COLONISERS: Season 6!!! (Colonisers of Skyfaoll)

If you are new to the COLONISERS series and don't want to be confused, skip this bit:


The Hero of the Capes adjusts his fabulous cape and hood. He has to look best for this. Every chance of impressing those demons. At his side, noble Evyn, the reaper, who has been his companion for the last few operations. They left their new friend, Eldoonax to catalogue the history of the last plane's combatants. It was a pet project of theirs. Hero sighed. The lengths he goes to to protect his power...
When the Mending occured, and planeswalkers were so greatly diminished in power, the Hero of the Capes could not. He could not face his own weakness. So he made a pact with these abhorrent fiends, for them to maintain his might, and for him to provide entertainment for them. That is how COLONISERS was born. And that is how he thought COLONISERS would continue.
He entered the grand hall. At the table stretching out across the entire, the demons were all sat, gorging themselves on the feast before them. Delicacies from almost any plane imaginable. Grease everywhere.
They started the presentation. A holographic map displayed on the wall. It was an ordinary world by the name of Ryut. It had seas, it had islands, it had a few continents. A perfectly suitable place.
But just before starting the briefing, the Caped Hero turned his back to the table, then felt a sharp pain in his neck. After a few seconds of panic, he realised that he had just been pelted by a heavy turkey bone. He turned to see Evyn ducking barely in time to avoid a goblin cranium projectile. The demons were booing them.
"AGAIN?" One of them roared. "It's the same thing over and over. Spice it up, will ya?". The rest of the foul menagerie joined in, shouting similar sentiments. Hero got grease splattered on his new cape. Then, suddenly, he got an idea. This time things would be different alright...


Returning with more outlandish ideas, it's the Hero of the Capes! He has come to take another batch of young factions to his magical bubble called the Kala-Niza, where planeswalking is a much easier feat, and a small battalion of trained sorcerers are enough to bring a whole empire onto another world...

If you still have no idea what the hell I just said, you will probably get it as you go along, but you are welcome to check out the threads of the first four seasons for extra context:

Season 1:

Season 2:

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Season 5:

The challenge is to make cards for an empire that will come through the fragile Blind Eternities of the sector to colonize the plane of Skyfaoll, a very interesting plane indeed. This time around, you will have a bit more of a say about what happens in the world. Your empire needs:

1. A legendary creature to represent the ruler of the empire, or the one responsible for colonisation.

2. A creature to represent the army. It could be a famous general or soldier, or it could represent a run-of-the-mill private straight from the front line, whatever you think would work better.

3. A card of any type to represent how the empire handles magic. A wizard, or a magic potion, or anything really.

4. A card of any type to represent your scouting! For reasons we will soon state, you will have to do a lot of exploring this time around.

5. And if you think of anything else, we allow up to 5 bonus cards!

Now, how does this challenge progress? Every once in a while, me and my good chum @EnvyReaper will present you with a problem. A native rebellion, an appearance of a new species of beast. You will create cards to counter that problem. An artefact to represent a pact with the natives, or a trap for the beast. we will note down your solution, and think about how that affects events. Depending on how good your card(s) is, your 'Victory Score' will increase. Every few challenges, the person with the lowest victor score will be ELIMINATED. Your victory score is also increased if you roleplay and write lore for your faction, so be sure to do that.

Finally, Forced Alliances will NOT be back. Last season proved that people can get into politics just as intriguing without the hosts providing any active motivation.

If this contest magically gets popular and we get to 16 contestants really quickly, we will pick out the ones Iwelike and start the contest immediately. Otherwise, though, you have until the 20th of May to submit your entries, and we will pick 6 to 16 entries we like to participate.

P. S. : 1-3 colours for an empire only! No 4-Colour or Chromatic factions allowed! Also, this has been assumed so far, but I think I will say it nonetheless, Un-cards aren't welcome. This is serious business.


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    I Need to be the first to get in, Corvid-19 time
  • I have one demand! From a friend or perhaps, an enemy
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    SKYFAOLL: The special place

    So, what makes Skyfaoll interesting, is that for ages, it was extremely boring. Nothing remarkable about it what-so-ever! But it did have one secret. Under the earth, under its skin, lay this guy. Sleeping. Well, we just blew an airhorn right next to its left ear, and it's awake now, so that's nice!

