL: 3

    I threw this together really quickly, so do you have ideas to fix it or is good as is? Thanks!
  • Seems a little underpowered.
  • What if it was 3 mana? 1UU?
  • Walker:

    Samut, Charge of Power (1)(g)(g)(r)(r)
    Legendary planeswalker - Samut
    +2: Creatures you control get +1/+0 and get first strike until end of turn
    0: Target creatue you control gets first strike, flash or haste until end of turn.
    -5: You get an emblem with "Creatures you control gain First strike"
  • Why is no one here?

    @Ranshi922 ?

    @KorandAngels ?

    Have we all given up?

    @Red_Tower ?

  • I just lack direction.
  • @Ranshi922, how's about this, you make your concept cards, then post them here and we give thoughts and you can edit them later! Good?
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    Another walker for an evil guy person:

    Garruk the Accursed (4)(B)(G)

    +2: You may remove all counters from target creature or other planeswalker.
    -4: Create a 3/3 black Beast creature token with deathtouch and a 3/3 green Beast creature token with trample.
    -8: You get an emblem with "Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, it gets +3/+3 and gains haste and trample until end of turn."

    Starting loyalty: 5
  • How many 'walkers do we want?
  • So here's an idea. Do we treat this as a three set block with WAR as the first one?
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    @Red_Tower, Maybe... I feel like if we want ALL the 'walkers, then we should treat this as a 4-block set not including WAR.

    That sounds insane.

    Maybe we put 'walkers in that weren't in WAR.

    I like the WAR to SOR to FRACTURED STATE (have not figured out acronym) though.
  • FRS or FST.

    I don't think that the set being a designed as sequel to war is a good idea. If we make it "canon" then we are opening a can of worms about how Dovin got Blinded, Chandra has been galavanting around being heroic and would've stopped this before it became a bigger threat, etc. We need to treat it as an offshoot, just mentioning War in the preamble but not much else.
  • It could be like an alternate outcome for WAR
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    @kandra127, I like that and I agree with @Ranshi922 about the can of worms.
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    We are going to have rebel-sort-of-deal against Davriel, right?

    What if there wasn't one team, what if there were MORE.

    The good guys: The team of 'walkers and non-walkers that want to defeat Davriel the right way, no injuries, that kinda thing. Jace could lead this, but this is open for others.

    The not-so good guys: Not bad guys, instead of calmly doing things orderly, they SMASH and HUNT and OTHER-THINGS. Garruk could lead this team.

    Your thoughts?

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