Haruvan - Knight School Tournament

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Knights from all kingdoms and students from the Haruvan Knight School;

Welcome to the quadrennial Knight School Tournament

Choose a hero with the type of "Knight" between 16 to 24 years who will enter the tournament where they will fight to eliminate the other competitors until only one is left standing, like the true elite champion of the knights.
The initial fights will be in groups, until we keep two teams that will do the individual fights. May the best win in the end.

The winner will be instantly promoted to the support knight of an Elite Captain, who will mentor you during the tournament.

Scale of patents (everyone has two support knights - right hand and left hand. These knights can also resign and seek their promotion in the cavalry.)
  • 3rd Captain of Kingdom's Cavalry
  • 2nd Captain of Kingdom's Cavalry
  • Royal Captain of Kingdom's Cavalry
  • Elite Captain of Kingdom's Cavalry
Based on the character of Tournament of Champions 3 - Aeryn
The tournament will be based 22 years after the events with Aeryn.

- This is a contest of both card creation and a role-playing game. You will both make cards and write/play the role of the characters you make. 
- Each cardsmith creates one legendary creature with converted mana cost 3 or less that will represent them as knight in the tournament. 
- Each cardsmith creates a character with personality and background for the chosen knight.
- Each cardsmith may also create one signature card or a companion card with converted mana cost of 3 or less. (So the same mana limit as the hero card) 
- After each victorious match, the cardsmith can choose to improve their hero by making a new stronger card for them with new artwork.
- Or the cardsmith can, if above is proven difficult, choose to add either an additional signature card or a companion card to emphasize growth. 
- Cards must at best ability be made balanced. This is also true for the story of the characters. 
- Cards can be changed or replaced before the deadline for the active stage.  

Signature and companion cards:
- Signature cards are cards that represents the knights' abilities, spells, equipment or other utilities which they can use. This can also be memories, experiences and knowledge which the hero have achieved. 
They are sorcery, instants, artifacts and enchantments. 

- Companion cards are the companions which help the fighter outside or maybe even inside the arena. They are the assistants, healers, squires, mentors and so on. They are creatures, normal or legendary. 

- The signature card and the companion card are limited to the same converted mana cost as the hero but they can be changed whenever you want while the hero card can only be changed if you choose that option. 
(The option of not making a new card for the hero is just so that you are not limited by too little available artwork)

I will leave it open until we reach 16 participants, but if I have more in a short period of time, I will make a cut-off date.

First stage
When the teams have been chosen, the positions will be randomized. Teams will then fight in an arena where the winners are determined through two main factors, card value and character value. 
Card value is based on the quality of the card(s): Balance, usage, flavor, creativity and so. 
Character value is all about the character: Background, actions, motivations, personality, reactions to events and so on. 

Post- First stage:
The winners will be given a minimum of one week to upgrade their knight and/or make or change their signature/companion cards. Extra time may be given if the need is justified. This will continue in a similar pattern until the last 2 kinghts remain. Some special rules will occur then but more about that then.

Maximum converted mana cost at each stage: 

First stage: 3
Second stage: 5
Third stage: 7 (An additional signature/companion card will be allowed)
In the team period, the winners will add a signature card

Example knight

(It will be totally based on the way the Tournament of Champions by Jonteman93 was conducted - a tribute for the great work done by him.)


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    Rules and note:
    - Don't break the rules of the forum. 

    - Don't spam messages. Don't write multiple comments that are basically background noise, that don't achieve anything to a discussion, a question or similar. If you write like this a few times is no big deal but try to avoid it. I have to backtrack through all comments later on and I appreciate if the noise is at a minimum. 
    Remember that you can always edit comments to add text if you want. 

    - Respect the larger story, the world and its rules or at least leave it alone. It is quite difficult and very time consuming to make a story for this kind of contest. So i would like you all to keep yourself within the box of the story. Don't try to take over the world or start a war. The story will be separated into three parts, individual, small story and grand story. 

    • The individual story is the characters' background and individual story. (That does not affect anyone else's character from the established story)
    • The small story is the tournament and your playground with schemes, fights, rivalries, friendships and the like. This is the  main story for your characters to show their alignments, motivations and such.  
    I will sometimes write your characters into my own story-chapters as they are good catalysts and mediums for the stories. 

    • The grand story is the world and national and international politics and events which will affect the tournament. This will be controlled by me and happens outside of the tournament.

    - By joining this tournament, you agree to let me take control over your characters and do with them as I see fit. I will also control how the fights are played and how larger parts of the story take part. So it is important that you give me some instruction about your character. Personality, motivations, abilities and such. This makes it easier for me to keep your characters true to their intended image. 

