WORLDS UNSEEN(Season I, Fabacin)

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Welcome! Before you read down, a WARNING:

This contest is LONG. I am planning about 10 entries from each participant.

What is it about?
We had some planes mentioned in the Planechase set, which we have never actually seen. Every season we will take one of these planes and do something similar to @HeroKP 's Coloniser series. If you know how they work, skip the following until the description of Fabacin itself. If not, the rules are:
1.To participate you create a faction and make a card for leader, army, magic, vehicles(if the faction uses them). Only the first ten participants will be taken.
2.When the saga starts, I give you the first challenge. You make an entry, which contains:
A. A card, which answers these qualities: Balance, Ingenuity, Formatting, compliance with the task.
B.Written story of what your faction does.
C(Optional)More story, More cards, any theme you want.
3. After the deadline, which I say at the start of the challenge, (If an extension is needed, I can give you up to 48 hours, or if I see very few people ready) I judge, and the man who has the least points gets eliminated. The last survivor wins.



  • I actually tried doing something similar to this a while back:

    But fascinating idea, I might just drop by  : )
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    Sounds interesting.  In.  If we are doing a new plane, I suggest using a custom symbol.  I have a collection, so if you let me know where we are looking at first I will look over them and ponder.
  • I would love to, but I am caught up with colonisers and TOC4, so another time, if this happens again.
  • I'm in, ping me when it starts.
  • This looks cool
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  • @Everyone ;
    I’ll start when I have 10 participants.
    If you want to participate you need to create a faction(A leader, an army, magic and maybe a vehicle)
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    My faction is Alum's Witch Hunters, a faction that was first started by Alum Zalgofar when his family was killed by a clan of mages after refusing to pay protection money to the group that had being harassing the locals, leaving Alum an orphan.

    Angered by the injustices of this group, Alum galvanized a group of like minded individuals and drove all magic users good and bad, out of Zondria. He established a task force that hunted down the unnatural in Zondria, and established Zondria as a magic free state. All caught using magic for whatever reason, would be punished by death.

    Alum, the current mayor of Zondria, and the leader of the Witch Hunters, is a ruthless critic of mages, with a twisted sense of justice, who carries out mass genocides on magic users regardless of their age, gender, morals or status.

    Alum's hunting party consists of sympathetic villages, soldiers and mercenaries without magic, who offer themselves to the cause, and constantly train in the art of mage hunting. In Zondria, everyone, even your children, might be a Witch Hunter, so be careful who you reveal your talents too, or you might not make it a night in Zondria. To magic users, they are tyrants, but in Zondria, they are heroes.

    The most elite of Alum's forces, use trained horses called Bloodscent Steeds to hunt wizards, which can track wizards using scent, blood, sweat, and magic residue. They are aggressive around magic users and will stomp, kick and maul them if unmanned.

  • This sounds cool. I'll start cooking up my faction today!
  • took a while to get the colors, keywords and themes right, but its finally in.
  • I'll enter! Give me some time!
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    Davos and Wren are married archeologists. Together they discovered an ancient civilization known as Thrann, which sold their entire populace's souls for power. The civilization now dwells in a nightmare dimension where time and space have little meaning. Sadly, while excavating Wren accidentally activated an ancient artifact that was designed transport her to the nightmare realm. However, without the necessary preparations, she was torn halfway through the nightmare realm and this one. For two years Davos did not know Wren's fate, but he spent all that time investigating the artifact that caused her to vanish. Eventually a fragment of her appeared before him, and he knew he had to learn all there was to know about the nightmare realm so he could bring her back completely. He devoted himself to the excavation of Thrann civilization, and became an expert on all things ancient and occult. He gathered cultists, summoned demons, and will do anything else he can to gain the knowledge necessary to heal his wife.

     Our Faction Leader

    His lost wife.

    Our "army" consists of the cultists and archeologists Davos leads, and the horrific creatures they've learned to summon and bind from the nightmare realm. Davos believes these creatures could be former citizens of Thrann, or their decedents.

    Davos has repaired many Thrann artifacts:

    One way or another, people have a tendency to see Davos' point of view, eventually.

  • @Tonysparks Love your faction man! It looks like we're going to be natural enemies.
  • @Derain2 Thanks. Same could be said about your faction. We might just be natural enemies with all the souls your faction is summoning, and Alum ignoring the difference between souls and magic.
  • Some snapshots of Fabacin:

    The Flora of Fabacin is great and majestic. The world is covered in forest, except the oceans and a few rare savannah.  

