Planar, the Ultimate World.



  • what about reprints, do we want them?
  • We can do reprints. But only if we REALLY need them.
  • Reprints are mayonnaise: they hold the sandwich of the set together.
  • Mayo? I say it's the wood glue for your birdhouse.
  • what about new keywords?
  • Okay, it sounds like you're doing a big ol' Conflux here. If I were you, the best way to represent a clash of cultures is usually a mulitcolor themed set. It has been tried before, and, usually, it works. For example, the Invasion block used multicolor matters to represent the many people of Dominaria rallying together to form the Coalition. The original Ravnica block used the multicolor theme as a way to fit ten different guilds into one draft format. The Shards of Alara block used the multicolor theme to represent the fusing of five separate planes. All sets need a mechanical sales pitch, and that's mine for this concept.
  • @Tigersol, don't worry, we are figuring it all out right now.
  • so no to new keywords?
  • Oh sorry.

    Possibly, we have to see how new keywords affect the set.
  • Sand castles
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    @Dom_Rocks I've developed a habit of bumping threads with random items. Blame @HeroKP. He started it.
  • I might build sand castles today.
  • So are planeswalkers going to have Static Abilities like in WAR?
  • I say yes
  • Maybe not ALL of them, just some?
  • ok good idea
  • wait are the gatewatch in this set?
  • Kinda... go back and you should find what Planeswalkers are in the set.

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    The Stitchlands

  • @MEGAElixer, what even is "The Stitchlands"?
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    I’m afraid of what could happen. Planeswalkers get their power from absorbing mana from other planes, and sparks ignite from a massive influx of mana. If all of the planes suddenly merged, every single unignited spark would likely ignite at once, and everyone would have the same access to mana as a planeswalker.

    Dear goodness...
  • Don't worry. I'll make legit cards for this later. Just trying to think of all the crazy things that could happen...
  • @Tommia, I understand your concern, but don't worry. We are still figuring everything out, but don't worry, there will only be like 5 or 6 planeswalkers.

    Most likely Davriel will channel the mana.
  • @Dom_Rocks it's supposed to represent all the planes merging together. When I hear "all the planes in one," I would imagine them all connecting together into one.
  • then phyrexia would take over.
  • Phrexia will merge with Kaladesh, and a WHOLE LOT of creepy things.

    @MEGAElixer, yeah, the story is still being written, but one I get it, we will figure it all out. But most likely it will be like the Shards of Alara...

    ...or the Shards of Ravnica.

    So for Planar, there could be a third set called Planar Shift (or some other thing with Planar in the name) where it kind of wraps up the unanswered questions.

    Also, for a joke, we could bring the Power Rangers into Magic.

    Saheeli Rai and Huatli know each other in the lore, so maybe they could work together to create a fusion of Dinosaurs and Machines to create literal Dino-mechs that combine into one big machine and it could be powered by planeswalkers.
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