Battle Mystery Card: Create Your Own Weapon

A fox in tophat with a fancy suit would walk in then it pulls a chair out from a table. It would toss cards onto the table then it would then sit on the chair then it would pull itself closer to the table. It then puts its head on its hands as its arms are supporting up on the table.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen... And creatures! Do you see these cards? All you need draw one from these and card will let you know what exactly you must to build a weapon. But only weapons? Of course not, you can make some shields or some tools whatever you feel necessary!

Fox put its hand up as if it signals audiences to remain silent.

However, there's a catch... Before you could draw a card, you MUST challenge someone. Afterwards, you and your opponent will attempt to make best weapon and I shall be judge of it. I shall take a look at your weapon's appearance, test its sharpness or durably - perhaps both - how it feels to wield it, and proper materials for proper purpose.

Fox would tip its tophat.

Card, you drawn, may determine what kind materials you will have to build. Perhaps you will have to design it that's out of your comfort zone. Who knows? Your opponent will have to follow these requirements same as you. You will lose some points, if you didn't met a or more requirements. That's simple as it is.

Who knows? You might get luck and you will get a mystery box. You can open for either useful or useless item. One or more. Maybe you will have to win to get it.

Fox would picks the deck of cards then deals it onto the table, remarkable, it's ordered in circle.

Good luck, creatures! You will need it... Oh, ladies and gentlemen as well.

May Battle Mystery Card begin!

1) You must challenge an opponent before you may "draw a card". You and opponent will have to make a card from it. FireOfGolden will be a judge of it. If you feel it is unfair, you may ask for "Juries". I will get other people who's not in your battle to judge the card.

2) Challenge WILL expire within a week. Afterwards, selected an Cardsmith will be unchallengeable until they challenge someone. If you don't know who to challenge, I will automatically ask someone to challenge you. Just let me know so.

3) I will record who get items and who have used it. You don't have to memorize it. Just ask me for storage and I will give you a list of items in spoiler. A used items will be removed within three days or so.

4) If you wish to discard a card you drawn. You must have an opponent to agree with you. Hence, battle remain fair. 

5) In case if anyone failed to decoded "roleplay" rules; Your created card will be judged based on its grammar building (Appearance), how well is it built (Sharpness and Durably), how balanced is it (Feeling to wield), and the way it is built (Materials and Purpose).



  • Is this still a thing? If so I’ll challenge… @Tonysparks!
  • @Tonysparks, you been challenged for Battle Mystery Card! Please accept this challenge within a week. Afterwards, you will be unchallengable, so you wouldn't be pinged so many time.

    Challege will expire by July 21 within 11:59 PM CST.

    @Globert-the-Martian, thank you for joining!
  • Challenge accepted, but why are you punching down @Globert-the-Martian? ?
  • @Tonysparks
    Was I being rude to Globert? If so, I am sorry about that!

    @Tonysparks @Globert-the-Martian
    Before you could take a step, a card would float out of the perfect circle on table to a few inches in air away from your face. The card glows white slowly blinds you and your enemy's the view. After one or two seconds, your sight returned and you found yourself holding a stainless steel material and a wood you never seen before. The fox would get up off the chair then says this;

    So the card have spoke. You and your enemy will have to make a common, boring knife just like others. It can be any design you want but you will have to include the wood. If used incorrectly, that strange wood can break your knife into many pieces. Smith it carefully.
    * Your card is creature and must be common. No rarer.
    * The creature will be either white, green, or both.
    * You must include a triggerable ability allows to pull an enchantment with ANY mana value out of controller's library into controller's hand.

    Good luck! No deadline for this battle, take your time!
  • @FireOfGolden Na that was more of a joke from me to Globert. I was saying that they chose the least adept cardsmith to go against.
  • Ah, gotcha!
  • @Tonysparks I’m sure you’ll do great! :)
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    Here’s my entry:
  • @FireOfGolden

    I'm going to challenge @TenebrisNemo.

