New Titan Cycle Contest

This is the first discussion I have started, let alone a contest, so I will try my best to make it as smooth as possible. The goal of this challenge is to create a Titan like the original cycle, (Sun, Primeval, Inferno, Frost, and Grave Titan, only this time they have to be 2 colored. Here is a link provided by Rednaxela (thanks) showing the original cycle:

That's right, make a Titan for one of the Ravnica Guilds. Additionally, I wouldn't mind seeing a colorless Titan either, but lets not go to hog wild on those.

Here is an example Titan:

These creatures must follow a few rules however:

-They must cost 6 mana, preferably 4 colorless and it's 2 colors (unless it's a colorless titan, in which case just 6).

-They must be a 6/6 and be of the Giant subtype (I'm fine with additional subtypes if it fits).

-They must have a triggered ability that triggers both when they enter the battlefield and when they attack.

-They must have a keyword or pseudo keyword that fits their colors (like Sun Titan's Vigilance or Inferno Titan's Firebreathing).

-They must have the word Titan at the end of their Name.

I know this is a bit restricting, but that's why it's a challenge, I love seeing great designs come out of restricting parameters. That being said, if you don't meet these criteria, you can't qualify.

Only 2 entries per person and no re-uploads, so make your uploads count.

The Contest ends in 30 days as of this post (ends July 15th) and the judging will take up to at max a week. Shipping the pack will also take up to at max a week.

Now to how judging will work:

I will chose 1 Titan that I feel best reflects it's guild color combination for each color combination and favorite it when the contest closes. Then out of the 11 total cards that I favorited, I will chose 4 winners that I feel are the best titans overall under the criteria of Realism and Flavor. I'll then message the winners.

1st place: Be followed, and favorite 5 other cards of your choice.
2nd place: Be followed and favorite 5 other cards of your choice.
3rd place: Be followed and favorite 3 other cards of your choice.
4th place: Be followed and favorite 1 other card of your choice.

To be eligible for the pack, you must live in the united states (minus Alaska and Hawaii), and be at least 14 years old. If the first place winner isn't eligible, the 2nd place winner will get it and so on and so on. If somehow everyone isn't eligible I'll just open the pack myself I guess and die a little inside.

Edit: So apparently a way to do packs as a prize will be permitted in the near future. if that is the case, I definitely want do a pack contest again. Sorry for any confusion.

I will pm the winners and exchange info when the time comes to it. Until then you have 30 days to brew a Titan and possibly win a pack that will most likely have garbage in it. Happy Brewing!


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    I'll make one:
    Should've stuck with Gruul Titan I think...

    This as well:
  • Would you prefer a symbol?
  • Shoot, never mind. I didn't read the conditions carefulle enough. Limit of 2.
  • @Faiths_Guide I love Boros Titan alot, but actually prefer the naming convention you used with Brawl Titan. I don't know, besides the guildmages I always just thought clan naming conventions to get old. Both of card's art is also really sweet and all the abilities/ keywords fit together perfectly and feel exactly like what their colors do. As a person who doesn't play much red or white, Boros Titan makes me want to do just that. Great cards!

