Stitia, Plane of 13 Deaths (RPG Style Saga/My First Saga)



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    The six-winged angel was gazing at the battlefield as he slashed the unfortunate vampires left and right with his blade that made of pure white mana.

    Still, there were too many of the vampires to be cut down with a sword.

    In a quick motion, accompanied by a flair of light, he went overhead to the clouds above and pulled another aetheric weapon construct, this time it was a bow that aglow in a blue-ish light.

    Then he pulled the string as a single blue-ish arrow appeared, and he prepared to fire overhead instead. It was not his usually devastating spell due to the presence of his ally, Arne, the son of the enigmatic wizard, who was still going in the close combat.

    It could hit his ally, yes, but the effect was merely temporary.

    And Rafael finally unleashed the arrow, as it rained back down a thousandfold more in an undoubtedly immense area beneath him, banishing anything hit by the aetheric arrows.


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    Date: Friday, June 13th, 1206 Stitian Time

    The time is now 9:35 AM. A week has passed since the start of it all. Each of you have had battles to fight, and for some of you, choices to make. The days have grown shorter, and the nights longer, as the moon stays put in the sky, growing slightly bigger and brighter with every day. Finally, the sun peaks above the horizon. A very late start to the morning. Ecosystems that rely on night and day have been disrupted. Lycanthropes without a strong will and incredible humanity have begun to almost completely lose their human side, transforming further into something far less human...

    Weekly Summary

    - Pathos has begun to assemble a crew for his heist, gaining a strong ally in the process.
    - Ishka, Rafael, and Arne have teamed up to take down a massive vampire attack. No areas are affected.
    - Byro managed to kill a demon witch that long plagued Padetra
    - Vryx held off a great flock of vultures thanks to a blessing.
    - The Oklein Manor has gained a blood slave.
    - Verth has begun to grow a partnership with the Duskwood Clan.
    - Tiel, in the guise of Teegar, has managed to uncover more of the truth behind his disappearance
    - Niyan and his ally are now trapped in a time rift in The Changing Arcanum.

    Chances of Survival (Leaderboard and Action Summary)

    • Ishka - 60% (48/60 points): After a minor quirk against an undead horde, Ishka managed to barely hold off a vampire invasion by summoning powerful beings. However, she has yet to have any mishaps...
    • Rafael - 61%: (49/60 points): After a stellar display of skill against the undead, Rafael just barely avoided overexertion from an incredibly powerful bow spell.
    • Vryx - 62% (50/60 points): Even after a stellar display of skill against a beast, Vryx barely escaped a vulture attack unscathed, due to a malfunction with their repeating crossbow (miss). However, he was able to take the vultures out with a well aimed longbow shot thanks to the assistance of his deceased lover.
    • Byro - 70% (56/60 points): After chaining a poltergeist and sending them to damnation, Byro used two effective spells to eliminate a witch and her newts, managing to avoid his hut burning down.
    • Tiel - 70% (56/60 points): After possessing a demon, Tiel manages to retrieve another one of his messages after poisoning the whale that swallowed it. Said whale is now zombified in the ocean.
    • Mastiffa - 72% (58/60 points): After holding off a vampire invasion to her home, Mastiffa raided a village, managing to neutralize and convert a cleric into a vampiric slave.
    • Pathos - 73% (59/60 points): After an awe-inspiring call to action, Pathos managed to defeat a nightmare and gain the aid of an ally. He also managed to protect a demon from being killed, peacefully neutralizing an attacking angel and gaining heist members in the process.
    • Verth - 75% (60/60): Verth has managed to befriend not a single ally, not a group of people, but an entire faction. With the Duskwood Clan ensuring Verth's safety at night, the horrors of Delvad may be the prey now...
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  • Fate or Fortune - Action Phase One

    Welcome to the first action phase. While some of you have made choices or fought battles, it's now time to choose futures. Each of you have important decisions to make, which will have a significant affect on what happens...

    This part of the saga will play out like an RPG. You may have one or several choices to make before reaching your next challenge. If you have a better idea for a choice of what you want to do, throw it at me. This is a freeform project, and pretty much anything feasible, even if not reasonable, is allowed.

