Stitia, Plane of 13 Deaths (RPG Style Saga/My First Saga)



  • Pathos twitched in his sleep. Angels were not meant to dream. They weren't meant to sleep either, but with his connection to the divine cut off, he needed to regain his strength somehow.

    And so he learned to sleep, he learned to eat, and he learned to dream. For the most part he learned to like all three. But this dream was different. He was stuck. In the corridor of his dreams, but also in his life. When he first came from the heavens, he thought he could change everything. With the light he brought, and the wisdom of centuries, he was going to elevate mankind to new heights. But he grew hungry. And tired. No one wanted to listen to him. And the problems that seemed so simple from his lofty heights seemed insurmountable from the ground. So now he was stuck. In a dark corridor, with a creature who was feasting on him.

    It was just as well. He had failed. He had lost his way. His purpose. He had become what he once couldn't even understand. Greedy. Callous. Willing to ride the winds which ever way they blew him so long as there was a meal and a bed at the end of the day. And now he was this nightmares meal, and he wasn't going anywhere.

    He had lost his purpose. He tried to make humans more angelic, but he simply became human instead. Selfish, and alone.

    "You are not alone," a child's voice spoke. The child from the village. Pathos turned and saw him, plain as day. "And you're not selfish. You gave up everything you knew to save me."

    "That was the old me. I'm not like that anymore," Pathos said.

    "So you wouldn't make the same choice again?"

    Pathos paused. He would make the same choice again.

    "You saved me as well," This time it was the voice of an older man with a kind smile.

    "I did it for money," Pathos said. "I didn't do it to help you."

    "But you did help him," spoke yet another voice. "You've helped a lot of people, and if you die here you won't be able to help anyone else ever again."

    Pathos turned and suddenly the corridor was filled with dozens of humans. Some of them he recognized, some he could not recall. But he knew they were all people touched by his stolen light. "And now it's our turn to help you," spoke the boy again.

    "What?" And then in an instant, the humans charged the vile thing at the back of the corridor, feasting on Pathos's essence. "Wait!" Pathos cried as he ran after them. "I'm not worth this!"

    The nightmare roared with all seven of it's mouths and easily swatted aside the first human to approach. The others began binding the creature with ropes of light, but the creature was to strong.

    "Stop!" Pathos said, "I was ok with this. I'm ready to be done."

    "You don't get to be done. When you become part of humanity, that means you don't get to make every decision for yourself. You were there for all of us, and now we are here for you whether you like it or not."

    "But that doesn't make any sense," Pathos cried as the beast lashed another of the humans. "I don't want this. I don't want your help."

    "It's not your decision. We are all in this fight together."

    Pathos watched as the beast began chewing on a woman's leg. He remembered her. She was pregnant and...

    In another moment Pathos's sword was drawn. He issued a mighty cry as he charged the beast, raised his sword and.... woke up.


    He was covered in sweat and breathing heavily. Perhaps it was all just a dream. No. Perhaps it was just in his head, but it wasn't just a dream. It was a call to action. Pathos felt the courage and strength of humanity well up in his chest as he got dressed. He couldn't waste the rest of his life like this.
  • @Derain2 With the strength of all those you helped behind you, you break free from the nightmare, and with a resolve not seen since your descent to this mortal coil, you strike the shadowy beast down. Its scream deafens you, and you awaken. While the moon is still high, and your rest scarce, you feel the need to seize the day as it is. Preparing to head out, you open the door to find a great mob of people. The people who came to you, in your dream. It’s just as if all of them heard your soul’s cry for help. Some of them lay pale on the ground, dead. Others are wounded and injured. In front of them is another angel... you swear you know her from somewhere...


    Chertraum... the dream guide. She is the one in charge of protecting the dreams of those who sleep. She also supplied you with wards for bad dreams and music boxes that make people sleep. Yet here she was. The last time you talked was years ago, through telepathy. At that point, she was in the Beyond, but now, she stands before you...

    “Pathos... I saw you were in trouble. While I can disperse nightmares from the Beyond, I can’t disperse the mysterious creatures that feast on them. I knew you would die if I didn’t assist you more directly. I assembled everyone who could help. Everyone who knew you. You’ve helped so many people, directly and indirectly. Your wares have saved many, and your actions have saved lives. You’re not as bad as you think you are. You’re just imperfect. I’m afraid that’s what happens to us all. Anyways, now that I’m here, I can’t give you the assistance I used to give, but I can help you in other ways.”

    This may have just been the thing you needed to turn your life around, but there’s just one choice you need to make.


    The life you’ve lived has clearly not been for nothing, but you’re starting to question your lifestyle. Maybe Arne was right...

