COLONISERS: Season 6!!! (Colonisers of Skyfaoll)



  • As the seas opened to the Enclave so did the hunt, but they were searching for something more then beasts now. After the discovery of the mysterious abandoned monastery and the depiction of the magical spear on the lid of the sarcophagus Kane began sending scouts in search of more ruins in hopes of discovering the location of this artifact and more about it's creators. Their efforts led them to uncover many more ruins that had been buried under water for many centuries but none helped with their quest.

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  • The Cult of The Wheel not only organises from the shadows, but also sends advisors to it's allies, many of them are seers with the power to view the wheel's course in order to guide others.

    Sea Seers course paths through the sea to keep the Vessels safe and reach their destination, with a little of extra fortune on the way, and even have the ability to commune with some creatures of the sea.

    During warfare the Sea Seers can assist the commanders in planning and can make in the moment desitions to steer battles towards victory.
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    For the first time in forever, the shifting terrain allowed The Last Genzian to utilize a normally untouched regiment of his army; the navy.

    In the span of a day, ships were magically erected to take on the waters. They aren't just vehicles; they're a testament. Proof that there's no terrain too treacherous for The Witnesses to handle. The Last Genzian took command of the largest vessel, naming it The Forefather, and set off to explore with his allies...

    ~ Main Entry ~

    Along the way, they found a port town bustling with cheerful people. Here, they met Zetz, a former sailor who showed great interest in joining The Witnesses after discovering their wanderlust. With his experience, The Last Genzian puts him in the charge of the rest of the fleet.

    ~ Bonus Entry ~

    The Journey

    The Witnesses decide to head north as they sail, investigating the nearby territory...

    @IzItTru Seresi Enclave

    As The Witnesses approach the territory, they send a couple of the batlike creatures to investigate, only to realize it's inhabited by a group of seemingly civilized hunters.

    "Drop anchor," The Last Genzian orders. "It's another civilization."
    Spire is concerned. "I don't think they'd appreciate us just waltzing up to them like this."
    "Well, we can't turn and leave after getting this close. We'll just have to find whoever's in charge here and introduce ourselves."

    The Last Genzian leads a small group of his finest into the Seresi Enclave, unarmed. He seeks to parley with their leader and gain another ally to call upon in times of need. However, in case things go awry, he leaves Spire on board the ship, ordering her to prepare for the unfortunate case that they're ambushed.

    ~ Lore Cards: The Grandmaster's Retainers ~

    ~ And lastly, a card to represent the expedition crew

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    Borders have been expanded, which will soon be show on the map, but serious pushback is beginning. When civilisation grows, it pushes the unwanted things out. The murder hornets. The poisonous vegetation.
    And in the ever-shrinking unclaimed space, all that forms a strangest ecosystem, seemingly bent on producing the ideal monster to harass society.

    By the time the international (intercoloniser?) community notices, it is already too late to stop the first wave. Sombre things crawl out of the unconquered, eager to reclaim their place.

    So, this is as good chance as any to SHOWCASE YOUR MILITARY! What has it been up to all that time? Make us a card or two and tell us all the new updates in that general area BY NEXT TUESDAY.
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    In spite of war, in spite of death,
    In spite of all man's sufferings,
    Something within me laughs and sings
    And I must praise with all my breath.
    In spite of war, in spite of hate
    Lilacs are blooming at my gate,
    Tulips are tripping down the path
    In spite of war, in spite of wrath.
    "Courage!" the morning-glory saith;
    "Rejoice!" the daisy murmureth,
    And just to live is so divine
    When pansies lift their eyes to mine.

    The clouds are romping with the sea,
    And flashing waves call back to me
    That naught is real but what is fair,
    That everywhere and everywhere
    A glory liveth through despair.
    Though guns may roar and cannon boom,
    Roses are born and gardens bloom;
    My spirit still may light its flame
    At that same torch whence poppies came.
    Where morning's altar whitely burns
    Lilies may lift their silver urns
    In spite of war, in spite of shame.

    And in my ear a whispering breath,
    "Wake from the nightmare! Look and see
    That life is naught but ecstasy
    In spite of war, in spite of death!


    I never knew what obstacles,
    May be lurking around the bend.
    There had been many times
    I thought that my life would end.

    I never knew who to trust,
    I was in a world full of strangers.
    Even though we were always alert,
    It was hard to ignore the dangers.

    Today there are still times when,
    I wake up in the dead of night.
    Even though I'm sound asleep,
    I cannot shake that awful fright.

