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  • @Ranshi922, I don't know. I think mine, but make sure the cost is 2RR.
  • @Dom_Rocks, I know that this might be thinking a little too far ahead, but you know how planeswalker decks have a different version exclusive for it? Well, what if we (when we're done with this) make a Hazoret precon deck using the other?
  • So...
    Hazoret, the Last God || 2RR
    Legendary Creature - God || M
    Whenever Hazoret, the Last God attacks, it gains +3/+0 until end of turn if you have one or fewer cards in hand.
    1RR, Discard a card: Another target creature you control gains +1/+0 until end of turn.
    If Hazoret, the Last God would die or be put into exile from the battlefield, you may instead shuffle it into your library.
  • I also only have one problem with this Hazoret (off the top of my head):
  • @Ranshi922 laughs in Ilharg
  • @Ranshi922
    I saw that when I was searching up Hazoret fan art. My reaction:
    *Slowly claps*
  • There was a lot of... interesting stuff... I found one that was decent but it was a bit lacking in background.
  • There should be a nicol bolas legendary creature in this set, as he is no longer a planeswalker
  • something like this maybe?


  • @DARKSTEEL, no. Not because the card is bad, but in the official Lore, everybody but Ugin and Jace thinks Nicol Bolas is dead. But actually Jace made an illusion that made everyone THINK Bolas is dead, but he is actually trapped in the prison realm, so there cannot be a new Nicol Bolas.
  • I've just read through this thread (whoo, it was a lot and an incredibly ambitious project) and I simply have one recommendation. As opposed to try to establish a brand new pantheon of gods, why not angels? They appear wherever faith is present, especially if the faith is much stronger. Also, innistrad's hurtin' for non-sigarda angels.
  • @DARKSTEEL Maybe bolas' illusion gains sentience?
    Yea, It probably wouldn't work, but the card is awesome! Love the signature "Torment" Ability.


    That reminds me of my friend's attempt to justify leading an eldrazi deck with Ugin. "Jace made an illusion of emrakul, but the illusion came alive, and Jace fell in love with it, and so he mind controlled Ugin to serve her."
  • Let’s not try to use freaky narrative gymnastics to try to justify certain things.
  • hmm. well then, maybe this set could have a red creature that gets -1/-1 for each card in your hand, named hazorets devoted or something
  • I think that sounds cool.
  • Hazoret's Devoted 1R

    Creautre - Jackal Warrior


    This creature gains -1/-1 for each card in your hand.



    How's that?
  • This idea is both horrible and wonderful.
    Hazoret is still devoted to Bolas. Needs help setting Bolas free. Makes Dovin a god. Worst idea ever, but what do you guys think of it?
  • oh, please, no

    oh DOVIN GOD NO!
  • @Dom_Rocks
    might be to strong. grim strider from amonkhet is a 6/6 for 3b that gets -1/-1 for each card in your hand. I was thinking a red version of that.
  • Oh, okay then.
  • maybe 1 red red as the mana cost?
  • maybe...
    Hazorets Devoted. 1RR

    Creature - Jackal warrior


    This creature gets -1/-1 for each card in your hand

  • edited June 2019
    sounds good to me. but why not Creature- Minotaur.
  • @Crafteroftruths
    Hazoret isn't still with bolas...?
  • @Crafteroftruths, Hazoret was one of the main people to defeat Bolas and stop the Lazetop Armies. Why would she still be devoted to him? Just read the MTG Wiki on her.

    Also, from reading the MTG Wiki. We should call her "Hazoret, the God Survivor" instead of "Hazoret, the Last God" unless we like the old name? Thoughts?
  • Ohhh...
    I didn't read the novel or look at the wiki for spoilers, but it's okay. Let's scrap that idea.
  • @CrafterofTruths, not to sound like an a-hole, but I don't think those ideas are getting through.
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