    As it crawls around under the earth, the landscape shifts, which means EVERY WEEK THE VERY MAP THE GAME IS PLAYED ON WILL CHANGE! Islands will appear, land bridges will be cut, mountain ranges will rise up, the whole package.

    That is why you need trained scouts. If you can't deal with terrain, you can't deal with Skyfaoll. And that's just how the cookie crumbles.
  • Here's my cards: Story must be later I just want to be 1st entry:
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    I'm interested in reading the lore behind that.
  • Darn, I wanted to be first, shouldn't be making my cards so wordy.
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    The Disciples of Corvid-19

    The Leader - Veba, Patient Zero of this virus being spread. Veba was just a normal woman hailing from the plane of Orenstos. The plane doesn't matter though, just the people. Veba stumbled upon the robotic golem Corvid-19, and when she did, Corvid-19 activated, releasing the first strands of the virus into her. As patient zero, she is the most affected by the virus and it activated some part of her, causing her to go into a state of pure bright, powerful, pure form of both blight, and cleansing.


      Military Representation - Most of the "formal" military is crows.

     Magic Representation - Plague Magic

     Scout - Plague Spreading crows that infect the land, and move them at their will, shifting the land with disease.


     Corvid-19 - The actual source of the disease. It was contained inside of Corvid long ago, seemingly sealed away, until Veba stumbled upon the golem. 

    I'm very sorry about how convoluted this guild is, I should probably sleep, but I need to go clean. Feedback would be appreciated.
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    So let me get this straight, you took your wonderful joke idea, then you actually made it, and it is actually a perfect black-bordered faction?

    Also, as a minor consideration, would you mind posting the cards a little larger if you make it in? It makes it easier to view.
  • @pjbear2005 Let me guess, you put 35% as the width? If you exit HTML view after doing that, the % will be deleted for whatever reason, making the cards as they are now.
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    I am going to try and make my cards as soon as I can. Only got 1 done so far.
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    OK, @HeroKP, this is weird, your Faolinq is eerily similar to a creature I created for this colonisers a few days ago, you'll see...
  • @Stryk3r Thanks, I never understood why it did that.
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    The sunlight beats down on a clearing surrounded by thick jungle brush. The light reflects of a still pond at the center of the clearing. Ripples slowly move across it’s surface where a scaled beast the size of a house drinks. The beast has green scales and a giraffe esq. neck. It’s head is leathery and dark two yellow eyes scan the brush line, it’s quiet no other beings in sight. But never mistake quiet for safety.

    A humanoid figure jumps from the canopy, dressed in leather armor and face covered by a hood made of orange scaled hide. The figure throws a bolo, before the beast can pull away the weighted rope wraps around its muzzle. Two more humanoids rush out from the brush the first raises their bow and nocks an arrow, the tip glows with venom. The arrow flies into the beast’s flank it recoils in pain. The second hunter rushes for their throat a crystalline spear in hand. But before the spearhead can hit its mark the bolo snaps and the beast opens its muzzle, a gout of flame shoots toward the spear wielder who barely manages to deflect the blast with a turtle shell shield. The archer loosens two more arrows into it’s back the poisoned tips beginning to take hold before the final hunter jumps out of the canopy, he throws a barrage of metal bombs at the beast they explode into a cloud of smoke on contact. The beast rears it’s head back giving the perfect opportunity for the spear wielder to land a strike in it’s throat. The beast lets out a gurgle and collapses to the ground.

    The four hunters stand for a second catching their breath before the woman with the bow speaks “Holden you said the bolo would hold!”,

    The Hunter in the orange hood responded “Well they normally do! Must have been a faulty one!”

    “It’s fine the thing is dead!” The fourth Hunter calls out to the spear wielder “Call the others we can drag the beast back to camp and prepare the meat for travel” she nods and takes a hunting horn from her belt she plays a low note, the sound of the horn plays through the jungle. To any other it would sound like an ordinary bird but to the Enclave it means that quarry has been slain.

    “Good thing we found such a big one” the women with the bow said as she was expecting the beast’s teeth “We’re going to need all the supplies we can get for the journey ahead.”

