Battle Mystery Card: Create Your Own Weapon



  • @cadstar369 @TheDarkKnight1234567
    Warden's Scarab is a white artifact creature - which at same is equipmemt and insect - costs single white mana and another mana of any to cast its spell. On the battlefield, the enemy will have to pay a single of any mana otherwise the target of either spells or abilities will be countered. Blue and white have this ability and I beileve that green can have this too. Another ability is when it blocks, its controller will gain three life, regardless if it's equipped or not. There is last activatable ability which is Reconfigure. Two mana is paid and it's an equipment and is equipped to target creature. All of that is for uncommon... One thing that makes me scratching my head is; what purpose does equipped creature has? Yes, they do give three life when blocked, but again so Warden's Scarab does that same. So, what does equipped creature do? I don't see how useful for Reconfigure to be useful. You can just attach it to bigger creature and get 3 life out of it for just blocking, but nothing else. I want to know why equipped creature didn't get Ward off this artifact equipment. If it's in my deck, I will be more likely to enchant it to become bigger creature rather than attaching it to different creature. Why? Because Warden's Scarab has Ward and equipped creature doesn't.

    Now to the appearance, it's quite realistic card! I liked the name! I wish I could be creative with naming as you. What's your story about how did you think of that name?

    Now for rating, Warden's Scarab is rated for 87 out of 100. Rating will be increased once equipped creature gets a purpose same as Warden's Scarab or better. (Warden's Scarab becomes weaker when attached and offer no protection to equipped creature but three life for just blocking.)

    Animated Armor is a blue Equipment artifact which costs for a single blue mana and three of any mana. Upon cast, it is attached to creature immediately to avoid last ability's apply. Otherwise it would be straight to the graveyard. While attached, equipped creature get +1/+1, has hexproof, with "{x}{u}, Unattach Animated Armor: Put X +1/+1 counters on Aninated Armor and draw a card. Activate only as sorcery." When the ability is activated, it unattaches from equipped creature with number +1/+1 counters on it, its color is drained away and becomes unblockable. Neat right? All of that is worthy for this card's rarity; Rare. There are some wording I don't see why it should be there: Why Animated Armor's color must be drained when becomes an artifact creature? I don't see what does it has benefit for having it to be colorless. Is it just your habit? If you want to keep it colorless, I would recommend removing "Cannot be blocked." Otherwise, keep it blue.

    Appearance. The art is cool, I congrat David for that masterpiece! As for Animated Armor, the abilites are seperated and is kept simpled. Good job on that!

    Animated Armor is rated for 91 out of 100. Its rating will be increased, if "colorless" is removed away OR remove "Cannot be blocked" away.

    And loser is...
    I am sorry to inform you this, but your rating is lower than @TheDarkKnight1234567, I liked Warden's Scarab and it's cool for a uncommon, but there's a slightly problem; What does the equipped creature has purpose for others than just blocking a creature to get three life? There are a few cards and I can use to replace this card in my deck. So, I am sorry again. You are cursed with;

    Your week expiration will fused the moment you and your enemy gets in next battle. (Once your enemy or you accepts the challenge, week expiration has started.) Good luck! Oh by the way, curse isn't sealed to you, so anyone can take curse off your plate to themselves. What a battle!
  • My names tend to be more descriptive than creative. Taking Warden's Scarab for example, it's a scarab-shaped robot that, given its effect, probably assists wardens with maintaining order & security.
  • I don't expect everyone to know this but there are two timing issues that make Animated Armor not work as intended.

    1) Wording the first ability as "when" means the Armor has to already be on the battlefield before the attach ability triggers, which means it'll already be a 0/0 with no +1/+1 counters on it and will die before it can attach to another creature to save itself.  It really needs to enter the battlefield already attached to the target creature like Grifter's Blade does.

    2) Wording the unattach ability with "Unattach Animated Armor" on the left side of the ":" means that it's a cost that has to be paid before the effect on the right resolves.  Again, the Armor will be an unattached 0/0 creature and die before it can receive the +1/+1 counters.  It would work if it was worded as "XU: Put X +1/+1 counters on Animated Armor and unattach it. Draw a card. Activate only as a sorcery."  Unfortunately, because of the stipulation that the Armor is a 0/0 creature any time it's not attached to another creature, it can't function like a Shuriken or Toralf's Hammer.
  • @Jadefire Oh, I didn't think of that would be that sooner...

    What about this; "As long as one or more +1/+1 counters are on Animated Armor, it's an artifact creature 0/0 with 'This creature cannot be blocked.'"?
  • Good game @cadstar369.

    @FireOfGolden and @Jadefire I see how I worded the abilities incorrectly. I also agree about making it blue rather than colorless when it's not attached and all that stuff you guys were saying. I think I just got a bit distracted while I was making the card and forgot.
  • @FireOfGolden Yes, that would work too.
  • With seemingly no response from Jpastor, I would like to challenge @smax765!
  • @smax765

    You been challenged by @Robo_Kitty! Please accept this challenge within a week.

    Expiration: 24 August 11:59 PM CST
  • @smax765 @Robo_Kitty
    Each challenger in this battle gets this card;

    Requirements for this battle:
    Your card will be an artifact.

    Artifact is colorless, its ability uses at least three different colors mana to activate it.

    Artifact contains a flavor text.