    Season 3 GIF by The Adventures of Pete  Pete
  • @jpastor @Tenbrisnemo
    Glad to have you guys!
    You would take a step toward to the table and take a reach for one of the circle of cards. As you touch a card, you felt something sticky attached to tip of your finger. Your gut kicked in, you immediately shake your hand to remove something off your finger. You realized card is sticked to your finger. You asked enemy to take card off of your finger. So they did, they would struggle with that then in a split second when card releases from your finger, enemy would falls back onto the ground sitting. The card is simply floating in mid air, it would gives off pitch-black smoke covers your vision for few seconds. As smoke clears off, you find yourself holding a bone, pieces of a dead spider, and a empty potion. A fox would steps in and take a inhale before saying about it;

    So card have spoke! You must make a sword similar as cutlass made by pirate themselves with using only bones and pieces of dead spider you may find useful. Afterwards, you must see a witch with that empty potion and ask for what do you desire for your cultlass. Then use potion to enchant your sword. Good luck, smithers!
    * The card must be pirate spider creature. That's right, PIRATE SPIDER.
    * Pirate Spider creature will be black. It cannot have more than two colors together.
    * It must be able to become an enchantment... Activated.

    Good luck! There is no deadline for this battle. Take your time for whatever is needed!
  • Takes 50 years
  • @Tonysparks
    Fox would take a knife then takes a look at it.
    I must admit that this knife is certainly unique! I would never think of building knife like this way! It's certainly very sharp! However. It's... Too unique. The way you designed it is certain very unqine from other common knives.
    * Rarity issue: The ability is too unique and complex to be common.
    When a fox takes a look at your knife. It seems it's stunned from looking upon your knife.

    That's actually good knife there you smithed one! Wielder shouldn't have any issue with swinging this knife and that's beautiful piece and even strange wood on handle is glowing! However, there's an issue about it; see this? There's a crack on edge of the knife. That's not much of life-threatening, but I would recommend taking a care of knife more carefully next time.
    * Grammar error: Incorrectly spelled "Payed" instead of "Paid".
    Now! I took a look at both knives and compare it to each other to determine which is best. And the answer to this is;

    Well done! The strange wood didn't worked well with the material that designed uniqueness made itself heavier caused to harder to wield it. And you only had a crack on your knife. That is why you won.

    Your knife was nicely made, but unfortunately that wood doesn't like working with the knife you designed. That is the reason why it's hard to wield.

  • I have failed as a wood crafter, I brought great dishonor to the cardsmith community ?

    Anyway grats @Globert-the-Martian
  • @Tonysparks you’ll get em next time, Slugger
  • @jpastor
    I been examining your cultlass for a while and it turns out excellent! Your blade is certainly very sharp, not even an inch of em appear dulled. It may be not unique, but it's beautiful among pirates' weapons, you must pat your back for that. I tried to find different way how to improve your sword, but it seems I can't find one for that.

    Flawless card.
    Like Jpastor, your cultlass is beautiful and flawless! Well, almost flawless. There are some dirty on the blade that has potienal to dullen it out. I recommend you to clean these off. That's it.

    Wording issue: {2}{u}{b}: Put X from your graveyard onto the battlefield as a legendary enchantment then shuffle your graveyard into your library. Note: X is just name of legendary creature. It can get confused there, lol.
    Both of you made a masterpiece, but there can be only one winner. So it falls all way to how it looks. TenebrisNemo, I am sorry, but you present cultlass that's dirty. So, because of that, Jpastor wins this battle.

    Sorry for delay! I was busy a little and both cards are almost flawless!
  • @FireOfGolden - Hahahaha! My card is "dirty," and @jpastor's is "flawless?" Good joke! I can see why this took you days to type, I wouldn't be able to type anything either when I'm laughing out loud xD
  • @TenebrisNemo
    You know, if I encountered a pirate with a dirty sword vs a pirate with a clean sword, guess which i'd rather fight?
  • The veteran always has dirtier weapons than the lesser experienced. - @TenebrisNemo
  • @jpastor & @FireOfGolden - Are you saying that Arachnuscourge is more fun to play with than X, Captain's Most Trustworthy? Do you genuinely believe it has better design?
  • @TenebrisNemo

    Nope! He said that your card is more fun to play than his own card. In fact, if I had to choose between your card or his card, I would choose yours over em, because of how useful ability is your card. Plus, it allows me to put that card into the battlefield and keep graveyard clean. I did mention your cultlass is dirty and needs clean up. Then he said "Veteran always has dirter weapons than the lesser experienced."

    Plus. I am glad to see you think I calling it "dirty" for wording issue (Very small one) is somewhat funny.

    @jpastor @TenebrisNemo
    Would you like another card?
  • @FireOfGolden - next I'd like to challenge @cadstar369 or @Jadefire to a match. Another cardsmith that I'm gonna lay a formal whoopin' on. Whoever among those two wants a piece of me more.
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    *cracks knuckles* I’ll accept your challenge @jpastor. Let’s see what crazy card comes up this time.
  • I guess there's a lineup forming now.
  • edited July 2023
    Wrong post!
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