    Intelligent races of Fabacin are mainly featured as insect riders, who Commune with giant insect you can find in giant numbers across Fabacin.
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    My intent is to create a quiet but ever-present faction. An eternal one which might be said to dominate the plane in the greatest sense only. Like the canvas of a painting.

    Pronounced Tae is as this guy insists: Vyr is as in the verb “Veer” Among their druids two are squashed together and the last is stressed.

    TaeVyr We are all dreams of the green mind. Before the first animals came to be there were five great minds in the world. Slow of thought but great, they awoke already struggling. In time the green and the blue became the strongest and though different found love. As they came to an agreement, and won victory with a new thing. They began to dream and slowly became one being, Tae’Vir. All dreams, any dream you might have had or can imagine, is but a shadow of one of Tae’Vir’s. For you ARE Tae’virs dream. All animals sprung from its vegan flesh, growing in pods and being released to be its flights of fancy. Go back long enough and you will find it both father and mother to all that is flesh. You are created for its purpose, far beyond our ken and arcing through eons. Ultimately all that eats is sustained by it. Every breath you take is a gift of Tae’Vir, appreciate it.

    Taverites are the faithful dreamers. Those who have some contact with the great mind that has made them. Their religion teach that they have always been on Fabacin, and will be long after this present time of the great dreaming ends every animal on it has died. Their religion arises in all cultures on the plane. The dream may become nightmare. Rude passions may overwhelm it for a short time. Intolerance or a competing faith may arise. Yet all these are still of and surrounded by the dream. Were all lore and word of it taken from the world, it would be but a blink of winter. The Taeverite beliefs would be born again in the rebellious dreams of the next generation.

    The Tae’Vyr stretch back to prehistoric times and, according to their own beliefs back to when there were only five minds on the plane. As far as interaction with the multiverse, the only prominent one recorded. Fabacin was a plane known to Freyalise, and visited by Urza. The observation of the Dreampods are said to have helped inspire the creation the Metathran.

    Color is mainly Green-Blue but as these give access to WUBRG mana anything might be in. Creature Types: All sentient races. Animals, Beasts, Plants, Saproling. Priesthood are Druids Card Type: Enchantment Types you might think should be part of the faction but are, by nature, not: Dryads (don’t exist on this plane), Elementals (are neither green or plant based) Tokens: Copy, 1/1 Green Saproling, Plants various sizes, Food.

    I will make the suggestion that it is the will of the dream that creatures be vegan, although the dream does not condemn eaters of flesh. I think it would be a nice touch if any Food depicting meat be from the black part of the color pie and with a flavor that it is sinful. (No I’m not vegan myself or pressing any moral issue here. It is something present in our world that MTG has, AFAIK, not even mentioned.)

    An unknown number of hunter-gatherers wander the great forests of Fabacin, guided slow dreams. They cannot be said to have a true leader, but here is one with a voice that speaks both with more authority and louder than most.


    I've started galleries as I don't intend to post all the cards I create for the plane here. My Fabicin may well be different from the communal one this thread creates.

    Larger one on Deviantart:
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    First, lets NOT have the typical allies/ enemies / shard / wedge pattern.

    Tonysparks Given the anti-magic stance, it would be good for your faction to have no non-creature spells except artifacts.


     Wren, Fracturing won't work like you want if it is legendary. It would enter the battlefield and you have to legend rule down to one copy. Fortunately, it also makes no sense for it to be legendary - each card is a fractured part of the whole. I get you want to get 4 copies in the graveyard, but it seems Davos would "Sacrifice everything" to get his real wife back. Even cheap and incomplete pieces of her will not suffice.

    If they did print these cards it would be awkward and annoying to have a transform card which you'll want to run 4 of in every deck. Why not just make Wren Paradox Lesson a card that is put into play from outside the game?

     In fact, cards entering the battlefield from outside the game could be a set mechanic, given the two cards he have form the set involve dreams:
    The type: Dream  (Dream cards cannot be in your starting deck)
    The keyword: Dream X (You may reveal X Dream card you own from outside the game. Until the end of the game you may play it from outside the game.)

    Propsed Dream cards would follow Wren's pattern, with no mana value but something else needed to cast them. They would also require an in-game card to access them, same way Wren and Learn work.

