Planar, the Ultimate World.



  • Liliana currently is very powerful and running around the multiverse, so it would be cool if she was involved.
    Also, I want to see more Tamiyo.
  • Good guys are separated during battle with Davriel, so teams are made from them: Jace and Tamyio, Liliana runs into Fiore, and so on...
  • OR Liliana must hide from Kaya, who is hunting her down as we speak. So maybe while Jace is getting the team together, he runs into Liliana, and tries to convince her to join them. THAT'S a card on it's own.
  • @Dom_Rocks, the problem with that is that the Gatewatch agreed that Liliana turned on Bolas too late. Jace would not be trying to recruit her. I think it would be prudent to just leave unresolved conflicts out of it.
  • @Ranshi922, okay then, can we just all decide EXACTLY what planeswalkers we want?
  • As far as existing planeswalkers go, I am thinking Jace, Davriel, Tibalt, & Dovin. The rest can be planeswalkers that are original to this story.
  • Why Tibalt?
  • Because Tibalt is bae.
    Er, and he was suggested earlier for a more chaotic neutral type of group and also if we counted Garruk (there was a lot of talk about him earlier), there would be official planeswalkers for every color.
  • Tibalt also worked with Davriel in the events of the war, so it is not much of a stretch that he'd be back.
  • Makes sense.
  • Why is nobody paying attention to my Samut plan?
    Also, I think Sorin would go on the N team.
  • @KorandAngels, Sorry for no addressing Samut yet. I think we could make that balance something. We have Blue, Black, Red and White for planeswalkers, but we do not have Green, so Samut could balance that. But I also don't want to flood us with planeswalkers.

    So maybe in Fractured State, Samut could be in? Not sure.

    Also, Sorin. Why Not? Tell me if it's a Good or Bad idea, people.
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    This looks fun, guess I’ll join.
    1. Gideons spark travels from Gideons body and gives somebody plansewalking ability.
    2. Because the Akhomet gods are dead, there are new gods maybe?
    3. For some reason, I really want Tezzeret to be on a neutral team, along with Sharkan.
    4. Finally, we were so distracted with Planeswalkers, we forgot about beings like gods, the Elzadri, and other legendary creatures.

    These are just suggestions.
  • @CrafterofTruths I shall create some stuff!

    Planeswalker - Orelia, the Animancer - WUG
    God Cycle - 5 Hybrid Mana Gods in each of the two sets
    Eldrazi - Some leftover from Zendikar
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    I will also be creating some things for it.
    I think for the gods, we should have Hazoret as like “the advanced god” and the other gods as “beginning gods”.
  • @CrafterofTruths
    1. Gideon is dead. Like the deadest. He is not going to be here.
    2. Sure
    3. Sarkhan is not the type to forgive Tezzeret.
    4. No Eldrazi.
  • So, gods. Have we forgotten Theros?
  • @Dom_Rocks, I thought Theros was going to be in the second part.
  • Was it? I don't know.

    So, Shards of Ravnica gods:

    Hazoret, because it's the last Akhomet god.

    Hybrid gods, so maybe Shard Gods? So the gods are of Shard colors, like Naya or Bant colors?

    Just ideas
  • @Dom_Rocks
    I was thinking about making 4 new Akhomet god cards as well as a new Hazoret card.
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    @CrafterofTruths, the Akhoment gods are GONE. Except for Hazoret, of course.

    I like shard gods, but I want to see what everyone else would like, then we can decide what the Gods will be.
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    Well, IDEA! How about this for Hazoret?

    Hazoret, the Remaining || 3 R

    As an additional cost to Hazoret, the Remaining, sacrifice a creature.

    Haste, Indestructible

    When Hazoret, the Remaining attacks, it gains +2/+1 if you have 1 or fewer cards in your hand.

    1 R R, Discard a card: Hazoret, the Remaining deals 2 damage to any target.

    (If there is room, we can figure out flavor text.)

    Power and toughness: 3/3

    (Also, if anybody has artwork for the card, please post it, I don't have a lot besides official WoTC art)
  • Nice Hazoret, but maybe...

    Hazoret, the Last God 3R

    Legendary Creature - God


    When Hazoret, the Last God attacks, it gains +3/+0 until end of turn if you have one or less cards in hand.

    1RR, Discard a card: Another target creature you control gains +1/+0 until end of turn.

    If Hazoret, the Last God would die or be put into exile form the battlefield, you may instead shuffle it into your library.


    Maybe the last ability can be on all the gods, like in War of the Spark?
  • @Dom_Rocks
    I like your 3rd and 4th ability. Well, overall, yours is better. Maybe change power to 2 and mana cost to 2RR. Could we use official WOTC art?
  • For a place holder, yes. And make sure you use @Ranshi922 's set symbols that were posted a couple of pages back
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    Alas, I do not have premium, so I can't do that. Maybe we can ask @Ranshi922 because he has premium?
  • @CrafterofTruths, we will have to see with @Ranshi922 about it. I don't have Premium either, so some one involved will have to Make the Cards.
  • Who calls me?
  • I also have premium
  • @pjbear2005, I have it covered. If anyone ever wants a final (CS) product to be made, let me know. Which one of the Hazorets are we using?
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