    @Derain2 You and your new allies meet at your shop in Yrntrn. You are in the midst of a meeting, when the air grows cold around you. Suddenly, it's like no one is there, and an angel materializes on the table you sit at, holding a lantern. "Pathos... you have failed to heed the warning our messenger sent you. You have done harm upon one of your own kind, sentencing them to a fate worse than death. All in favor of personal gain. All to protect a demon at his time of judgement. You have one last chance to turn back. Turn back on your plans, or may the gods have mercy on your existence..."

    The angel disappears, and the meeting resumes. Once again, you're beginning to doubt yourself. This is a final warning. Surely, if you continue now, there will be harsh repercussions, but if you succeed in the heist, it would provide a bounty beyond all imagining.

    Your choices:
    A. Heed the angel's word.
    B. Continue planning the heist.

    @KorandAngels The battle has exhausted you, but your assistance has proven that you still have some devotion to the Six. Impressed by your show of skill, the gods have decided that you are worthy of great power. As you are summoned to the Chamber of the Six, you accept their blessing, being promoted to the status of Archangel.


    Choose one of three promotion benefits.

    A. Miracle: One use only for the duration of the Saga. If you are less than 25% below the target score for a response, you can choose to have the Six intervene.
    B. Holy Aegis: Get +1 score on all of your responses. As the max score decreases over time, this will become more powerful as the Saga continues.
    C. Divine Teacher: Gain an angel as your student. They can aid you in challenges,

    @spookoops After the hectic night, you're beginning to think about moving your shop. Padetra, while a great place for supply and demand of your goods and services, has proven to be dangerous. Also, taking Ysa's fortune into account, you could find the solution to creating a cure if you look elsewhere.

    Your Choices:
    A. Keep your current hut.
    B. Set up a new hut elsewhere in Padetra.
    C. Move out of Padetra. You choose where you want to go.

    Supply and Demand Per Location
    - Ystheria: Low Supply, highest Demand
    - Nasita: High supply, highest demand
    - Woewedt: Low supply, low demand
    - Delvad: High supply, moderate demand
    - Etsane: Moderate supply, high demand
    - Padetra: Highest supply, high demand

    @Bowler218 After the many threats the desert has played on you, you are in need of shelter. You managed to feed off the beast you slew for a week, but now, the meat is beginning to turn, despite your best efforts to preserve it. As you carry what meat remains, you realize that you may not get as lucky in the future when hunting for food. You might want to find a more dependable food source.

    Your choices:
    A. Stay in Descour
    B. Move to an area with more food. You don't have access to large scale overseas transportation, so your options are limited to territories Descour is bordering.
    C. Move to Nasita, a civilized area.

    Hunting opportunities per location
    - Descour: Low food supply, moderately powerful prey, lowest competition
    - Woewedt: High food supply, weak prey, highest competition
    - Delvad: High food supply, powerful prey, moderate competition
    - Padetra: Moderate food supply, moderately powerful prey, low competition

    @ElMagici With the fortune you were told, you rush to prepare a bountiful blood ritual. Blood lamp after blood lamp fills, and your vampire slave is beginning to lose her innocence as you force her to take her first victim, draining the blood from her veins to make the offer of more blood tempting. Obviously, Padetra is full of blood, but what good is it if it isn't fresh? You'll need a way to expedite the process so you can garner your sacrifices quicker.

    - OR - You decide that now, while she is weak, might be a good time to hunt down Carla Mal. She might yield blood, after all.

    Your choices:
    A. Find a way to expedite the process without leaving Padetra.
    B. Leave Padetra for a more fruitful territory
    C. - Nemesis Encounter - It's time for a culling. Deploying your demonic allies, you scour Padetra in search of Carla.

