Battle Mystery Card: Create Your Own Weapon



  • @FireOfGolden

    Any chance you could remind me what a treasure does?
  • Did that helped?
  • @TheDarkKnight1234567
    I am sorry, you don't have any treasure you can use right now away. ( 1 treasure - [1 treasure] = usable 0 treasure)
  • For someone who would like to read BMC (Battle Mystery Card) rules, mention me about that then I will send you a mesaage. I doubt people would love to read a book of rules for this game, if I post it here. (I am working on BMC rules, so delay is expected.)

    As for inventory, I will update your and track your cards and tokens after you use something or you gets something new. If you want to check inventory, say so and I will send you a message.
  • Otherwise, people can still challenge someone, even if event is still going on.
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    @Jadefire and @Cadstar369 ;
    Would you review this rules for me and give a feedback about?
    1) A challenger may challenge any number of other challengers.
      1.1) The challenged player must respond to challenge request whether they accept it or not within a week. If they failed to do so, they will become Unchallengable.
      1.2) Unchallengable Player may become Challengeable, as long as, they challenged at least one another challenger after challenge request expired.
      1.3) Challenger shall drop the challenge request out without being counted as a loss, as long as, they is in Challenge Step.
        1.3.1) Any curses and effects shall be destroyed or ends at end of Acknowledge step, if a player drops the said challenge request. Player who aborts the challenge request will take a loss while another shall take a win.
      1.4) Both players in Battle Step may request for generate another new requirements. Curses and effects shall not be affected by "redraw". However, if possible, they shall affect the requirements.

    2) Every battle may generate new cards that determine whether player shall be cursed or blessed.
      2.1) Curses shall be destroyed at end of battle, unless it says otherwise.
      2.2) Power-Ups shall be destroyed after using, unless it says otherwise.
        2.21) Power-Ups may be sold to another player for properly amount of Treasures or Golds. If it is sold to FireOfGolden, seller shall gain a Treasure for uncommon, two Treasures for rare, three Treasures for mystic. Otherwise, that player must exchange that much Treasures to seller for its rarity.
          2.211) Common power-ups have no value, hence, cannot be sold.
        2.22) Instants shall be played anytime, as long as, it, other effects, curses, and enchantments doesn't say otherwise.
        2.23) Sorceries shall be played only during battle, unless it, effects, or enchantment says otherwise.
        2.24) Tokens shall not be played, when it comes under player's control. However, it may be played after end of battle.
          2.241) If token is given or exchanged with another, it shall not be played as new player gains control of it.
          2.242) Token may be exchanged for bonus in other discussions than this discussion. I will not hold responsible for any may happen to the token. I must be mentioned, if token is being used or exchanged in different discussion. Otherwise, it will not work.
        2.25) When enchantment comes under a player's control, it shall play itself onto the battlefield under FireOfGolden's control. There are three types that may support people or cause some chaos.

    3) Each battle contain three requirements. When it appears, Battle Step begins.
      3.1) If a player fails to meet at least one of them, their rating's max shall be reduced by number of requirements they broke out of number of requirements generated by the battle.
        3.1.1) Requestment effect upon broken doesn't count toward prevent damage effect as it isn't damage but simply reduces the maximum of rating. This goes way for personal requestment as well.
      3.2) When a player receives a requestment that's for them only, it is called personal requirement. It is weaker verison of battle requirements usually generated by the battle.

    4) As Judge Step starts, each card shall start with 100 rating, then its maximum shall be reduced or increased before it could be dealt any damage. Once rating is declared, a player with highest rating wins the battle.
      4.1) Judge Step is End Step. Sorceries cannot be played this step, but Instants may be played here.
      4.2) If my decision seems unjustified, you may call for juries. Juries shall be up between 2 to 8 players or nonplayers, your score and enemy's score shall be average from your and their juries after they declared your scores silently. This process may take some time.
        4.21) Juries cannot be in your battle to judge your card and your enemy's card.
      4.3) Once I declared rating for each card, it cannot be undone. Juries can overturn these ratings with new ratings. Juries' decision is the final rating and Battle Step ends afterwards.
      4.4) In rare case, if both rating ties each other. If their values are equal to zero. The minimum shall be removed. If the number appears to be equally, the most least dealt damage card shall be declared a winner. If the damage is equally, highest maximum rating shall be declared winner. If all of above are tied, the juries shall be summoned to rate each card to break the tie. If tie occurs, I shall declare the winner of card in my favor.

    5) There are Challenge Step,  Acknowledge Step, Battle Step, and Judge Step. When a player makes a challenge request, they enters the Challenge Step with their enemy. Once enemy accepts, both are in Acknowledge Step, each curses and effects that says "At beginning of your turn" becomes active. When requirements are generated, they enters the Battle Step. When one of them submits a card, they are in Judge Step.

