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    Not an entry but necessary for the flavor text.
  • @Bobman111

    how did you make it fullart?
  • I use mtg.design
  • I just realized that
    1: Aggrol’s first ability doesn’t do much, as the land turns back to normal at the end of your turn, so it can’t block, and it doesn’t have haste, so it can’t attack.
    2: Sphere of Flame has a new keyword ability. It’s a straightforward one, but I was reading the early comments on this thread, and it seemed like you didn’t want new keyword abilities. (The same could be said for Wipe From Existance, but since outside the game is already a thing, I feel like removing something from the game is the logical next step)

    I will fix both of those on Monday when I get back from a trip.
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    @Aggroman15 The keyword ability on Sphere of Flame is fine ^_^

    "Abilities" like Delurium and Ferocious are fine since you could just remove the "ability" itself and the text would stay the same. The thing I'm NOT allowing for is custom mechanics like Proliferate, Fabricate, or Monstrosity, where you'd need to either know how the mechanic already works or read the reminder text for the card.

    On the "Wipe from Existance" note, I'd recommend maybe trying something else that doesn't require a judge to be around. "Remove from the game" and "leaves the game" are basically one in the same, so maybe reworking what the card does entirely could be possible.

    I also recommend making the cards shorter since most of the cards here already are super long XD It seems that nobody is reading all of my comments on how simple designs can be amazing too.
  • @ManaChrome, does that mean I need to replace Eowyn?
  • @Ranshi922 This is concerning custom mechanics. I'm just saying that you can't make custom mechanics LIKE fabricate.
  • Oh! Also di you edit Reno to Rena in the full art version?
  • @Ranshi922 MSE gave me a few problems so I had to delete it. But I will keep that in mind.
  • Huh? If you deleted it, then you can remake it named Rena!

    Also, would you like to play a game of mtg on untap soon?
  • @ManaChrome Yeah, I actually created Wipe From Existance for a contest about cards that interact with cards from outside the game. I may replace it on Monday when I am back. Also, I do have some cards that don’t have super complex designs such as Disciple of Dune and Ring of Unsummoning, which just have multiple simple abilities.
  • @Ranshi922 By "deleted it," I meant the program itself ^-^ So I'll have to remake the entire set of cards again. But its fine, I'm thinking of using mtg.design anyway.
  • image

    Alright! Just tried out MTG.Design and I'm pretty sure that this is what I'm gonna be using for the "promo" cards for the final project! The design is pretty sleek, but I'm worried since you can't center the art properly like in MTGCardsmith, but I'll find a way ^-^
  • image

    Here's the one I did for @Ranshi922! But the problem was that I had to crop the image myself through a choppy cropping site :P Everything has its cons I guess, but look how sleek it looks on MTG.Design! I'm definitely gonna be using this site for the final project.
  • image

    Here's the rewording of the tome in the new framing for anyone interested!
  • @ManaChrome Yeah that is one of the things about MTG.design. I have figured this out though: full-art promo for vertical art and normal for horizontal. It works most of the time.
  • @ManaChrome, you programmed them from scratch!!!???? Holy ****! That's impressive!!!
  • @Ranshi922 Ah, MSE is a program you can download ^-^ It's basically like a cardsmith that you have to download. The cards I made from scratch, but the program itself was downloaded ^-^
  • TIP OF THE DAY: Don't make cards for the sake of being well-known! Make cards to put an idea out there!
  • @ManaChrome, that is what those who aren’t filled with greed are here for.
  • @Ranshi922 @Ranshi922 I guess that "don't make cards for the sake of being well-known" and "OOH! WIN THIS CONTEST AND YOU GET 10 LIKES!" kind of contradict each other huh? XD
  • I actually didn’t know about the likes bit.
  • @Aggroman15 Sorry for seeing this only now ^-^ But you don't have to make cards that aren't complex! I mean, look at Grovarg Cultist from a while back!


    In the view of many people, this card is a complex design! But, it's also very short! I'm not against creative designs, all I'm against is long designs. Designs like "2,T: You gain 1 life" is an example of a short design, but doesn't inspire the player that much!

    All I'm saying that, just because a card is short, it doesn't mean that it isn't innovative. And, just because a card is as long as a paragraph, it doesn't mean that it's the pinnacle of creativity.

    [Intermission End]
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    This thread flies by quickly, dang

    @ManaChrome I shortened the text more when I re-made it on mtgcardsmith:


    Of course you're welcome to reword the card for your game if you feel it's too long. The full art is on the original post.

    Also, thank you so much for the spotlight!
  • @fiskerton Ah, I don't know if you got the memo, but "clone" cards actually changed their wording, take a look at how the card Body Double changed. I'll shorten the card itself in the final project so you don't have to, but this is just something to keep in mind when you're making more awesome cards!

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