    Victims and threat level per location (Small Game are the least fruitful, Vampires are the most fruitful. In order, victims are Small Game, Big Game, Humanoids, Lycanthropes, Demons, Giant Creatures, and Vampires)
    - Ystheria (High Threat, Chance of Player Character Intervention): Some Small Game, Some Big Game, Highest Humanoid Population, Few Lycanthropes, Few Vampires
    - Descour (Lowest Threat, Chance of Player Character Intervention): Few Small Game, Few Big Game, Few Humanoids, Some Giant Creatures
    - Nasita (Low Threat): Few Small Game, Few Big Game, Humanoids, Lycanthropes, Many Demons, Few Vampires
    - Woewedt (Moderate Threat): Small Game, Big Game, Humanoids
    - Racrion (Low Threat): Some Small Game, Some Big Game, Humanoids, Some Giant Creatures
    - Delvad (Moderate Threat, Chance of Player Character Intervention): Some Small Game, Some Big Game, Humanoids, Many Lycanthropes, Few Giant Creatures
    - Etsane (Low Threat, Chance of Player Character Intervention): Many Humanoids, Many Demons
    - Aesthr (Lowest Threat): Many Small Game, Some Big Game, Humanoids, Some Giant Creatures
    - Leighart (Highest Threat): Highest Vampire Population
    - Padetra (Moderate Threat, Very High Chance of Player Character Intervention): Few Small Game, Few Big Game, Some Humanoids, Some Lycanthropes, Some Demons, Few Vampires
    - Yrntrn (Moderate Threat, Chance of Player Character Intervention): Many Humanoids.
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    @sanjaya666 After your epic battle with the vampires, you decide to go the Beyond to regain your power. Summoning a column of tunnellight, you fly towards the sky, steadily gaining speed until you make it to the Beyond. As you enter the city, you make your way to your designated Time Chamber so you can regain your power. (Background: Those close to the Six have designated chambers where time stops around it for the user, only flowing if the user wills it to, if the doors are open, or when they are watching something from above.)

    As you rest, you contemplate the events of the evening. Where did Ishka learn to summon, and why did she do it? You wonder where she is, and realize she is being promoted to an Archangel herself, not of your status, but close enough to unnerve you. However, once she is done receiving her blessing, you are also called by the Six. Arriving at the Chamber of the Six, they congratulate you personally for your actions against the vampires, and offer you a choice. A very tempting one. You can abandon your duties as an overlord of the angels, and become a Retributionist. Only one other (Arne) carries this title, and it is the third highest title of all, second only to God and Decider. However, should you accept this title, you will lose your will to freely journey the world, and if you disobey them, you will immediately lose all status except Archangel, as well as a significant reserve of power, and you will be exiled from the Beyond.

    Your Choices
    A. Accept their blessing. (PROMOTION)
    B. Decline their blessing. You will not receive this opportunity ever again, but you will keep your freedom.

    @EpicBoss99 After seven long nights, you wake up mentally refreshed. You have noticed, however, that you have assumed your wereraven form in your sleep. Thankfully, no one seems to have noticed. As for your night robe, however, that'll need replaced, is it is torn from the effect of the transformation. Transforming back into human form, you decide to take a moment and plan your day, and, more importantly, your night.

    What you can do tonight
    A. Protect Ystheria.
    B. Go hunting (for food)
    C. Go Lycanthrope hunting
    D. Grow your relationship with the Duskwood Clan
    E. - Nemesis Encounter - With your newfound vigor, you decide you may finally be powerful enough to face Layre. You wander into the forest and wait until night, using its cover as you hunt him down.
  • "Arlin, you saw what I saw, right?" Vryx says while looking out over the Descour desert, "I'm sorry, but I need to make sure I am not being hunted. But give me a sign that I'm not going crazy over that prophecy!"
    No sign shows except for a wolf howl in the distance.
    "I agree."
    Vryx packs up his stuff, and starts heading to Delvad to stop the prophecy.
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    Byro is never the one run from a bad situation, but he also knows when it's time for an upgrade. He decides to make his travels back to ground zero, Nasita, where the plague killed his family and he got his early start.

    Byro packs up his most useful belongings and a few heirlooms. He then stages one of the plagued corpses wearing an older death mask of his at the table, and then sets the hut ablaze. Hopefully, this will get the forces that be off his trail as he makes the trek to where Nasita meets Ystheria.