  • My entry:

  • Here’s my entry:

  • @Robo_Kitty @smax765
    Let's start with Compleating Machine. It's an artifact, it costs four mana of any to cast for three abilities. On first ability, it gives +1/+1 to each creature that's not on battlefield under your control. Second ability requires at minimum mana of different three colors in total five mana to activate this ability. Wait. When activated, it will bring ANY creatures onto the battlefield... UNDER your control upon death? Just for white, blue, red, red, and white? Something's off about it. If the mana cost would be edit back to white, blue, red, black, and green, then it would be balanced. If you don't prefer that, I also could suggest four of any mana with one of each blue and black, but that doesn't follow one of a requirement, doesn't it? Blue allows you to take completely control of creature, but pullback is its expensive cost to activate. Black is added and decreases the cost to {4}{u}{b}, which makes the ability more narrowed to only creatures that dies this turn. To meet requirement, that's when red comes in. Red can decrease these mana cost to {1}{u}{b}{r}, in exchange for these ability become temporary. In your case, when this ability is activated, any creature that dies this turn is under your control until at the end of your next turn. After end of turn, owners will get these tapped creature back. To limit potienal of abuse, {t} will be added, so it will be used once unless there is a way to untap it. Now on third ability, it uses minimal different three  color mana similar to second ability. Expect for it gives toxic 1 to target creature with a +1/+1 counter and it becomes phyrexian. You can get away with {1}{w}{u}{b}{g}, red don't have ability to give any toxic ability, but they can help to make it worse. So, it wouldn't make a sense for red to have a role to bless creature with toxic ability. Toxic cannot restack, but +1/+1 counter can. Hence, I don't see why we should nerf it further, if user wants to try abuse it for its ability to give more +1/+1 counters. The mana value and first ability together made it somewhat balanced, but balance is threw off by second ability single itself. These abilities made it too complex for currently rarity (uncommon), it must be rare or rarer.

    On another hand (Appearance), I would say that art looks cool, but is artist's name "En"? Can you give me a link to that? I would like to see that, thanks! The abilites are too close to each other, making it somewhat hard to read. I even confused the flavor text for fourth ability when I took a look at it for first time. It seems you made a mistake with starting <i> which misses "Compleation". However, I liked the flavor text!

    Rating for Compleating Machine is 71 out of 100. Reason: Balance (Heavy), Wording (Very light), and Rarity (Heavy).

    Now to The Center of Creation. It's a legendary artifact that its controller cannot control more than one. It is casted for its six mana of any with first ability; Landfall effect. When a land enters under your control, profilerate. Simple yet effective. Second ability is activatable for three different mana in total three mana. White, green, and blue. From it looks like it can be restacked. That's why it's rare, isn't it? The second ability is abusable, but I don't see why to increase it in order to keep it balanced. It does allow to ramp up but it is expensive and slowing down. Controller must be careful with the situation that may be created by their opponent(s). The legendary artifact itself is support card that improves creatures to becoms stronger... Or make it even worse, perhaps to their death.

    Time to be cocerned about how does a sword look. The flavor text seems too closs to the line. Perhaps try to use _____ instead of ------? It would look better, plus there is enough room for your flavor text to be set up like that.

    After ability is created, just press enter and go ______. After that, press enter twice then insert your flavor text. If flavor text appears to be crossed, that means you have pressed enter once. My tophat's tipped to playgroundai for making that art looking cool!

    The Center of Creation is rated for 94 out of 100. Reason: Wording (Very light); just move it to properly place and rating would be perfect.
    Congrats, @Robo_Kitty! You have higher rating than your enemy. Making you a winner of the battle.
    Good battle!
  • @Robo_Kitty good battle.

    @FireOfGolden the artwork is the back face of this card. I like reinventing real mtg cards. It doesn’t has artist because I make the cards and then I show them to my friends. They have to know from where are the artworks. For the flavor text, the word “compleat” is always without italics.
  • @smax765 Great battle. I certainly had fun.
  • Does someone would like another battle?
  • I should be unchallengeable, but I would like to battle @jpastor
  • @jpastor
    You been challenged by smax765! Please accept this challenge within a week.

    Expiration: Sept 10, 11:59 PM CST
  • @smax765 @Jpastor ;
    Oh uh...

    Enchantment is played onto the battlefield and applies to each battles, including this battle.

    This battle will have five requirements rather than three requirements now.

    Your card is a creature.

    Creature's ability will destroys a land when enters the battlefield.

    The mana value of your creature is 6 or greater.

    Etheral War #1: Your creature cannot be mono-red.

    Etheral War #2: Your creature's toughness must be 3 or less.

  • My card is here:

  • I’d like to challenge @TheDarkKnight1234567 to a battle
  • @TheDarkKnight1234567
    You been challenged by @Robo_Kitty. Please accept this challenge within a week.

    Expiration: Sept 12, 11:59 CST
  • @TheDarkKnight1234567 @Robo_Kitty
    Ethernal War Active

    (No time counters)

    When battle ends, @Robo_Kitty will be able to use Mystery Chest.

    The Winner will get this card

    Your card is forgotten creature. (By default, Forgotten creature have "At end of your turn, put a -1/-1 counter on this creature, unless you discarded a card this turn.")

    The creature type is Figure.

    Your creature cannot have activatable ability.

    Ethernal War #1: It has flavor text.

    Ethernal War #2: If ability exists, it must triggered by a dying creature. Otherwise, the creature cannot be mono-red.

  • @jpastor
    Hi there! Smax765 has submitted a card and you haven't for a week. I know you are busy with others, but I just pinging you to remind ya, so you wouldn't forgot about this battle. ?
  • @TheDarkKnight1234567 @Robo_Kitty
    Would you like to redraw for different requirements, or you just need some time to think of what to make a card? Remember, no rush. This battle have no deadline ?
  • @smax765
    While you wait for jpastor to submit a card, you can challenge another person while a battle is going on. I wouldn't go over three battles at once, but if you want, you can.
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