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  • @Dom_Rocks I would like an additional group of more neutral individuals who sometimes work for Davriel and sometimes work against him. I don't know who would lead it though.
  • @KorandAngels, that makes sense, I was thinking Good Guys, BUT...

    The Neutrals: A group of individuals not working with Davriel... all the time.

    The Bad Guys: Davriel and Dovin. (so far)
  • I think Garruk should be in the background killing things, and they eventually need to recruit him.

    Also, they should be in a jam, so they go to the prison realm and have to ask Nicol Bolas for help, hannibal lecter style.

    Also, Marit Lage is secretly manipulating ALL OF THEM behind the scenes.
  • @Dom_Rocks That works, but then maybe a THIRD team, the not amazing guys: They want to overthrow Davriel and the other teams, this could be lead by Tezzeret or someone similar
  • @kandra127, Marit Lage? Really?

    @pjbear2005, there are 5 teams right now.
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    @pjbear2005, also, YES. Maybe if Nicol Bolas comes out of the Prison Realm, then he can manipulate Tezzeret into doing the work FOR him and becoming god mode again. Thoughts?
  • @Dom_rocks
    also, you're right. It's never Marit lage.;)
  • So... it is time. If everyone is okay with the multiple teams idea, lets start DESIGNING THEM.

    Give thoughts, please.
  • Like who are the leaders?
  • How about
    Team 1: the good: Jace
    Team 2: the bad: Dovin
    Team 3: the ugly (neutrals): Kaya
    Team 4: team bada**ery: some combat focused character (massacre girl?)
    Team 5: the citizens: Azor I
  • Team 4 should be massacre girl AS A PLANESWALKER!
  • I saw someone make a card on here where they came up with massacre girl adopting a girl and training her. What if we roll with that and her daughter dies because of her, and that makes her spark ignite? Boom lore!
  • @Red_Tower, let's get verification form the person who made Massacre Girls's daughter and see if we can use it. BOOM!
  • Quite fair @Dom_Rocks, I believe it was @sanjaya666's card.
  • @sanjaya666, may we use Massacre Girl's daughter? In planar?
  • @Dom_Rocks *Shrugs* why not then? It was just a half-baked story anyway. Just go on, dude.
  • @sanjaya666, thanks! Let's make a Massacre 'Walker!
  • Hey, I have been brewing up an idea. What if Davriel used Dovin to make him a robot army, and then put Dovin's mind into it? I know it sounds weird, but know we can reprint Brain in a Jar!

    I call the robots Dovin Bannts (like Bots, but with Baan in it. Get it?)
  • also...

    Massacre Girl, Relined (Prototype name) 2W/BB (W/B hybrid mana and a Black)

    Legendary Planeswalker - Massacre (Maybe?)

    +1: All creatures gain -1/-1.

    -4: Destroy target creature.

    -7: You get an emblem with "Planeswalkers you control gain Hexproof if a creature you control died this turn"

    SL: 3



    Massacre Girl, for Good 1BBB

    Legendary Planeswalker - Massacre

    Whenever a creature dies, that creature's controller discards a card.

    +2: Sacrifice a creature.

    -2: Destroy target creature.

    SL: 3


    What do you think?
  • the second's +2 is really bad for you.
  • @kandra127, that's the POINT.

    I don't know, I threw them together really quickly.
  • Each ;layer sacrifices a creature feels better to me, and more in-flavor for massacre girl.
  • Starting with @Dom_Rocks's comment after agreeing with the thing about the can of worms.

    1. This idea of Garruk leading a group doesn't seem right. He hunts alone and he especially hunts planeswalkers. Nobody would organize this.

    2. @Korand_Angels, I like the idea and think that Tibalt would be a good fit because he is a chaotic neutral/evil.

    3. @kandra123 NO. NO MARIT LAGE.

    4. @Dom_Rocks, I don't think Bolas should make a return. It would be stupid to have him return when the whole premise is aftermath.

    5. @Bowler218 & @Dom_Rocks, Massacre Girl is not a planeswalker. I think it ill advised to make her ascend, being that she is at home on Ravnica. She can be involved but not as a planeswalker. We don't want sparks igniting in fleshed out characters because it would subvert previously made characterizations.

    6. @Red_Tower, why don't we have a simple assassin if we are going to have an assassin planeswalker? We don't need to make everyone involved. It is okay to have simply some new characters.

    7. @Dom_Rocks, IF we are going to have a Massacre Girl planeswalker -- which I still think that we shouldn't -- her name wouldn't be Massacre, it'd be her name.
  • @Ranshi922
    I didn't mean her as a plainswalker, I thought of just changing her card to show her after the war.
  • @Ranshi922, that makes a lot of sense, points 1, 3, 4, 5, and 7.

  • Thank you.
  • So, teams. What does everyone think about voting on leaders for the teams?
  • I want Fiore to be on the good team.
    image image
    I have a bunch of images with this character and good easily make about a dozen cards that depict her in them, which would thouroughly ground her character.
  • Good guys so far: Jace, Fiore.
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