    Byro believes that his old family house will be a decent place to set up a new shop; yet he is unaware if the house is still standing and vacant, or does it have new inhabitants, maybe it will have been razed after the plague cleared out. Who knows, but Byro has some time on his journey to formulate a worthy plan...
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    Rafael has seen many things, and he mostly slain all of those things, alone or with assistance nevertheless. Days, months, years, even centuries have passed, and all those years he felt nothing but an overwhelming emptiness in his very soul, due to his lack of freedom in his actions.

    For he was only a tool of the Six that can be discarded anytime if they wanted to.

    'No matter how high I rise, there is always a greater power.' He frowned as he was kneeling in front of his creators.

    'No more I am going to be someone else's tool, even if they're the Gods themselves.'

    "No." The six-winged angel rose from his kneeling, and he clenched his fists.

    And as expected, he stripped his enchanted breastplate armor off, then threw it away without care.

    "I renounce my position as the Lord Arbiter. And that is official."

    And just as he expected, all of the Six only stared at him in silence, if only they had a semblance of face underneath those blinding lights they called heads.

    And Rafael felt the burden of freedom weighing him more than his expectation.

    (So yea, I choose the path of freedom as he's becoming no more than just an angel. Still, he retains all of his powers though, except now he is banished from the Beyond.)
  • We have a guy going to his home and a guy leaving it. This will be fun.
  • A. Find a way to expedite the process without leaving Padetra.

    Waging a reckless war against Carla Mal or leaving the Manor to expose herself and compromise her security was out of the equation.

    There is a thing a mere commoner and a high noble has in common, they want things. That things can be money, lust or revenge, amongst other things. That people is desperate and will take ANY deal to achieve its goals.

    I will send Oklein agents to each region of this world, start the Oklein's Crossroad Network, have our ears peeled inside taverns, on the streets and churches, reach that people in need, offer them what they want, when they see how much we can do for them, a blood fee will be a measly price.
  • @Bowler218 - Caution - : You are thinking about engaging a player’s ally. Things could get ugly if they go wrong.

    Since your actions could lead to an encounter, I will keep your whereabouts unknown. Your Action Phase will be carried through private messages until you are done.

    @KorandAngels You accept the blessing of the gods graciously. Out of the options provided to you, you decide to take a lead position at your temple as the Divine Scholar. You may not be as graceful as the other angels, but perhaps your sternness can keep your newest student in shape.


    “This is Kia, an angel that has recently ascended to the status of Freshman. She seeks to learn the ways of the angels, and wants to one day become a Scholar like you. Don’t let us down. You will teach her the arts of divine intervention, and the codes surrounding our service to the people of Stitia. It will be an undertaking, but we feel you are ready.”

    / You can now travel between Stitia and the Beyond. You also now have a Time Chamber. /

    As you descend with Kia to your temple, you feel a sense of pride. Just earlier, you were this temple’s protector, but now, you are it’s overseer. This temple is now truly yours.

    “So... this is my home now?” Kia is curious and bursting with enthusiasm. “It looks beautiful! I can’t wait to see the inside!” A group of clerics open the doors, and they welcome you back. They are aware of your rise in status, and are making preparations for you.

    Now that you are an Archangel, your choices are more bountiful. You have some options as to what to do.
    A. Spend the day teaching Kia in your temple
    B. Give Kia some field experience
    C. Investigate the Cursed Rebirth

    Note: You have a growing ally. They will learn and adapt depending on your actions, and it thy survive, they will eventually become a powerful legendary ally.
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    @sanjaya666 The gods don’t know how to feel. They summoned you with the intention to make you a Retributionist, but instead, not only did you decline their blessing, but you stepped down from your duty as Lord Arbiter.

    “You... you would do this?” The god in the center, Conse the Decider, asks, somewhat upset. You tell him your decision is final. With all you’ve seen in the world, being powerless to stop it at your own will is more a curse than the blessings are worth.

    “Very well. Then it is decided. Archangel Rafael. It has been an honor to have you as our Lord Arbiter, but from this day forward, you are a mortal. You will lose your sigil, and you are to surrender your weapons.” You hand over your blades. “You are hereby exiled from the Beyond until you redeem yourself, and you are not allowed in Hitcherald until you regain your faith.”