    The memories always still haunt me,
    I can't get them out of my head.
    So often I look back and realize,
    Many times I came close to being dead.

    The war will never really be over,
    For those who have lived through hell.
    And as those thoughts always remain,
    There are many stories we have to tell.

    I cannot sleep, my dear
    You see, yesterday the sound
    of waves crashing inside my
    mind kept me up all night

    I’ve been at war with my past,
    and I failed to make peace with it

    Now my bed is on fire and nothing
    remains of my heart but the ashes;
    I beg of you don’t ask me to stay
    alive for another sleepless night

    Lover, I’m weary
    and I long to sleep

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    One day...

    The twisted mountain trail is precarious and forlorn. A scouting team is performing their daily reevaluation of the local area, and notices that the changes are growing slightly dramatic. Despite the Grandmaster's wishes, the party left without an escort. The leader of this small party carries a sniper rifle acquired out of trading, aiming at anything that moves.

    The terrain is twisted, even for Ignispian standards. The previously manageable mountain area has been overrun by explosive flora, tangled trees, and growing rock formations. The group has been attacked a few times, and the leader is starting to run out of ammunition.

    As the group continues, they find a previously undiscovered cave, quite large in fact. One of the batlike creatures are sent in, and a loud roar is heard inside. The creature squeals, but the squeal is cut off by an audible chomping. From the glimpse the creature gave them, something big and dangerous is inside.

    The team decides to leave well enough be, but it's too late, as a terrifying creature emerges. The bullets do naught, and the leader is the first to fall as they run out of ammunition. Next are the few armed forces that can fight. Spears snap. Arrows shatter. Swords fail to graze the skin. Almost the entire 12 unit patrol is decimated, except for a single scout, who runs desperately back to inform the Grandmaster of this terrifying news...
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    (Warning @HeroKP : Card Wave incoming)

    "What have I told you?!" The Last Genzian pleads as he shakes his head. "With the emergence of new civilizations... new wildlife... shifting terrain... it's vital you go with an armed escort. We're lucky you returned!"
    "Sorry, Grandmaster. The head patrolman said the escort would slow us-"
    "Your team directly disobeyed orders and it cost 11 of your lives! I won't take an apology. Instead, I'm sending you straight to the front lines."
    "Wha...?! But Grandmaster-"
    "This is intolerable. Lives can't be replaced, but you can. You can accept you new duty or leave."

    Meanwhile, the Grandmaster brings Spire into the throne room for discussion.

    ~ Lore Card ~

    "What's wrong, Grandmaster?! You seemed bent out of shape when you called me here!"
    "Spire... I was hoping I'd never have to put you in danger, but it's getting dangerous to scout the terrain. We lost nearly an entire team."
    "I understand what you mean Grandmaster."
    "We're enacting Code 1 Wartime procedures. As of this moment, your new task is to find anyone you can who is willing to help us in these trying times, and to track down and hunt any threat to our survival, be it wild or civilized. Is that understood?"
    "Absolutely! I won't let you down!"

    ~ Entry 1 ~

    Meanwhile, The Grandmaster has a conversation with someone he was hoping he wouldn't have to have a serious conversation with this soon... his general, Kort.

    ~ Entry 2 ~

    "Kort... as I made Spire aware, we are now in Code 1 Wartime. I want anyone who can fight armed, and I want this place as secure as can be. Even if you think they're an ally, if anyone acts suspicious, I want them interrogated. Is that understood?"
    "Yes, sir! We will never let you down!"
    "Additionally, I want three teams on patrol instead of one, each with an armed escort. We need to stay one step ahead out here, and our scouting shows we're falling behind."
    "I'll inform Recon, sir!"
    "Thank you. Inform our allies that they must contact us in advance if they wish to seek council."
    "Yes, sir!"

    Kort leaves the room, a stride in his step. The army of the Witnesses is deployed, and their numbers are revealed to be far more numerous than before...

    ~ Entries 3-5 ~

    However, an army of men and women isn't the only thing that mobilizes. Using ancient powers granted to him by his ancestors, The Last Genzian taps into leylines to awaken the land itself...

    ~ Entry 6 ~

  • We fight them with whispers of other lives. Draw them away, unsettle them. Mental prowess is required to fight us — something few of these monsters have. Destroy them from the inside out if they continue to fight. Divert them. Slaughter those that remain.
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  • The Enclave's military is composed of their hunters and guards, most trained under powerful mentors such as this example.

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