Sponky Sponkity Sponks (Open with Potential Premium Prize)


It's October, and that means spooky season. *scary ghost noises*


This is a simple challenge. You need to create joke cards that involve scaring you opponents somehow. You may use a silver frame if you'd like (especially for really wacky cards). I personally dislike how they look, so I didn't include them on my example. Other than that, the cards should feel playable in traditional Magic. That is, if they interact with the board and cards, they do so in a fairly normal way, but not necessarily players. Not "You may go to rip any target permanent card. If that card's owner expresses discomfort with that, they lose 10 life and discard two cards." Ripping someone's card is not a normal way of interacting with cards. See Chaos Orb and Co. for examples. Some ways you might go about this include, though are absolutely not limited to:

"Whenever you visibly and intentionally scare an opponent..."
"As an additional cost to cast this spell, attempt to scare an opponent."

Or anything else you can think of. Now, don't just tack on "attempt to scare an opponent." The scaring itself has to interact with the card, such as in the first one. For the second example, you may do something based on whether or not it was successful, for example. Extra points if you have it interact with the card in more complex ways! You also are not limited to actively scaring an opponent. You may choose something along the lines of "Whenever an opponent's eyes widen," "If an opponent verbally expressed worry or fear this turn," etc. Anything related to that is fine for this. Be creative!

Also, cards should be new. If you for some reason already have a card that does something like this, however, you may submit it.


Cards will receive:

•13 points for artwork. (Does it feel like it could be on a Magic card? This is a bit flexible due to them being joke cards, but not by much. Is the artist credited, if you were able to find them? Ask for help if you can't, or find another piece to use. Is it flavorful and fitting for the card and its mechanics?)
•13 points for the spooking. The top design here in this category will receive a bonus point. (Does it interact with scaring an opponent in some way? Does it do so not just as a cost or as an action, but does the card actually interact with its degree of success?)
•20 points for the mechanics. (Weird spooky mechanics? Creative? Does it interact with the board and/or with cards in a fairly normal way, if it does at all?)
•20 points for the flavor. (You may be able to get points here for color wheel stuff. A black card about scaring someone is a perfect flavorful and color wheel fit, however, making something that interacts with other colors in a meaningful way will be more interesting and present a stronger ability to design creatively. That being said, black, Orzhov, and potentially Golgari cards can both still be very flavorful, it just may require a bit more since they are more likely to be inherently related to this.)


•Top Prize•
A card that just completely wows me is eligible for one month of premium gifted to them or the person of their choice! This is not guaranteed to be issued, but will be if there if I really feel a card deserves it. This prize will be in addition to any other prizes the card may have earned. Also, go check out the challenge by @spookoops here. That's the reason that I considered a month of premium as a prize!

•1st place•
A follow, a favorite on each submission, plus three cards of your choice.

•2nd place•
Favorites on each submission and two cards of your choice.

•3rd place•
A favorite on each submission.

•Honorable Mentions•
A favorite on one submission of your choice.




You may submit up to two cards for the challenge. Entries close 31 October at 23:59 (11:59 PM) EST. Submissions made afterward will not be accepted. Please keep the cards in one post. If you make one at a different time, please edit your original post to include it rather than making a new one. It's to help me keep this together. Thanks!


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