    6) Events are special and the rules may not apply them.
      6.1) Haunted Battle Mystery Card is an event which rules, curses, enchantments, or power-ups shall not apply that discussion.
        6.11) You must follow directions given by FireOfGolden, as you may not be given another chance.

    7) I may refuse to serve people who appeared to be toxic or mean toward other fellow challengers. Be nice to others same as you want them to be nice to you. As well for people who appeared to be trolling or spamming.
      7.1) I may revoke items and apply properly curses to punish the said person.
      7.2) I may remove the said person away from the game, they shall become "Banished" rather than "Unchallengable".

    8) The rules are subject to being changed. I may change the rules whenever necessary.

    Other people may give a feedback or ask question about rules.
  • @FireOfGolden The rules look fine to me in general.  I'm not sure if anyone will take Battle Mystery Cards seriously enough to invoke the official rules for it, but if it helps you understand for yourself how you want it structured and gives you something to point to for anyone else who wants to know how it works, then go for it.

    One suggestion is to move #5 up to be #1 instead.  I had no idea what the steps being mentioned in 1.3, 1.3.1, 1.4, 3, 4, 4.1, and 4.3 were or how they related to each other until I got to 5.
  • @Jadefire
    Cadstar369 fixed it for me. Here's;
    FireOfGolden Battle Rules
    1. A player may challenge any number of other players. Each challenge is a 1v1 duel against the challenged player.
    1. Challenged players have a week to accept or deny a request. If they do not respond within this time frame, they become unchallengeable. Unchallengeable players may be challenged again once they challenge one or more other players.
    2. A challenger may retract a challenge without penalty during the Challenge step.
    3. If a player forfeits a challenge after the Challenge step, all applicable effects end. The other player becomes the winner of the challenge, and the forfeiting player becomes the loser of the challenge.
    1. Challenges consist of the following phases: Initiation, Acknowledgement, Battle, and Judgment.
    1. Initiation Phase
    1. A player enters the Initiation phase when they challenge another player. If the challenged player accepts, both players move to the Acknowledged step. If the challenged player refuses, the Initiation phase ends immediately.
    1. Acknowledgement Phase
    1. During the Acknowledgement phase, abilities that trigger 'at the beginning of your turn' trigger. When the challenge's Rules of Engagement have been generated, players proceed to the Battle phase.
    1. Each set of Rules of Engagement consists of three restrictions imposed upon entries. Additional restrictions may be generated due by various effects, some of which may affect only one player during the challenge.
    2. If a player's entry fails to satisfy one or more restrictions, their maximum rating shall be reduced accordingly (see Judgement Phase). Effects that prevent damage do not affect this reduction.
    1. Battle Phase
    1. During the Battle phase, players must create and submit a card that meets all requirements of the Rules of Engagement for that challenge. Once one player submits their entry, the challenge proceeds to the Judgment phase.
    1. If both players agree, they may request a new set of rules of engagement before either player submits their entry. All curses and other effects remain active and influence the new rules of engagement where applicable.
    1. Judgment Phase
    1. During the Judgment phase, cards are granted an initial maximum rating of 100. This maximum may be increased or decreased by various effects.
    2. FireOfGolden will declare a rating for each entry, at which point players may dispute the ratings.
    3. If the ratings go undisputed, the player who received the highest rating wins the challenge. If one or both players wish to dispute the ratings, they may request a jury.
    4. A jury consists of 2~8 individuals. Neither FireOfGolden nor a player participating in the challenge may be included in a jury.
    5. Each individual in a jury will rate each entry, then the average of the jury's ratings shall become each entry's new rating. This rating is final and not subject to further dispute.
    6. If the ratings are tied, the entry dealt the least damage during the rating process wins. If the damage dealt is also tied, the card with the greatest maximum rating wins. If the maximum rating is also equal, a jury shall be summoned to break the tie. Finally, if the jury declares a tie, FireOfGolden will award the victory to whichever entry they wish.
    1. Curses, Power-Ups, Treasure, and Gold
    1. Curses, Power-Ups, Treasure, and Gold may be awarded at the end of a challenge or by card effects.
    2. Curses and Power-Ups may affect one or more future challenges.
    3. Curses are removed at the end of a challenge unless stated otherwise.
    4. Power-Ups are lost upon use unless stated otherwise.
    5. Power-Ups may be sold to another player or FireOfGolden for Treasure/Gold at the following rate: 1 for Uncommon, 2 for Rare, and 3 for Mythic Rare. Common Power-Ups cannot be sold.
    6. Instants may be cast at any time. Sorceries may be cast only during the Battle phase. Enchantments are cast immediately and enter play under FireOfGolden's control. A token may not be used until a player has completed a challenge after obtaining the token.
    7. Tokens may be redeemed for rewards in other discussions. FireOfGolden must be tagged during such a redemption for it to be valid.
    1. If the text on a card contradicts one or more of the above rules, the card text always takes precedence.
    2. At any time, FireOfGolden may modify the rules or punish actions deemed inappropriate. Players will be notified accordingly.
  • The number lists aren't working right when I copied it and pasted it...
  • @FireOfGolden The new wording looks much more concise and presents the information with better flow.
  • Yeah, all thank to Cadstar369
  • @FireOfGolden could I use a treasure?