    A. I need to do more: You will stay in your shop in Yrntrn, offering wares and services. However, you will also be more direct in your assistance, and not charge people for your duties.
    B. I need to do better: You still have a chance for redemption. You will move yourself and your shop to Hitcherald, where you will study to become pure again, and live with fellow angels.
    C. I need to do something: It’s very clear the people need you, and welcome your help. Moving to Ystheria, you’ll be able to more directly assist the masses.
    D. Something else: If you’d like, you can suggest a different action to take. Maybe a different location? A different plan of action? Etc.
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    Xataxji confronted the massive demon that had manifested itself on the third floor without warning. He had not been fast enough to dispatch the summoners, and the intruder now faced him.

    "Xataxji ! Miserable worm ! At last, you are at my mercy !" The demon slashed the air with a wickedly curved scimitar, and advanced menacingly, his clawed feet scraping the basalt floor.

    "You are ruining the tiles, Zulphrek, observed Xataxji. Don't move any further."

    The intruder paused. "Ah, so you do remember me. That means you remember you tricked me !"

    Xataxji could see that Zulphrek was indeed enraged. But he hadn't tricked him; simply, the larger demon had not read the fine script of their last contract. And lost more than he won as a consequence.

    "The past is the past, he answered. I did my part, and you paid the price you agreed to pay. Now get out of here, before I kick you out myself."

    "I'd like to see that, Demon of Deals, growled Zulphrek."

    He is right, thought Xataxji. A Dealer like himself was no match for a Slayer like Zulphrek; in any other situation, a head-on assault would result in him being sliced like an infernal salami.

    But this wasn't any other situation. "You're right, I can't take care of you myself. But this place can."

    Zulphrek had forgotten that Xataxji's ziggurat had been designed to emprison inhuman entities; the Demon of Deals had made the experience first-hand. As the absurdly muscular Slayer bore down on him with wrathful vengeance, Xataxji flicked his fourth left wrist in a quick eight motion. Immediatly, dark green tendrils erupted from the walls, grappling at Zulphrek. He slashed his scimitar widly, cutting at the tentacles, but he was quicly overwhelmed. Within seconds, he was completely immobilized.


    "I guess the question of tonight's dinner is settled then." Xataxji turned towards the corpses of the undead servants that had summoned Zulphrek.

    "The real question now is, how can someone as idiotic as Zulphrek bypass all my wards, and coerce my own servants into summoning him inside here ?" Xataxji coiled in a loose knot, as he would often do when thinking.

    "He either borrowed a brain, or had someone or something else do the work. But as far as I can remember, no-one lends brains in Padetra.
  • @Tommia I think I might like to do a big score. Rather than smuggle bits of divine light piecemeal I'd like to put together a team to rob heaven itself, and come away with a big stack of divine power, or ideally, the tools necessary to produce it ourselves. Is that possible?
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    Pathos reached into his pocket and pulled out what appeared to be a snuffbox. He flipped it open, and let the light flow out. It was just a sliver really. Not nearly enough to work any major miracles, but it was enough to heal fresh wounds.

    Pathos looked up from time to time as he applied the light to his various saviors. There was nothing he could do for the dead, at least not for now. "The problem is, I tried to do everything myself. But that's not how it works down here. Will and power alone are useless without people backing you up." He eyed Chertraum closely. She had risked a lot coming down to help him, an exile. Perhaps he could trust her more. The fortune teller had warned him of future betrayal, but living in fear wasn't living at all.

    "I think you can help me. You are the protector of dreams. Your mind has touched thousands, tens of thousands of others. I need a team. A team with skills, discreet skills, and probably not a lot of common sense. Are there any people you can recommend to me?"

    (If this is pulling things in the wrong direction for the story, let me know and I'll think of something else.)
  • Looking at the shades, Niyan realizes that he is going to have to fight his way out. He racks his brain for any and all information about this specific monster. He knows that their main weakness is light, and by extension, fire would most likely work too. Fat lot of good that does him, as all lights were out along the street and he usually doesn't carry a light source with him. He also isn't skilled in any areas of magic, so that plan was out the window. He knew that he was going to have to get creative. He surveyed his surroundings. The two shades were closing in fast, and, even with all of his natural agility, he had no way to scale the smooth walls. Then, a plan began to form in his mind. He asked his companion if he had any matches or other fire sources, and luckily he did. Niyan knew that such a small fire source would barely do any damage to the shade, but if he could use the matches to light a larger piece of wood, he may be able to. So he took out a wooden stake he had in his bag for the cases where he needed some more specific weapons, and held a match to it. Unfortunately, the shades were getting closer by the second, and it was obvious the wood would take much longer to light than the time they had. However, when the shades got to where the ring of light emitted by the match began, they shrank back, as though afraid of it. Niyan knew that this wouldn't give them much time, as while shades are weak to light they are smart enough to know that if they get rid of the light, they can take care of the people far more easily. Just as the shades were getting up the courage to step inside the light, the wood finally caught. Niyan let out a sigh of relief. Now that they had this much light and fire, this would be easy. Niyan took a slash with the stake at the shade blocking the exit. It let out a shriek, and pulled away. However, this victory was brief, as the second shade came up behind them, braving into the light. It attempted to get at Niyan and his companion, but Niyan quickly slashed right through the middle. It fell to the ground, and dissipated into shadow. When he turned around, the other shade was already gone, most likely going off to recover from it's wound. "We should go. Now." Niyan said. "I have a few hideouts scattered across the Arcanum for just this kind of occasion. The nearest one is only a few blocks away. Let's go."