    @yousmelllikeapumpkin Hellfire Titan is sweet, though I think it's land destruction may be a bit to powerful, especially considering it has haste and you'd blow up 2 lands nearly immediately if you resolved it. Weirdly the mountainwalk keyword could sort of act as a negative as you wouldn't want to blow up mountains. It also makes me want Landwalk again. The Other Giant's you control clause is my favorite part of Hellfire Titan however. It is a nice addition to see more Giant tribal support. Also no I don't care about what symbols are used, it doesn't matter.
  • Also I just saw a message to me saying that I am not allowed to do pack support for contests due to personal info exchange. I am going to see if there is a way to send the pack through the site itself. Otherwise I may have to adjust prize support unfortunately. I'll keep people posted, but if I'm not allowed to do so my sincerest apologies if I led anyone on. It was not my intention.
  • Will three colored titans be allowed or just the two colored ones?
  • @serpentail I guess there is no reason why you couldn't, can't wait to see what you make. Just since I laid out the rules as 2 color however I would recommend still making one of those as well.
    @yousmelllikeapumpkin Wow Marshmist is strong. That secondary clause is so abusable, especially in blue. Very degenerate and I love it.
    @Dashdo101 I wanted to see multicolor titans, and it also needs a when enter's the battlefield clause. However as it stands, that double blue tap down is sweet, and it's triggered ability would fit right into a mill deck, so I still love the design. Also the reuse of Frost Titan's art makes it feel less original than it actually is; and the time spent finding a good piece of art for your card can really make it pop.
    Gonna work on the second one, but I happened to have this pic in my image files so I went ahead and used it.
    Alright, here's my second titan. This time, one for Orzhov. Hope y'all like it!
  • @ZendikarIncarnate, Persistent Titan seems way to OP if I'm going to be honest. I do like the gain's undying and loses persist theme clause, but I feel like it would get to difficult to keep track of what creature has what after a period of time. I do like the theme though, and the art kind of scares me, it's like some cthulu tree, spoopy. Protection Titan However seems very strong, but definitely not OP. I really like the detain use, detaining 2 is really strong, and paired with the etb triggers I really want this card to be real. The line: "If another creature you control would enter the battlefield untapped, you may tap that creature..." seems like a fair drawback to sleep one of their creatures. Again, very powerful, especially in flicker decks, but manageable overall while still being incredibly degenerate.
    @EmpathNaga , Arbor Titan is sweet, but it feels like a selesnya better version of Grave Titan. Both cards initially make 2/2s, though I guess the populate clause set's this card apart. Feels correct in it's colors, and the Trample is some nice evasion which I often would take over deathtouch as well. On to Indemnity Titan. I like this card alot more than Arbor. The lifelink is strong, and the recursion/ draining is crazy cool. Perhaps getting from any graveyard and then choosing any player that has to pay 2 is a bit to strong though. I feel like it should allow any player to pay 2 rather than forcing an individual to burn themselves, effectively making this card capable of shocking people. For that it makes it feel a bit wonky, but the effect is super strong and I would definitely want to play this card non the less. Both cards overall feel tight and I like the designs alot.
    @serpentail, Ascendant Titan is great, though again I was looking for 2 color. Besides that, I really like the idea of a Jeskai Titan. Prowess, or as I like to call it Storm on Creatures, is and will always be one of my favorite keywords, especially now since it's evergreen. The cast a non-creature with cmc 2 or less clause is sweet, and feels just like Jeskai. The fact that Ascendant Titan trigger's it's own prowess, means this thing swinging could cause a ton of damage. Swing, trigger, cast Lightning Helix, Prowess trigger, get a total of 10 damage at least coming in fast. Crazy strong.

    I'm loving all the unique designs everyone, fantastic builds.
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    I'm looking into making a titan with Graft; I was going to make it so that it STARTS as a 6/6 (meaning that it's 4/4 base). Would this be in line with the contest rules?
  • @Beeswax yea that seems fine.
  • AAAAAGH!! I completely overlooked something in Indemnity Titan! I meant to have it say "Opponent" instead of "player" because if it says that then you could just target yourself and always choose not to pay the cost! X_X
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    @Maxandemmy, Dark Titan seems way over powered. I feel like if the clause was just discard 2 cards, it'd still be to strong. The fact that this card has anihilator 1 in addition to an almost Hymn to Tourach on resolve and swing means that basically if people don't have answers to this, they scoop, which I feel no titan should do on their own. Additionally, Shadow (basically unblockable), means that it's 6 dmg, 2 cards discarded, and a permanent sacrificed each turn until this thing is dealt with. When this creature dies, it also blows up 4 creatures, meaning anything but exiling this thing punishes even more. Needs some work, but I like were the discard mechanic was going, and shadow was a fun touch.
    @Lujikul, The thing that stands out to me with Fluctuant Titan is it's flavor text. It work's so well with it's mechanics, and just makes the imagination go wild. The art is also really good. I wish it perhaps had a keyword, as it's triggered abilities could go crazy, but also get incredibly unlucky, as well as everything in between (Potentially lady luck could do silly things). If I saw this card in draft, it definitely would be a strong pick. The uncertainty that swinging in with a 6/6 that could become a 5/5 is also disconcerting, but when it became a 7/7 or more, the hype would be real. Very fun card.
    @EmpathNaga, I know the feels, though it's still a sweet card!
    @milanaarz, Sunhome Titan is another Red White card I have seen that makes me want to play those colors. First strike on a 6/6 feels amazing as it should, and I like the fact that it put's a +1+1 counter on each Other creature. I do have to say though this card feels more white than red, though the color scheme does fit appropriately. Mindblaze is intense. Menace is nice to see, and I love cards that discard. I can't tell if this card is super strong or just strong, the discard at random could result in 0 dmg, but discarding a fatty or late game finisher could win the game outright. Still, it feels correct, and the art and name is super great. Fantastic cards.
  • Here's one with a custom mechanic:
  • I've got one:

  • Here are my entries:

    That their weapons meet each other here is a lovely coincidence.
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