    A dark tunnel opens up in front of you as your weapons and armor disappear. Dark storm clouds fill it as the booming of thunder fills the chamber. The chamber seems to grow dark and cold, absent from the golden glow that filled the Beyond. “May this world have pity on your soul. Farewell...”

    As if pushed, you fall down, plummeting faster than you’ve ever fallen in your life. Lightning fills your view as you are struck, slowly losing your memory of this place. Your wings begin to fade as the sigil upon your arm scatters like ashes. Another crash, and your power begins to fade, and you feel much less omnipotent than before. With one last crash of lightning, your consciousness fades as a new life awaits you. One of mortal sustenance.


    You can try to sway the gods now. Choose where you would like to go, and there is a 20% chance you’ll land there, a 30% chance you’ll land in a neighboring territory, and a 50% chance you’ll land elsewhere.
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  • @MonkeyPirate2002 looks like I know who’s active, and in turn, next to go to their Action Phase.

    A week has passed since the day you intervened in the market. You’ve made quite an impression on the city of Etsane, even if no one knows what’s really going on. As you return to the market, you see that it’s almost exactly as you left it, emptied from your wrath. The demon corpses, however, are missing, as is some of the merchandise. You’re pleased with your impact, and go elsewhere.

    Your wandering leads you to the Etsane Museum of Unnatural History. Maybe you could learn more about Stitia here...

    Your choices:
    A. Possess someone so you can enter. There is a 10% chance someone will notice the possession in progress, and a 10% chance someone will notice that something’s off while you are inside. There are also monetary logistics; there is a 5% chance the victim won’t have the money to pay the entry fee.
    B. Enter as you are, a spirit, unimpeded. Depending on who is inside, your chance of being spotted is anywhere from 0-50%.
    C. Wait until the museum closes and sneak in. There is a 50% chance you may miss some important info or exhibits.
    D. Don’t enter the museum.
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    @Tommia (Aight then, if you decided the story to be so, then I choose to land in The Changing Arcanum for research purposes! And maybe he could find something much more interesting there... like a cookbook from hell, or maybe a book like the infamous Oghma Infinium. Lul.)
  • @spookoops It’s been a long time. Going south, you board a ferry for Etsane, and from there, take an airship to Ystheria. Among your travels, you take care not to come into contact with anyone, for fear you may ail them. After your airship lands, you catch a wagon towards Gothael, the village bordering Nasita, where you and your parents used to live.

    The wagoner, who used to know you before you left town, drops you about a mile away from the village. “I’m... sorry I can’t take you any further, Byro. As it was, Gothael is still a place of death. The plague is supposedly still there to this very day. I wish you the best of luck.” You carry your belongings down the road leading to the village. Old, abandoned shops lay broken down from a lack of repair. You can sense it as you travel towards the village. Not a single person lives here anymore.

    A black mist coats the ground. Windows are broken, blood from a tragic past soaks the soil, and Bloodblooms are the only form of life here. You cough, and make your way to your parents’ house, collecting some of the Bloodblooms along the way. Maybe if the blood the flowers sprout from is plagued, they could help cure the plague.

    There it is. House 27. This is where it all began. Your life, and the outbreak. The start of your new way of living, and hopefully, where you finally complete your research. As you reach towards the door, you feel a storm force wind as hundreds of spirits recoil from the charm you bear. The door falls down, and the house is exactly as you left it so long ago. And somehow, the same can be said for the skeletons of your parents, who died in their beds.

    You set up your equipment. You can’t exactly run a shop where no one wants to go, but you can certainly perform your research in peace. With not even a soul around, you spend your day reflecting on the past as you promise your parents you will find a cure, even if it means nothing to them.

    Night falls, and you make your way to your bed. Somehow, it’s more comfortable than you remember it being. You clean your sheets and go to sleep for the night, back in the home you used to-

    You wake up in a cold sweat. Something feels incredibly off, like somehow, you’ve made a terrible mistake. You rise out of bed, and you feel like your head is on fire. You rush to your medicine chest, and you start coughing. No... this can’t be happening... you open it, and somehow, it’s empty. Your coughing becomes profuse, and you cough up blood as you collapse to the-

    Your mask makes a loud thud as you impact the floor. A nightmare, then you fell out of bed. Thankfully it was all just a dream, but you have a feeling it may mean something more...