    My Card


    I know that the art doesn't really fit with what I described, but it was surprisingly difficult to find any art that even remotely worked.
  • @Derain2 Welp. There aren't really any limits here other than "if this world really existed, could I do this?"

    "Erm... are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting? A... um... 'large scale seizure?' I don't think I-"

    "Then clearly, you haven't lived here as long as Pathos. Let alone as long as I."

    A familiar voice rings in the back of the group. It's Arne again.

    "Having just descended from the Beyond, you haven't had a full hour to think like this man. You aren't a scion of purity anymore. Now that you have touched this mortal plane, you, too, are mortal. Like every other person, you will begin to show your imperfections, and quite ironically, the angels' ego has a tendency to bring them out rather quickly. I myself am an entity to the Six. While I still carry my purity, and still have entry to the Beyond, even I feel the desperation of mortality. I've had temptations. I've been violent. Even though I still carry my sigil, I've inevitably wound up feeling like everyone else on occasion. It's really saddening. And to think, these are people I have to give fortunes to. 'Oh look. You just died tonight, and all that remains is your soul. Guess what, you're going to lose that too.' And then I have to watch from the Beyond as they meet their inevitable demise. I can warn them, but the number one rule for the Diviners, is that we can't directly help someone change their fate. I've had to watch so many people I could of easily saved die. The only difference between me and Pathos, is that he was brave enough to disobey the six themselves. And now, you've joined him. Prepare for a life of needs. Needs, lead to wants, wants lead to desires, and in the end, desires lead to one of two things. Virtue, or sin. Your entire life you've had virtuous desires, so now, you'll have to see what it's really like down here, and one day, you'll sin too."

    He then walks to the front of the group to speak to you. "As for you, Pathos, your journey will be perilous if you dare take on such a task. My fortune was a warning, but I'm powerless to interfere directly. Know I only have the best of intentions for all. May the Six have mercy." Arne walks away from the group of people, transforming into a Manticore before swiftly flying into a white column of light, disappearing into the clouds above.
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    @ASubtleGhost As the vines bind down the demon, he sprays a series of profanities from under his demonic tongue. But mere curse words don't do harm. Ironically, you prepare to perform a ritual with this demon for more power, and allow your minions to feast on the remains.

    @Aggroman15 The sheer misfortune of this encounter was great, but your knack for improvisation was greater. You use the stake to light the way as your dash across the rooftops to your nearest hideout, your ally following close behind.

    You will receive detailed scoring info soon.
  • Pathos watched as the manticore flapped away, and then turned back to Chertraum. "I know it's one thing to defy the heavens to help a friend, thank you very much by the way, that means a lot to me, and it's another thing to actively steal from them, but... it's a...." Pathos scrambled to find the words that could make Chertraum understand. The urgency, the need, the suffering of the world, but the words would not come. Instead he said, "Touch my mind again. Let me... Let me show you what I've seen here, and why they need this."
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    Phew! Everyone okay? Great! Here's a weekly recap on what major events have transpired thus far.

    - With his last fortune told, Ysa passes away, and his power has been bestowed upon a lucky Triskaidian.
    - Ishka and Rafael temporarily joined forces to defend a major Hitcherald temple from a horde of the undead. Hitcherald remains in a paradoxically peaceful state.
    - Teil has possessed Teegar, a pirate and contract killer who specializes in acquiring the finest corpses to necromancers, whether they were dead before or after his services.
    - Xataxji grows in power as he absorbs the strength of the mighty demon he has restrained.
    - Vryx has received Arlin's blessing.
    - Mastiffa and Carla are now rivals
    - Pathos has begun to plan a heist on the Beyond.

