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  • @Rayne-Lord Thanks, I don't really know how I got the name, I just threw some words together that kinda fit the art, and thought it sounded good. Also, I'm terribly sorry, but your name is not ringing a bell, do I know you of another name?
  • @ShadowReign I hear ya, I meant more so how you imagined it’d be pronounced. And no worries, I haven’t really been active on here for awhile, though I was very, very active about a year and a half ago creating literally almost 2000 cards (most of which have since been deleted) and being a frequent commentator, presumably thats when you followed my account so I dont blame you for forgetting at all. I had to stop being on here so much, it wasn’t healthy. But i still come on from time to time to drop an opinion and make an odd card or two.
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    @Rayne-Lord Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha. Yeah, so, I don't really how I pronounced it back then, but as of now, probably something like: proo•i•nee 
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    @Rayne-Lord Peliandor seems like a really cool card, but very powerful at a cheap cost. If I'm reading it correctly, you can turn any fetch into a better Demonic Tutor. Suddenly a simple Evolving Wilds can search up your game ending Craterhoof Bahemoth, or maybe something even worse. I think there needs to be some sort of drawback, like maybe another card of the same type, or some sort of payment for searching for another card. Also, I don't see why you would want to cast another Peliandor, you have him on the battlefield, and you cast him from your library, you sacrifice one and keep the other, so essentially you spent five mana to do nothing. It's a unique design, but feels super weird and unbalanced.

    This is a revised card of mine, it plays with a custom mechanic of my own design: Polluted. I only have a few cards the deal with this mechanic, and this is by far my favorite of the interaction. I do plan to use this mechanic in the future, so please tell me what you think of it.

  • @ShadowReign
    I like this one, Lifelink flying is a great way to offset the eventual life loss, the upkeep ability is interesting but the mill seems out of place, I'd expect you to lose a life or two. Maybe one per depending on how strong polluted plays. I think the pump ability is great, it scales with his pollute ability, it's strong but easily counterplayed, and will end games. The only note I have for that is maybe activate once per turn and/or sorcery speed. Finally, I think Xanmire should have more than three toughness. Six mana dies to bolt is not fun. All in all looks good.
  • @LeBateauIvre Yeah, I actually made a new version with the help of the one the call Jpastor, and I even changed it to a 4/4 for the same reason as being taking out by a lightning bolt, that's really funny. Here's the link:

    Lyon is a very nice card. It's very simple, but very cool. However I think the last ability needs to have a little more of a restriction in search or cost, cause sacing some tokens is very easy, so you'll probably be getting a tutor on each of your turns, sometimes twice a turn. I'd suggest, saying "Sacrifice three *nontoken* creatures:", this way it's a lot more balanced, as you have to trade three cards for one of your best cards. But other than that, I really like the card.

    Krogan is a power artificer, one who could rival Urza. He rules an unknown plane overrun with machines, a world of famine, and carnage. The living inhabitants hide, and live in fear for what the machines might do to them if they every catch them. Born into this very world centuries ago, Krogan quickly learned the art of manufacturing, and how the machines worked. He is not the most inventive artificer, but rather a very commanding one. Over the years, Krogan has infused himself with the strongest of machinery, growing stronger. Who knows how human he truly is anymore.

  • @ShadowReign yeah the new version fixes every concern I had. Good job. Do you think adding tapping to the activation cost would be enough? I liked some of the flexibility of sacing tokens but figured since blue black isn't nearly as good at popping them out white or green it would probably be fine. 
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    @LeBateauIvre Thanks.
    I think at least adding a cost of around 4 or 5 and tap, would make it a little more balanced. While blue and black aren't as good at making tokens, it's still very do able. At least this way you have to drop a good amount of mana into it.
  • @ShadowReign
    That is a cool, powerful card. Very dangerous in artifact token decks. Just imagine combining that with thopter decks or Hangarback Walker decks. Easy one-turn kills. Could perhaps use some limitations, like "when an artifact enters the battlefield, if it was cast".
    Is the discard ability also meant to be usable during the opponent's turn?

    I've been playing around with different versions of the Apocalyptic mechanic.
    It's like Evoke, the permanent is sacrificed unless a condition is met. Thus, they're more like sorceries until you've milled a lot of cards. Which one of these seems like the better approach? The first one seems difficult to keep track of, but it's less reliant on choosing only Apocalyptic cards for your deck.