    Your choices
    A. Stay awake, finding a new victim and working on the cure.
    B. Go back to sleep and resume your studies later
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    D. Grow your relationship with the Duskwood Clan.

    Verth awoke with a sense of mental stability that he hadn’t felt in a long time. He finally had the aid of the Duskwood Clan, something that could easily turn the tide of the war against the Lycanthropes. However, being careful was an absolute necessity in this situation. Going guns (or in his case talons) blazing into a fight has got him into some trouble before, and it seems as though he has the situation in Delvad under control so far. Making a rash emotional decision would certainly get him killed, or worse, his loved ones or the innocent people of Delvad and Ystheria.

    “Just sitting here won’t get me anywhere either,” Verth corrected himself, beginning his morning stretches. His morning routine seemed to be going smoothly until he brought his arm around to stretch. Upon seeing his arm, Verth realized that his arm remained a wing, covered in jet black feathers. In a brief state of complete panic, Verth hastily activated his ring, forcing the magical green light emitted from it to revert him to his human form. After donning his human form once more, he darted around his living space, frantically checking to see if anyone was around to notice his transformation. Thankfully, as he has always been during his time in Delvad, he was alone. One thing was for certain: remaining a wereraven while unconscious wasn't normal, even for someone without a magical artifact.

    After several minutes of reviewing notes and theorizing, all Verth could accomplish was speculation. “This isn’t right,” Verth nervously told himself, peering outside. The sun and moon remained together in the sky, as he had grown accustomed to. What worried Verth more was that the moon seemed to be getting bigger and brighter with each passing day. Proof for this theory was easily-found, as Verth took the time to compare what was happening outside with his previous studies of Delvad. “Impossible…” Verth muttered, future plans and theories swirling in his head. What does this mean for the werewolf threat? And what of Layre? If Verth is receiving this much power from the moon, Layre must be receiving a boost as well. “The only logical thing to do here is to garner strength in numbers…” Verth concluded. He readied his longbow and quiver and made his way towards the Duskwood Clan once more. Thankfully, he arrived at the Duskwood Clan with no issue, as Verth learned from his previous mistake of approaching as a wereraven.

    Now that Verth reached his new allies, he needed to relay his discovery to their leader, Chalantra. Using his previous research on etiquette and royalty in Stitia, Verth greets the High Duskelf with the traditional royal greeting in an attempt to further gain her favor. “Your Majesty, High Duskelf of the Duskwood Clan, I have made a frightening discovery. It appears that the moon has been growing in size and luminosity at a far greater rate than I predicted. Not only this, but there is also evidence suggesting that the Lycanthropes are growing in power as well. Because of this, I would like to offer you my service to protect the people of Stitia. If there is anything I can do to protect the people of the Duskwood Clan, Delvad, and its surrounding sectors, it would be a great honor.”
  • I’ll sneak in when the museum closes
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    @sanjaya666 @Aggroman15

    x ENCOUNTER x — A Cat in Time

    @Aggroman15 skip your current personal challenge. This one overrides it.

    As Rafael opens their eyes, it’s like multiple realities are playing out at once. He is still falling, but he has a clear course. The gods heeded his plea, and now he descends towards the Changing Arcanum.

    As a leonin and a diviner climb up towards a rooftop, Rafael notices the same two figures are peering out a window, looking for threats. Not similar. The same. Looking to investigate, Rafael turns towards them, and they notice, emerging from the inside of a rooftop safehouse. The figures climbing the ladder make it to the roof, and realize it’s like they’re staring in a mirror.

    "No! Never again!” The Diviner emerging from the building transforms into a manticore. “We need to end the cycle!" It’s... Arne?! The second figure also transforms. How in the world is this possible?! Just a moment ago, Rafael saw Arne fly to the Beyond, and now there’s not one, but two more of him?!

    “Lord Arbiter Rafael! You... really chose a bad time to come, didn’t you?” Rafael notices that the Arne that emerged from the building bears no sigil, and the second Arne notices the same thing about Rafael...