    The time is now twelve PM. The sun has risen, but the moon refuses to move. The noon sky is blurred by dark clouds and the moon. Everyone knows what's about to happen. As they turn away, the sun passes behind the moon, and the entire plane is windswept as an eclipse shows itself to the world. Now, divine and supernatural, matched in power, are on even grounds, but the power increase in both could mean severe trouble for anyone mundane...

    Everyone who has not received a personal challenge will get one soon, and anyone who has responded to their challenge will have their response judged.
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    Also, introducing, NPCs. These NPCs could be allied or enemy, but they affect the world in a variety of ways. Here are the living NPCs so far:

    - Lars and Lox (Chaotic Neutral, enemies to K'Trinop, spirits and law enforcement, live in Etsane): These spirit hunters are good at what they do. After the government collapse, this duo of father and son has captured many spirits of those who died during the Etsane crime wave that resulted in a criminal takeover of the capital.

    - Treyble (Chaotic Neutral, ally to Teegar, enemy to spirits and enemies of the supernatural, lives in a den in Padetra). As the greatest lich and necromancer in all the land, Treyble holds high power over the undead. Many people have payed for his services, with mixed results.

    - Carla Mal (Antagonist, enemy to Reliqid Vampire clan and Mastiffa, lives in an abandoned building in Padetra): This vampire faced a tragic fate after her entire clan was exiled from Reighart. As the last heir to the Mal family, she lives only thanks to a death pact that makes her more powerful as her allies die.

    - Chertraum (Protagonist, ally to Pathos and those with good intentions, enemy to unholy entities, now lives in Yrntrn with Pathos): This entity of dreams used to watch over the sleep of the masses from the Beyond. Now that she has trespassed the mortal coil, she is mortal like the rest.

    - Arne (Lawful Neutral, ally to Triskaidians, enemy to those that threaten the plane or Triskaidians, lives in the Beyond): Arne, the Light Diviner. The son of Ysa, messenger of the Six, he, too, carries the ability to read people's futures. However, he's somewhat questionable of his allegiances, as he can't help people change their fates directly.
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    When do we upgrade our characters?
    I drew a picture for updated Ishka and I want to enter it into the Original art contest.
  • @KorandAngels You can update your character any time before the 13th without withdrawing it for a new one. After that, you will receive set upgrade options. Good call! I should of mentioned this earlier.
  • I regret to inform you I may not be available today (Sunday the 25th). Impromptu, someone backed out of a Commander Prerelease event, so I'll be going to that.
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    I’m back (to work?), so that means it’s time to catch up. My plans are to get EVERYONE their personal challenge today!

    Here’s who I need to give a personal challenge. If I forget you, or don’t get you a challenge in 8 hours, pester me!

    Yay! I got everyone’s challenges done except those who I’m awaiting choices or entries from. Now, if I missed anyone, I think I’ll transform into a werewolf.

    I’m awaiting responses from these people (check your inbox)


    Challenges sent today

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  • For those of you who received a challenge without a choice


    I forgot to mention something!

    If it would fit for your response, you can submit two cards for your personal challenge!
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    NEW Stitia Set Symbols that don't suck.



    How to use (Requires Premium)
    ~ On a computer, Right Click link of desired rarity and left click “Copy Link”
    ~ On a phone or tablet, long press on link of desired rarity and click “copy link”
    ~ If those don’t work, highlight the link and copy it like text.
    - Make Card As Normal
    - Select Desired Rarity
    - Under Icons, Scroll Down to Premium Icons and Click “Custom Icon URL”
    - Paste the URL you copied
  • how do I use these symbols?
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  • @spookoops I don’t know if it answers your question, but I put a mini tutorial under the set icons
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  • @sanjaya666, white is able to deal damage, but usually to attacking or blocking creatures. So, the way it is written, you should be good.
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    Yup! Story tidbits aren’t required, since I’m going to write my own anyways :3

    You’ll receive lore and scoring info soon!

    We are waiting for the following people.

    - For Choices

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    Note to these players: I’ll make every attempt to ensure we don’t leave you behind. However, it has been a bit since the last main event, so if we don’t receive your responses by the end of the weekend, I’ll go ahead and advance everyone else to the first Action Phase. You will not be penalized for falling behind. Everyone has a life outside of the site, so I understand things happen.
  • Hey, is it okay if I have 'till the end of Monday to complete my challenge? I'm going camping this weekend with my family.
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 don’t rush! There’s technically not a deadline. I just wanted to keep the contest moving for everyone.
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    The next arc of the saga will begin on Monday. To anyone who has not submitted their entry for their personal challenge, you will still be able to complete your personal challenge, but you will not advance to the first Action Phase until you submit your entry. For everyone else, I will begin sending out Preemptive Action Phase messages to anyone who is active.

    Ready to advance

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