    - Don't be afraid to make mistakes. We are here to have fun after all. 
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    The circular corridors of the arena were well lit by torches and wide open stone windows, receiving all the rays of that sunny day. The stones drowned out the sound of the crowd already present in the arena, who sang and debated waiting for the participants of that tournament. Some parents were in for the preliminaries that were going to happen. All students at the school had signed up and until they reached the final sixteen, it would be an exhausting three days for everyone, except for the euphoric audience.

    Miljivan headed for the restricted area of ​​the arena, destined for the upper class of the kingdom and neighboring kingdoms. She was accompanied by two coast guard knights and three members of the organization of the event, who kept talking as they wrote down all the details that they felt necessary to change at the last minute.

    - So, Lady Miljivan, we already have the four Elite Knights who will mentor the teams. These four were handpicked, but ... - the man, who seemed to be the oldest of the three, scratched his head with a pause - but one of them will be Demetriz.

    Lady Miljivan stopped, forcing everyone to stop immediately. She didn't express surprise and just raised an eyebrow.

    - Aeryn is not a big fan of him. Are you sure it is the best option? The last time he led a team was not very pleasant for the students.

    - I understand Lady Miljivan, but she is still one of our best knights. He did the recycling and I'm sure he will be a great mentor for young people. Furthermore, Aeryn never participates in these tournaments and I believe that she will not mind.

    Miljivan laughed out loud and started walking again.

    - She is never present, but does the analysis one by one. Don't think she won't know that - she sighed - But I see no alternative. Many do not like being a mentor and arrange missions at that time. They run away to be more direct.

    - Solved then - noted the man - Demetriz will be one of the mentors.

    Steps later they reached the door to one of the reserved cabins. The external curtains were already open and when Miljivan entered, everyone received a standing ovation. She soon smiled and raised her hand to thank him until she sat in the reserved place. In that hall were the school principals. A man with gray hair and a purple-and-gold doublet stood up, walking towards the wall. He raised his arms with a big smile.

    - Welcome to the quadrennial Knight School Tournament. My name is Richard Bardón, and I am the current rector of the Knight School. Our mentors for this year are already ready and eager to pass on their teachings to the young knights. But, until our big event, we will have the famous preliminary duels. After all, we have many young dreamers to reach the rank of Elite Knight. Let the struggles begin.


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  • Ooooh, this looks great! I'll definitely make an entry!
  • Me too. And I have a wild idea too...
  • This looks fun!
  • @CassZero do you want entrants to wait until you fill the reserved slots at the beginning of the contest (probably reserved for the world, lore, and story) to submit their knights, or is it alright if we submit them now and edit them to fit the world as it becomes known?
  • Reserved... (but also what Spellpiper said.)
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    The spaces are for lore. About the rules I think I managed to describe everything. Yes, it can be done, you don't have to wait. I want to do something calmly that is fun and cool for everyone.

    If it helps: The knight may be a student at school or an outsider. In the beginning four teams of four will be made, where each team will be mentored by an Elite Knight (I will present in this lore).

    There is no mystery. Feel free to create your characters. But remember, be balanced. (not only on the card but on the character's lore too)
  • The way will be similar to the Tournament of Champions 3, so many of the rules will be identical.
  • Hmm... are dual-faced cards allowed? I would like to go in an... interesting direction with this one
  • Double-sided looks complex for this. The cards evolve according to each stage won, but without problems, a double-sided can be made. Again, lore and balanced card.
  • @CassZero a couple of questions, must our legendary creature have the Knight subtype? Also, are we submitting 2 or 3 cards?
  • @spookoops
    I'm pretty sure it has to be a knight and we are submitting 2 cards (knight + signature/companion)
  • There are two cards. Your characters can be of any subtype as long as you have one of the subtypes ''Knight'' - (knight + signature/companion)
  • @CassZero, roger that, your example was a little confusing seeing as Aeryn started out as a Druid, then grew into a knight later.

    Submissions coming soon.
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    Encircled by a wreath of tobacco smoke, sorcery and shame, Von Kostantin wields the dark arts to save his soul, as well as the plane itself.

    If you're dealing with trouble that skews a bit supernatural, you'd better get yourself to the expert. Von Kostantin isn't known for his glowing personality, but when it comes to the occult, he's the best investigator there is. Like anything in life, however, Kostantin's skill set comes with a price.

    A notorious con man and grifter whose past has a body count, Kostantin's moral compass is as gray as can be. He's an expert sorcerer and magician, but also an accomplished liar and thief known for his vices, self-loathing and on-again-off-again death wish. His abilities have afforded him the opportunity not only to cheat death, but to trick the forces that govern Heaven and Hell...meaning he has no shortage of powerful enemies.

