War upon the Sands! Carcho Challenge 2

Hello, generic cardsmiths.
apart from weird intros, what is going on here is exactly what the title says.
the plane: Carcho, world of deserts. It is a plane that is basically 2 huge deserts, one home to the Krashta tribe, and the other home to the State of Imrac.
The Mechanics and Colours of the Factions:
Tribes: R/G/U. they use elemental magic and animate lands. Compare to gruul clans.
State: W/B/C. they exile creatures and destroy magic. Compare to Orzhov Syndicate. (C represents colourless mana. It's that diamond thing.)
The Challenge:
create any number of cards each. That's it. They can be any faction, or non-factioned cards. (If you make a tri-coloured land for a faction, make it a desert please).
History is on the original contest; I put in a link.
Thank you!
So Basically, I would like some more War Upon the Sands cards!
The first contest: forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/4290/world-building-contest-war-upon-the-sands/p1
The world building page: http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/4291/carcho-world-building-and-characters/p1


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