    And I would like a fight against @TheDarkKnight1234567. Let’s see what you can do.
  • @smax765
    You have two Treasure tokens usable, would you like to use one of them?

    You been challenged by smax765, please accept this by Oct 31, 11:59 PM CST.
  • Never know if I need them for another moment  ;)
  • @Smax765 I take it that you confirmed to using one of them.

    As you sacificed a Treasure token, your card named Winter is Coming gained a favorite.
  • @smax765 @TheDarkKnight1234567

    As Ethernal War rages...

    (Has five time counters on it)

    Your card references to any fanstay serial killer such as Ghostface and Freddy.

    Your card is an instant or sorcery

    Your instant/sorcery is monocolor

    Ethernal War - Your card will be uncommon or common

    Ethernal War - Your card must have a qoute from a fantasy serial killer you choose to reference

    The Hardwork isn't Over...

    You are given a personal requestment by Hardwork Journey.

    (Has one time counter)
    Your card cannot reference to a character named Jason
    Loser will be cursed with:

  • I wanted to create some Halloween theme power-up and curses... With enchantment, but...

    It seems this discussion is not much active, so.

  • Slight update to include the one month absentee rule and clarify where Gold comes from can be found here.
  • @cadstar369
    Thanks, mind if you share that doc to me?
  • @smax765
    Freddy the Bear doesn't count toward fantasy serial killer. William Afton DOES count toward fantasy serial killer while Springtrap isn't serial killer as he is Michael Afton who fell victim to springlock.
    @TheDarkKnight1234567 I am mentioning you this, because this information may be valuable for you.

  • Noooooooo!
  • @smax765 @TheDarkKnight1234567
    I will start off with "You are Dead".

    You are Dead is an uncommon black sorcery that takes 3BB to cause a creature get -6/-6 for a turn. An ability called "Dark Omen" causes caster to reveal top card. If creature was revealed this way another creature gets -3/-3 for a turn. If it's land, its caster will create a black 2/2 Zombie creature. Otherwise, revealed card is put into its caster's hand and caster loses 2 life.

    Personal requirement calls that a card cannot reference to Jason. Yet, Jason appears in the picture along with others. Because of that, the requestment haven't met. The maximum is reduced to 83, cannot go over it.

    Appearance - 16 damage

    The wording structures are too close each other, making it hard to read. I would seperate these wordings away from each other to prevent misunderstanding. Even the flavor text.

    Wording - 21 damage

    I would say Dark Omen has wrong wording order. It would be much easier to read, if you go this way;

    "Dark Omen - Reveal top library. If it's a creature, another target creature gets -3/-3 until end of turn. If it's a land, create a black 2/2 Zombie creature token. Otherwise, put it into your hand then you lose 2 life."

    The "Otherwise" counts as "Else" when "If" and "Else if" aren't met. Like this;
    If it's a creature, another target creature gets +3/+3.
    Else if it's a land, create a black 2/2 Zombie creature token.
    Else, put revealed card into your hand then you lose 2 life.

    Notice that you spelt wrong "nonland", however, that is irrelevant either way.

    You are Dead is rated for 46.

    As for "Oh No, Not Another Creepy Doll",

    Its an uncommon black instant. For 4BB, any effect that says player loses becomes inevitable and cannot be prevented until end of turn.

    Balance - 9 damage

    I would say it's kinda underbalanced for Black. After all, evading the "Lose the game" for short time belongs to Black, Blue, and White and these conditions are usually costly and rare. I think you can get away with 1BB to 2BB. It's not really game-changing as it would simply counters player who tries to change the game by evading the defeat. Nevertheless, it would be fun to watch their reaction. If it were sorcery, the cost can decrease to 1B or B then the effect may last until end of your next turn as it warns players the losing effect cannot be prevented. If it were to be enchantment then I would go for BB or 1BB.

    Oh No, Not Another Creepy Doll is rated for 91
    TheDarkKnight1234567 is the winner!

    A time counter is put onto Ethernal War, it has six counters now.

    Smax765 puts a time counter onto Hardwork Journey, it has two counters now.

    Smax765 and TheDarkKnight1234567 gets a Treasure token.

    Smax765 been cursed with Two are Better than One.
  • You may ask me to check your inventory.
  • GG @smax765

    @FireOfGolden can I use my treasure from earlier now?
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