    Still, although Von's motives may be suspect more often than not, with enough effort, his selfishness can be chipped away, revealing a decent person buried beneath a carefully crafted persona. A lifetime of pain and suffering has hardened Kostantin on the outside, but deep down, he wants to do the right thing.

  • Hailing from the places where no birds sing and the snow falls every day Raeyla is a knight of the Wild-Lands. She was born and raised in the wintery tundra close to Haruvan. She is an impressive warrior and cunning huntress who befriended a bear cub at young age. However despite her strength in combat out of it she is not as skilled. Raeyla can be very impulsive and isn't very good at thinking ahead. She and her bear friend Verlock have come to Haruvan to prove her strength.

    image image

  • @IzItTru, I feel like those two should have partner with each other, but that's just my opinion.
  • @spookoops I thought about it but since Raeyla won't be able to take Verlock into the arena with her I figured it wouldn't make sense flavor wise.
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    Aki of Pneva

    Aki's story starts with her adoptive father, Connal.

    Story card. Does not count as one of Aki's cards.
    Connal is a knight stationed in the Pneva Forest, tasked with guarding the woods against corruption. Having allied himself with the wood's nature spirits, Connal has guarded the forest for over 20 years, starting when he was on 18. Over the years, Connal began to wish more and more that he could have a child, something made impossible by his station deep in the woods. However, by sheer chance, the grove he protected granted his wish...
    Around 17 years ago, while searching for water, Connal found an young, injured nature spirit glowing with internal light. Connal tried everything he could to save the spirit, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, he decided to give the spirit some of his blood, giving it some of his essence. The spirit slowly began to heal. However, due to Connal's intervention, the spirit could not return to the forest immediately and needed a small portion of Connal's blood daily until healed. Connal, in his kindness, decided to rear the spirit, telling stories of his past. As their bond grew more and more, the spirit began to shed some of its wild characteristics and become more... human. By the time the spirit healed fully in three years, it refused to leave Connal and return to the woods. "Why would you not return home, child?" the knight asked, confused about the spirit's motive. The spirit looked straight into Connal's eyes and stared at him. A tear streaked down its cheek as it said "dad?", a feminine voice echoing from its mouth. At that, Connal broke down in tears and embraced the spirit. "I am so sorry, my child. If you wish to stay, I will not stop you." The spirit smiled and hugged their father back. "Thank you"
    Connal sat at his desk, writing a letter to an old classmate. It's only been a few days since he adopted the spirit as his own. The old knight sighed before a knock on his door was heard. His child came in, glowing an ethereal teal. The spirit climbed onto his shoulder and glanced at the letter, asking softly "what's this?". Connal replied "It's a letter to an old friend. I write to them every few weeks." The spirit nodded, their eyes glued to the gaps in the letter. They pointed to one and asked "what are the blanks?" Connal sighed. "...I can't just keep calling you 'my child' and 'the spirit', can I?" A bird called outside, echoing a call to the effect of 'AAAKII! AAAKII!'. "Aki..." Connal muttered, with the spirit immediately replying "hmm?". Connal looked at the spirit. "...Aki is a good name. Are you alright with it, spirit?" The spirit nodded. Connal smiled. "Alright, my child." He continued to write. Eventually, Connal looked at Aki, who was still on his shoulder. "Aki... what is your gender, if you have one?" he asked. Aki struggled to pronounce 'gender'. "... would you describe yourself as more of a boy or a girl?" Aki thought for a second before answering "girl". Connal chuckles, muttering "I should of known she was a girl". And thus the two of them spent the night together, with Connal writing his letter with Aki resting on his shoulder.
    Over the years, the young Aki grew and matured, inheriting the righteous zeal that her father embodied. Connal taught his daughter all he knew, even occasionally taking her to trips in the woods to meet her other spirit kin. Aki soon became a skilled swordfighter and a fairly competent spellcaster, being particularly skilled at bouncing spells back at their casters. Connal and Aki happily lived out their lives in the forest, but Connal knew that Aki needed to get out and experience the world. Thus, Connal decided to sent Aki to Haruvan, his old knight school, so she could experience the world and learn to hone her skills even more.