    -Ladies and Gentlemen of the audience let me introduce you to The Seresi Enclave!-

    Every culture has hunters, whether they hunt a dangerous colossus or an everyday deer each town, city, or village relies on hunters for apart of their food. But to the Seresi Enclave hunting is so much more, it is how they get food and resources, how they train for war, even how they worship their deity. 

    (Leader) Their leader is the Hunt Master known as Kane. Ruthless and cunning he most known for slaying a volcanic dinosaur the size of a whale.

    Kane Zealous Hunter

    (Scout/Military) Scouts and military go hand in hand with the Enclave, the scouts go usually either find new hunting grounds and prey,

    While the military comprised of groups of hunters go out to slay the beasts the scouts come across.

    (Magic) Seresi magic comes in many different shapes and sizes but perhaps the most common form of magic is spells and potions that utilize the parts of slain monsters.


    The need to hunt new things and find new thrills keep the Seresi constantly on the move, their homes which they call "Burrows" can be packed up and moved to a new location at a moments notice which makes them hard to keep track of.

    Bora is a powerful seer that uses her powers to help the Enclave stay hidden from people who would track them.

    The main reason the Enclave hunts is to earn the favor of their Goddess. Those who leave her offerings are blessed with miraculous boons.

    Seresi Goddess of Survival

    An example of the types of weaponry the Enclave uses. They also create smoke bombs, nets, and other tools to catch their prey.

    Hunters Crossbow

    The Seresi Enclave is ready for the hunt to begin!
  • Did you believe that one plane would be substantial? That they would stop after perfection? Or that the Mirran ants would give enough resistance? Did you truly believe the lies your flesh and bone told?
    After years of boundless perfection, they will resume their conquest. All shall bow down to

    While their new Father of Machines, Kraynox, wishes to stay on New Phyrexia to settle some… matters… he has chosen a praetor to lead the charge in his place. And while Elesh Norn ruled New Phyrexia prior, Jin-Gitaxias shall bring Phyrexia’s magnificence to Skyfaoll.

    The Father of Machines has gifted the Gitaxians with a portion of his forces to take the plane. And while the Gitaxians have many ways to deal with war, sabotage will always be among their favourites.

    Of course, the phyrexian’s greatest strength is their use of the Oil. Their master, their servant, their god, their tool. Glistening Oil is the core of the Phyrexian’s identity.

    Through the oil does the Phyrexian’s reign grow. Praetors and blightmages can sense everything that happens on turf bearing their blight, and they have beings that send it far and wide.
    [Guess who's back, back again, Shady's back, tell a friend.]
    [The small headers are supposed to be larger, but I was too lazy to fix it :P]
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    @Stryk3r Conveiniently, there is a chance I will actually ally with you, since my faction is artificers...Here's my lore: The Stewards of Qigang are the ordinary people and their clockwork mannequin servants who live on, and protect Qigang, a city mounted on a flying ship with an animate dragon figurehead.

    Liu is in no way a leader, but is a major character and has a lot of influence over Dong. She is basically an android or something. She was built by Dong's father to look after him until he grew up, and then to serve as his maid afterwards. (Leader card)

    Dong is actually the leader (but not the commander). He was injured fighting barbarians, but was repaired by Liu. This triggered a trend among the people of Qigang for atrificial body parts, as well as artificial companions. (Warrior)

    Some Mannequins. These ones are designed to play soothing music to people while they work. (Magic)

    Qigang itself. Although it might look like an object, the dragon figurehead is sentient and can pilot itself quite well. (Scout) Qigang is travelling to Skyfaol simply because it wants a change of scenery (Which it will get far more often than it knows).
    Mechanically, the Stewards use the mechanics Rally and Ability Counters, to represent their close-knit community and their ability to be cyborgs.
  • Wow.  I was going to do autonomous automatons, but you two have stopped that for now.
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    "Friends! Today we embark on an epic journey!" A dark-skinned elf adresses a large crowd. Beside her is a large white baloth. "For too long we have been confined to these 'sanctuaries' that are more like prisons for nature. But no longer! We have been given an opportunity to travel to a new world, one not ruled by artifice and industry. An untamed wilderness full of natural splendor! Today, we leave our past, and travel towards our future!" The crowd bursts into cheers. Specially trained shamans begin the ritual of planar transportation.

