Battle Mystery Card: Create Your Own Weapon

A fox in tophat with a fancy suit would walk in then it pulls a chair out from a table. It would toss cards onto the table then it would then sit on the chair then it would pull itself closer to the table. It then puts its head on its hands as its arms are supporting up on the table.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen... And creatures! Do you see these cards? All you need draw one from these and card will let you know what exactly you must to build a weapon. But only weapons? Of course not, you can make some shields or some tools whatever you feel necessary!

Fox put its hand up as if it signals audiences to remain silent.

However, there's a catch... Before you could draw a card, you MUST challenge someone. Afterwards, you and your opponent will attempt to make best weapon and I shall be judge of it. I shall take a look at your weapon's appearance, test its sharpness or durably - perhaps both - how it feels to wield it, and proper materials for proper purpose.

Fox would tip its tophat.

Card, you drawn, may determine what kind materials you will have to build. Perhaps you will have to design it that's out of your comfort zone. Who knows? Your opponent will have to follow these requirements same as you. You will lose some points, if you didn't met a or more requirements. That's simple as it is.

Who knows? You might get luck and you will get a mystery box. You can open for either useful or useless item. One or more. Maybe you will have to win to get it.

Fox would picks the deck of cards then deals it onto the table, remarkable, it's ordered in circle.

Good luck, creatures! You will need it... Oh, ladies and gentlemen as well.

May Battle Mystery Card begin!

1) You must challenge an opponent before you may "draw a card". You and opponent will have to make a card from it. FireOfGolden will be a judge of it. If you feel it is unfair, you may ask for "Juries". I will get other people who's not in your battle to judge the card.

2) Challenge WILL expire within a week. Afterwards, selected an Cardsmith will be unchallengeable until they challenge someone. If you don't know who to challenge, I will automatically ask someone to challenge you. Just let me know so.

3) I will record who get items and who have used it. You don't have to memorize it. Just ask me for storage and I will give you a list of items in spoiler. A used items will be removed within three days or so.

4) If you wish to discard a card you drawn. You must have an opponent to agree with you. Hence, battle remain fair. 

5) In case if anyone failed to decoded "roleplay" rules; Your created card will be judged based on its grammar building (Appearance), how well is it built (Sharpness and Durably), how balanced is it (Feeling to wield), and the way it is built (Materials and Purpose).

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