    Physical Appearance
    Aki resembles a young, ethereal girl, glowing with a soft, teal-green light.  Some parts of her body are more white, while others are grey. Due to these patterns, Aki seems to be constantly wearing a dress, although, as a spirit, she can't wear normal clothing. When angry, Aki glow shifts to a blue, and her hair begins to look like flames. As spirits normally grow slowly, Aki is small, being around 1.1 m (3.6 ft) tall.
    Aki is a friendly, curious, and passionate girl with a mischievous streak. While physically small, her courage and force of will is unbreakable. Aki's main weakness is her naivety. As this is her first time out of her neck of the woods, Aki is unaware of many social customs and traditions, which also makes her a bit of a wild spirit, generally doing what she pleases unless she has specific responsibilities (such as attending classes) or it would hurt someone.
    Powers and Abilities
    Aki is very light due to being a spirit, being able to jump many times her height and scamper up walls with ease. She can also "kick" of spells to deflect them, launching her in the process.
    Aki is able to absorb spells, temporarily energizing and healing her. She can only use this energy to propel herself for now, but will figure out new uses for it soon...
    Aki can manifest weapons of light, which are her main combat weapons. She usually summons a long blade and a shorter dagger, using an acrobatic combat style.
    In times of danger, Aki can call upon her spirit relatives, who can give temporary assistance to her in a time of need.
    Aki's main combat style is to parry attacks and then counter with attacks of her own, always being on the move and kicking spells back at their casters.

  • I have a lot of work, but soon I will update the story. Do not worry that it does not influence your creation. (for now it's just a presentation of the tournament and geography.)
  • Iona of the Blazing Sword

    Iona is the oldest child of the Graymoor family, a noble family from the north. She grew up hearing stories about Aeryn and the knights of Haruvan, and joined as soon as she could. As she learned, she discovered that she could imbue weapons she held with elemental energy, and harnessed it to her fighting style.

    When news of the current tournament reached her family's ears, her parents were worried that their daughter might take part in it and get hurt. While they were arguing, the local priest, Pall Tai, snuck Iona into the family vault and gave her a family heirloom. After that, she made her way to Haruvan.

    Graymoor Family Sword

    Personality-wise, Iona is confident, upbeat and excitable. She's a gloryseeker, intending to become part of the stories she grew up hearing, which makes her rather reckless. That being said, she doesn't intend to get the upper hand over the other contestants, preferring to fight them on even footing.


    I make Iona before I saw Namy's flavor text, so it's pure coincidence that Iona and the flavor text are similar.
  • I posted a small intro with the mentors above in the "reserved" part (I still intend to write an intro for each one). Each will mentor 4 knights in the first stage of the tournament. In the beginning there will be team challenges and a final fight between teams.
  • Arya the Bloodstained
    Arya is a young elf. Growing up, she lived in a small village of elves, where from a young age she learned how to fight in combat, with weapons from swords to axes. Her father believed in honor and valor, the tenets of a knight. At a young age; she has forgotten both her birthday and exactly how old she is; a group of marauders attacked her village. Seeing her father cower in the dirt before the marauders ruined those who say they believe in honor for her. She ran away, most of her village dying behind her. All she escaped with was her father's sword, which she believed he no longer deserved.
    Heartblood Devourer
    Many years later, after killing many knights who she decided were "false", she finds a strange magic of blood she is able to use. She is making her way to Haruvan to learn how to utilize her blood magic, and to find other knights who are deserving of staying alive.

    Arya is very introverted. She prefers to think by herself rather than talking to others. When she does talk, she speaks quietly, and mainly in derision of others. She has no friends, and would prefer it to stay that way. The only person she has ever enjoyed the presence of after the death of her village was another knight, a girl who called herself Ember. They parted after three months of traveling together. She has a quick mind and is quite smart, however, tends to rush into danger without forethought.

    Arya has dark hair, and prefers to wear her hair in a ponytail. She wears kimonos with belts to hold her sword and daggers, and always wears a scarf, which seems to be a different one every day. She is a fashionable person, and is also very beautiful.

    Powers, abilities, and talents:
    Arya is a natural with the sword, and is quite good with other, light, weapons. Her fighting style uses her agility and superior speed and strength as an elf to defeat the opponent. Her father's sword has manifested strange abilities over time, becoming able to absorb blood, somehow increasing her speed and strength for a small duration. The blade also causes more pain while with blood absorbed. Recently, she has found an affinity for what seems to be a type of blood magic. She can pull blood out of an opponents body while touching them, as long as they have an open wound. She also becomes more powerful the more blood she ingests. Her power seems to have no limits, at the moment, and based on other people in history she thinks have had this power, she believes there is far more she will be able to do.

    Arya is not completely sane. The trauma she has experienced causes her to at times have complete breakdowns, with flashbacks from her past. She has made an effort to forget the memories of her family from the past, but at times they come back. She does not speak of her past, only saying she was born in blood and flames, and had no family, in an attempt to convince herself of this false reality.
  • So far we have 5 knights ... the idea is to have 16 to make the story (I will wait 8 to make a mini-story). In case of failure (I will wait a few days), I make a story just to report the cancellation of the event.
  • BUMP
    Also, I'd extend it due to the holidays forming a black hole for our free time. 
  • I can try and make something!
  • I have one, I just need to build a story.
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