  • @Suleman Nice mechanic! I personally prefer the first one. It’s more versatile, and while it’s comparatively harder to keep track of, I don’t think it’s inconvenient enough to be an issue.
    One nitpick on this particular card is that deathtouch should probably be at the top of the card, before Apocalyptic 4.

    here’s mine:

    Is this too powerful? (In relation to storm)
    My thinking is that it’s fine, since each copy has a chance of targeting the same creature as another, but I’d like a second opinion 

  • So this is a card I just made.
    Palpatines Ascendancy

    I intended this to be a game-winning card, similar to planeswalker ultimates. The whole plan card thing was to make it less broken. You would have to find and play 4 plan cards (repersenting his manipulations; like clone tampering, jedi grooming, political maneuvering, and social engineering or something) and then you would be able to search for this card in your library and put it into your hand. This would basically culminate your plans made with the other cards and tie it into a little bow. For example, you would be buffing up your opponents most powerful creatures, giving your opponents creatures more power than toughness, and making creature tokens for yourself, and then this would culminate that. I was trying to repersent Palpatine's schemes in Star Wars in this card (and the other cards, which I haven't made that).
  • @SPyBondPlays commented. 

    For mine, see my previous.
  • @Globert-the-Martian Stochastic Barrage is a nice, solid card. It's simple, but has the potential to be very powerful. My only critique is that Storm is normally the last ability of the card, but other than that, you did a very good job.

  • This card is nice. It's a 7 mana 3/5 which can't be countered with whatever Anthex is, the ability to counter a creature spell and then copy triggered abilities of your creatures after that. I think this opens some cool possibilities, and for a mythic, it seems pretty balanced. The only thing I don't like is the fact that it can't be countered, which I think is too good for his already insane effects. The Anthex keyword would factor into its balancing as well, but I don't know what that does. I rate the card 8/10 on mechanics. Flavor-wise I don't think that "Trigger Counter" is a very good title for some badass wizard, it makes him sound like he is sitting there writing down every time something triggers, but I like the art a lot and 3/5 looks appropriate for the picture. I can't really give it a rating because I don't know who he is or his lore. 

    Overall good card! :smiley:
  • Interrogate
    This is my favorite card that I have made so far. I think it is a cool, innovative effect and balanced. Can I put multiple cards? Or no?
  • @SPyBondPlays - I believe you can post 2 and the next person can pick the one they want to look at for you

  • @SPyBondPlays

    Here is my thoughts

    cons :

    -compared to other black tutors like this one you have a limited cards to search with this one (oh, i just see that is not the main reason you put this card to your deck)

    -there's no black creatures with enrage (so you have to splash black for dino decks)

    -yes.... the black is quite infuriating 


    -quite overpowered for late dino decks

    -somehow you can make this creature indestructible and somehow reach negative toughness you will have unlimited 5/5 tokens : 3

    anyway... heres my card

    TLDR : you can draw cards even if your opponent have omen machine

  • I didn't even think of the synergy with enrage, lol. But that would definitely work out. I think making it red would be better. 

    As for your card, the text is kinda messed up. I'm going to try to fix it.

    If you have rebellious, this spell cannot be countered. 

    When Mind Calmer enters the battlefield, draw a card. 

    As long as you control Mind Calmer, you have rebellious.

    Rebellious is kind of interesting, though it might be overpowered. Could you elaborate on it, as I don't really understand what you're going for.

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    @prismgodz the text definitely needs to be reworked. 

    @SPyBondPlays had some good ideas (that do not appear overpowered), but if you want to make it exactly as is, it would be something like this:

    Rebellious— you may ignore spells or abilities that your opponents control that would prevent you from drawing cards.

    This would be a good card against Narset

    here’s mine:

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    @Globert-the-Martian, one phyrexian mana for killing a creature seems too op. You could either debuff a creature and make it useless in combat or kill it if you pay 2 life. I would say maybe remove the blue mana and just make it black, but maybe that balances it. I am saying this because [[Ob-Nixilis' Cruelty]] does -5/-5 to a creature for 2 and a B but that doesn't have the alternate mode of stopping it in combat.
    This is how I would redo the card (keep in mind this is just my idea):

    MODE1 // MODE2
    MODE1 1U
    Tribal Instant - Horror 
    Target creature gets -5/-0 until end of turn. 
    MODE2 2B and phyrexian B 
    Tribal Sorcery - Horror 
    Target creature gets -5/-5 until end of turn.