    They may represent:
    - cards entering reality from your the Nightmare Realm. Nightmares with ETB effects from the nightmare realm would be good. As far as cost, sacrificing something to play them seems appropriate.
    - the dreams of the TaeVyr entering Focalin, obvs.
    - you can use this to help compensate for not having non-creature spells. Having cards to give access to Dream cards which have "pay life" as a cost. It would go with the possible heroic death thing witch hunters are prone too and tie into that blood tracking things. Other aspects of the Dream something they are violently opposed to.

     Wren, Paradox Mother - I was expecting something stronger for something that cannot be played directly.

     For the second ability, it is notable that without Haste anything she brings in can never attack or block. Yet I suspect your faction will to have a strong ETB as nightmares of old and other sacrifice outlets.  But if you want stronger you could make it a +0 and include "You may activate this loyalty ability on any player's turn any time you could cast an instant."  Because of multiplayer, it would be bad to have a + ability that could be activated on every turn.

    An extra turn is always useful but not particularly exiting. Maybe a higher cost on the Ultimate but access to 3 Dream cards?
  • @mmm3creator That was very constructive feed back. As a general rule, I will steer clear off instants and sorceries in my faction, but in some cases that I need to depict an event like the current sorcery, I will use them.

    My theme is to be as anti magic as possible, so even the little instants and sorceries I include won't have people shooting lightning bolts or any thing in the realm of magic.
  • Perhaps their magic is believed to be divine or prayers answered?
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    No their magic isn't divine, in part because I choose the color process carefully.

     (Gameplay wise)

    .White: (disenchants, protection and exiles)

    .Red: (life hate, agro value, damage)

    .Black: (Graveyard hate for necromancers, and hard to deal with creatures.

    I then combined all these factors to create a magic hate deck.

    The emotional aspect falls based on Alum's motivations.

    .(White): Is the righteous basis of his cause, his avenging of the ones hurt by magicians, and his belief that he is doing good for non-magicians.

    .(Red): Is the revenge he wants to exact, the hate, and fury he feels for magicians, and the emotional aspect of this faction since they work less on logic and more on accusations and mob justice.

    .(Black): Is the willingness to do what it takes to achieve the goal, the selfishness, and the lengths that his faction will go to eradicate magic.
  • The city-state of Draam lies in a small valley in the border between a savannah and one of Fabacin's vast forests. The existence of strange creatures from both sides of the valley requires watchful sentries on its walls. If asked, the sentries freely point out dangers ahead in either direction.

    Trumpeting Sentry

     The banner of Draam is known and feared in the area, since the city-state normally only flies it when marching to war or defending itself from siege. Those that know what it means stop in fear when they see it.

    Solemn Banner

    In recent times, Draam has been looking to expand its reach further into the surrounding area. To do so, the city-state has gained the employ of Macha, a former marauder turned warrior-guide in the borderlands. A minor skill in magic helps her keep one step ahead of anything that might come out of nowhere.

    Macha Borderland Champion

    One of the few spells Macha keeps on hand is a nondetection spell. Given that anything might appear from the dreampods at any time, the spell is a useful one for Macha to have, and one that has gotten her much praise from Draam.
    Pass the Narrows

    @Tonysparks something that you might consider for future witch hunter cards is the new Ward mechanic from Strixhaven. I feel it would fit well with your faction.
  • @mmm3creator Thanks for the feed back! I love hearing other peoples impression of my cards. I actually did make Wren, Fracturing legendary on purpose. I was trying to play a little with the existential horror of being lost tot he legend mechanic by creating a story where the occurrence makes canonical sense.  Mechanically, you can either wait for the first one to die and then drop another chump blocker, or if you need the extra card you can simply cast another, draw a card, then lose her to the legend rule. As for Wren Paradox Mother, I figured we were already getting quite a bit of value out of one card (even if it is rather slow and mana intensive) and I didn't want to make her to powerful. The take an extra turn ultimate is pretty thematic with Wren's journey from nonexistence to mastery of this unusual realm. It's also worth pointing out if Wren stays on the board long enough to pull her other three copies out of exile, she can be recurred. As for the transformation mechanic, I was basing it off of the "baby planeswalkers" from the Magic Origins set. 

