The "WTF Mysterious_Gangsta" Contest

This is a really stupid contest to see what people would come up with.
There is of submissions and the contest never ends, it’s just for “Fun”. Yeah, that’s right. “Fun”.
So, roll a 20 sided die. If you don’t have one, roll 3 six sided dice or one 3 times or something, and choose the result. I myself am going to try the make a card for every single one of these, but that is because I am insane and really, really bored.
You MUST use the corresponding result. No re-rolls, even if you get a 6.

1. Nonbasic Landcycling
2. Protection from <5 OR MORE WORDS>
3. “ expansion symbol”
4. “___walk” (No type of Landwalk allowed)
5. “Subgame of Magic”
6. Islandhome
7. Horsemanship
8. “Counter target SOMETHING OBSCURE”
9. Micromorph (Who cares what it does. Make it up!)
10. ‘Subsubtype’ (Make it up!)
11. A Planeswalker that is also something weird. Like an equipment. Or a Fortification.
12. Search a random card on Your card must have the same type and mana cost as the card result.
13. Some kind of ability that ignores the ‘Legend Rule’
14. Banding or ‘Bands with other’ abilities
15. “In the command zone”
16. “As an additional cost, sacrifice a Planeswalker”
17. Some sort of ‘Anticumulative Upkeep’ –type ability?
18. Weird counters, like -0/-1 or +34/-X+4x3 counters.
19. Phasing or “Phases ___” –type abilities
20. Make a card with another obscure idea that I can use next time!

Let me know what you rolled. I will be doing a new list every now and then, so let me know what to add!
If I missed anything, good. It makes it even more obscure. (But let me know anyways. Make a card about it!)


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