    To be continued soon. I mainly put this out so Aggroman15 knew to stop working on their personal challenge.
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    A please.

    "I suppose I should teach you. Later on, I'll just show you and let you help with my quest. But first off, at least one formal lesson"
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    @sanjaya666 @Aggroman15


    “Er... erm... Rafael? Your sigil... what happened?”

    “None of that matters as long as you two still live! This ends here!”

    The apparently crazed twins of Arne and Niyan charge at their sane selves. Arne curls around his parallel and inflicts a sting from his scorpion tail. However, he forgot who he was facing; Arne is immune to the deathly curse his tail carries, so the parallel bites Arne in the jugular, drawing a large amount of blood. Niyan’s parallel follows suit, attacking Niyan with a knife blow. Such savagery. The real Detective Niyan would never act out of desperation, using such sloppy techniques. Niyan pulls out a wooden stake and blocks the attack, then goes to strike the temple.

    Rafael doesn’t know what’s going on or who to fight, but he knows he has to do something. Unarmed, he decides to conjure a wall of light between the waging parties. As he channels more energy, it begins to drain him. In such a short amount of time, he went from Lord Arbiter to a powerful, yet ordinary, archangel, being exiled from the Beyond. Even though he is still great in power, he has yet to get used to his punishment for turning against the gods...

    The wall is able to force a pause in the fighting, but not for long.

    “Cease this instant, doppelgänger!” Arne confronts his parallel in his human form. “A true defender of the Six’s ideals wouldn’t lash out like this!”

    “I’ve given up on ideals. We have been trapped in this city for too damn long. I tire of you!” In an instant, Arne’s parallel gathers immense strength, suddenly surging with a dark aura, and with a mighty slash, he breaks the barrier. Rafael’s attempt to sustain it causes him to collapse to the rooftop in weakness. “You are powerless to stop this. Rafael! Scurry along!”

    Arne takes a chance. In his human form, he sprouts angel wings. Gathering power, he summons a giant sword of light. “Clear the way!” The great blade comes crashing down on Arne’s parallel and shatters the building. Niyan, his parallel, and Rafael all tumble to the city below, but Arne’s parallel doesn’t budge. In fact, the aura surrounding him begins to eat away at Arne’s blade of light, and he is forced to unsummon it.

    “You’re pathetic. Here you go around, preaching the high and mighty. And yet the most you’ve done is impale me with a tail! Let me show you how it’s done...”

    The aura around Arne’s parallel begins to shake and shutter as it eats away at everything around him. Arne feels hopeless. If he fails here, this parallel would cause a time paradox by killing their past self. “I’m... I’m sorry, but we won’t escape this nightmare if I don’t do this. Protect me for just this moment...”

    As Arne lands beside Rafael and Niyan, he bows his head and prays. Suddenly, both Rafael and Niyan are enveloped in a great light. Rafael’s sigil... is returning?! Niyan is confused as they are lifted off the ground, and he suddenly sprouts angel wings. This has been one strange evening for him. “I won’t be able to assist you in this fight, but I have managed to secure a blessing, at a major cost.” Arne’s sigil begins to fade as it suddenly becomes imprinted upon Niyan. “I won’t stand to let these people suffer any longer. I have sold my status, in exchange for this moment of power. Until the morning, you both have the power of a Retributionist. Use it wisely.”

    The Challenge: Arne collapses as he grows pale. His human and manticore forms are smashed together, permanently disfiguring him. Both of you need to do something now, or else it’s all over...

    Each of you must make a card of incredible power that is balanced. Ignore rules regarding your character’s limitations. You can submit up to three cards each this way, with the average being used to determine success for each Triskaidian. This time, effectiveness will be judged by how balanced the card is, but you will still be judged on if it would feasibly do anything.

    • 3 points for proper rarity
    • 3 points for fittingness
    • 4 points for response to threat
    • 10 points for card effect and balancing, excluding rarity
    • Remember. You can’t submit a card you’ve already submitted, and you’ll lose five points if your card is not new.

    This time, as the maximum score is 20, you will miss if your score is less than 13. Misses will not cause significant harm to you at this point in the Saga.
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