    @RegalGorgon13 I didn't realize this plane was mostly jungle. I suppose it makes sense then that Davos and Wren's first excavation was in the savannas, but now Davos is committed to excavating as much of the Thrann civilization as possible, which probably means he's embraced slash and burn tactics. That serves to make him more villainous and is likely to cause further tension between him and other factions, which is fun.

    This is shaping up to be a good journey, just six more entrants before we can get started!
  • @SpellPiper2213 that is actually a good mechanic, I'll add it to my doc
  • Check out the difficulty of Archaeology in the amazon.  it's been killing people for centuries.

    Your mention of it actually gives Urza a reason a super-obvious reason for visiting the plane back in the day.

    Card idea - an artifact that used to be a portal to Dominaria but is now hella broken. 
  • Card additions

    image image

    image image

    1) A card which makes land generate tokens. Didn't want to just make Saprolings because that would be too similar to Squirrel nest. So. Pests are new, so why not use them?
    2) A creature born from the green when it wants pruning.
    3) Found an old thread on Fabicin. Was different than ours but brcien created the Iskari race, which look like a good thing to import. Here we have the first card to access the Dream.
    4) The first Dream card. Purposely also a Nightmare Davos' faction might uncover. It just now occurs to me that everyone seeing your hand is the MTG version of that nightmare about being naked in public. Maybe nightmares could be patterned to replicate a nightmare trope but in-game like that.
  • Behold the Epiphany Empire!

    The mystical empress Fractis commands the Epiphany Empire. 
    Fractis Fractured Empress

    Fractis is a woman (or spirit woman) with a, well fractured past. Her home village was attacked by minotaurs and she couldn't save them, only herself. After the attack, she was heartbroken and guilty. But worst of all was the fact that her mind was being haunting by the spirits of the village.

    Eventually, her mind collapsed and she died. But, like the villagers, she wasn't granted the gift of the blessed sleep. She turned into a spirit, eternally chained to the multiverse. 

    After a few months, she accepted the tragic truth of her situation, and her spirit mind started to darken. As a spirit, she had the power to absorb mana energy, and Fractis learned how to consume that mana and gain its power. A incredible power, indeed. 

    At the start, she only consumed blue mana. Gaining knowledge and strengthening her mind were her main priorities. But over time, the knowledge she gained grew corrupted and, in turn, so did she.

    She started to consumed black mana as well, turning her into a more intimidating figure. After years and years, she became so intelligent that her mind could solve any problem, big or small, in a matter of seconds.

    People of course realized this; soon she was the most recognized figure in the multiverse,(Maybe a bit of an exaggeration.) and people starting coming to her for knowledge. At first they were an annoyance, but then an idea sparked.

    She could exploit these people's thirst for knowledge by trading her wisdom for their support. That way she could quickly gain an army of incredibly intelligent people. After three years, it was an empire.

    Everyone feared this kingdom of unfathomable knowledge, giving Fractis a suprising state of respect. Those who are recruited to be part of the empire are spies, archivists, insight-seekers and mind-mages.
    Intellect Agent

    Three intense years of training are required to become a part of the Epiphany Empire, and many minds are left considerably stronger after the horrors of their training.

    The training is intense, and difficult. On each of the seven years, specific methods of expertise are used on the recruits.

    On the first year, recruits are trained on the observance and perspective skills. How they see the world and specific circumstances. Fractis believes this is crucial for the first year, because the Epiphany Empire has a very specific philosiphy: the body is the tool, the mind is the machine. Different minds have different ways of conveying this, and 365 days are commited to pressing in that belief.

    Next comes year two, the year of personality. This mainly consists of psychology tests; the most frequent challenge is a set of various questions with no right answer, to test how the recruits mind works. Fractis considers this the most important year.

    The final year, the third one, is the year of technique. In this year the recruits learn mind magic and find their personal specialties.
     Mind Reap

  • Here are the archetypes:

    Blue Main Archetype
    Several Mill Variables

    Blue Archetypes Class 1.
    Blue Archetype Class 2.
    Blue Archetype Class 3. 

    Black Main Archetype

    Black Archetype Class 1.
    Black Archetype Class 2.
    Collective Debuff
    Black Archetype Class 3.
    Forced Discard

    And then we merge them to get exile, foresight-debuff, etc.

  • Oops, I misread the original post. I thought you were looking for ten entrants, not ten entries per a participant. My bad, please disregard my earlier post about how many more people we need. I happy to get this show on the road whenever.
  • Yep whenever your ready @RegalGorgon13
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