    This would be a dual mode card like the ones from RNA where you can play one of two modes. However, your card is much cooler and splashier than mine, which is much more vanilla. I really like how tricky your card is. I am just thinking maybe mine would be more realistic? But that is not to disparage your card at all, which I like. 

    Now for one of my cards:

    I was thinking this would be like [[Legacy Weapon]], though have some extra hoops but also be able to make mana. Is this too undercosted? Because I think it might be. Please give me some tips, thanks.

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    @SPyBondPlays You can use enter to put the text on a new level so it doesn't spill over the edge, and I can't tell what the creature type means. Artifact lands exist, and they explicitly don't have a casting cost, so I would recommend leaving it as just a Legendary Artifact. The card itself is pretty flavourful for the death star, though I don't really agree with the choice of colours. 

    Is this grammatical?
  • @KorandAngels
    Should be:

    (tap): Draw a card. Ruin Haunter deals 1 damage to itself and 1 damage to you.

    I like The flavor of this, but this is much too powerful for a common, especially for black.
    (for reference, see Archivist:

    my recommendation is to give this guy some more downside, and maybe a higher mana value if you want to keep the common rarity.

    here’s mine:

  • @Globert-the-Martian Very nice card. I don't really see a reason for blue, and I think mono-black or rakdos would have been more suitable. The card should read "exile the top X cards" rather than {x}, and newer cards read "Add two mana of any one color", or "Add {c}{c}", but I don't know if you intended it to read that way. Other than that, this is a great card.

    Kavinar, the Dark Sorcerer is the second iteration of this card.

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    @Globert-the-Martian It's uncommon actually, see the colour of the letters on the set symbol as opposed to the planeswalker symbol. 
  • @KorandAngels
    Why don't you agree with the colors? I thought that the empire would be black, white, and red, though I could maybe see black white though I don't know. Just as a side note, do you guys think that these colors are good for the different factions?

    I thought that the Republic would be Red, White, and Black, and then the Empire would be red white and black also.

    I thought that the Confederacy would be Green, White and Blue, and then the Rebels would be Green and White and Blue as well. 
  • I'm not seeing Tutor Lord by @Rayne-Lord, so I'll comment on @ShadowReign's Frostforest card. 

    First strike, haste, and suspend all make sense to me with the power/toughness and mana cost. It does say suspend 2, but your reminder text says suspend 3. Suspend 3 seems a little much, but it's good in my books. I like land-hate in red, and this would fit perfectly in a themed land-hate deck.

    Here's my card, and I want to know if this would be better as a rakdos-colored card because, in a way, you are following the black mechanic of paying life to play this card.

    Fire with Horror
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    @jpastor I believe you looked at the wrong page friendo 

  • @ShadowReign I’ll address your card first since it got jumped over. Looking at Kavinar, my first impression is that its an intimidating wall of text. And also cool art. After having read the ability, i think it is definitely unnecessarily wordy. And also, not great to be honest for how complex it ends up being. There are plenty of cards that aren’t legendary that are cheaper that allow repeatable impulse draw effects. But i do see what you’re going for, and i think theres a good design in there, if you can clean it up. Honestly I think a static triggered ability would work a lot better and achieve much the same aim as your original vision, albeit in a much sleeker way.

     May i suggest something along the lines of: “Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to a player, exile the top card of your library. You may play that card until end of turn.”

    And for the draw back, something like “At the beginning of your end step, you lose 1 life for each card you own in exile.”

     Then just beef up his stats, make him like a 5/4 or something

     @jpastor I agree, this card makes sense as rakdos. Also, why not just make it an X/X token? I think its already a pretty nasty drawback. Lose 7 life, might as well get a 7/7 out of it. A 7/1 feels bad when they’ve got their 1/1 jumper. Idk, maybe give the token trample or menace of something. Its a nice design overall.

    Since I’ve covered two folks cards, I’m gonna go ahead and post two cards for feedback if thats cool. Some fun mythics from a set i work on time to time. Looking for feedback on power level, and appropriate costing. Especially the Magistrate, I’m concerned its OP. Thanks y’all! 

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