    The Wildbonded are headed for Skyfaoll.

    The Wildbonded are a group of elves and humans who share psychic links with animals and beasts. These links are created at birth in a special ritual that bonds a child with an animal. The two grow up, train, and live together, and by adulthood are closer than any family. They hail from the plane of Kerratin, where 95% of the plane is covered in city and industry. The other 5% is split into "Sanctuaries," which are where the last bit of wilderness is kept in check. The Sanctuaries are also where the Wildbonded called home, before they came here. 


    Who is bonded with:

    (For clarification, they're both my leaders. If you need me to have only one, count Shalann as my leader and Radhan as an extra.)

    Shalann is the leader of the Wildbonded. She sees it as her duty to protect the wilds everywhere from being destroyed. She can be headstrong and rash sometimes, but she's well respected and liked by the Wildbonded overall. She also shares an extremely strong connection with her partner, Radhan.

    Radhan is an albino baloth who's seen many a battle. Many Wildbonded see him as something of a protector, and most of the animals respect him more than Shalann. He can often be seen leading the charge into battle, Shalann by his side.

    The Army

    The Wildbonded don't have a huge army, as they're not often at war, but the soldiers they do have are usually paired with animals like wolves or bears. There are also hunters who are pretty handy in a fight. 

    The Magic

    Wildbonded magic has a wide variety of uses, from help in battle to finding food, but much of it deals with making a bonded pair far more powerful together than either one individually, and granting them amazing abilities when working together.

    The Scout

    When a Wildbonded concentrates, they can see through the eyes of their partner. This makes those paired with birds invaluable as scouts. 

    Extra Cards/Lore

    Each sanctuary has a special tree called a Bonding Tree that is one of their most sacred sites. This is because, when two organisms take a bite of the same fruit from one of these trees, their minds become magically linked. In other words, these trees are the source of the bonds that make the Wildbonded so powerful. Bonding Tree saplings have been specially prepared for the journey to Skyfaoll. 

    Aerin and Krot were the pair who discovered the power of the bonding tree, back when nature wasn't confined to sanctuaries. They are revered as gods in Wildbonded culture. For a long time, the Wildbonded leaders all had boars as companions, as that was the animal bonded to Aerin, but as the city expanded further into the natural world, boars became nearly extinct because hunters from the city killed or captured all of them (They are essentially more aggressive pigs, after all. People need bacon, even in a fantasy world). Now the leaders of the Wildbonded prefer baloths, in part to intimidate the city-folk, and in part because baloths aren't too likely to be hunted by those in the city.
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  • It's miracle time folks...
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    i'll be joining soon. I just don't know how soon I can get the cards made.
  • The Banewood flourishes. On the surface level, it is merely a forest. However, every creature in it operates of the same mind. The same wavelength. A shared entity. The continuation of life is all that matters. All that lives is reabsorbed. It all coexists. Anything that enters or defies is swiftly pinpointed and poisoned. More energy to serve the hive. The creatures chitter and squeak, scaring away any possible entrants. Any spark of sentience in the forest exists in the hive mind itself. Krall. The center. The forest itself. The biggest tree. But for the rest, there is only continuation, operation, and survival.

    Abzan Faction — Themes: counter and reanimation.
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    Dark birds gather at your grave trying to unearth the remains of your defeat. The hills bleed with disease, no one will survive. All the dreamless eyes are cold pools of cruelty that plot brotherly demise, and everyone collects battlefield coins from the disrespected dead.

    Ministers of the perverse pay allegiance to obscene plans to destroy innocence and decency. Create a serfdom of the damned!

    Even flowers innocently placed In young girls’ hair, turn into razor blades slitting the wrists of love.

    Humanity will become godly desperate and vicious until there is nothing left but rocks and stony crags, too frightened to cover their species.

    Haunted by sleepless nights every day and night, you can never run from the mind, you'll never get away. Compared to the light, the darkness of the night so silent, it’s where I will find you, your head stuck deep into the ground.

    Once you had nights when you could sleep, deep in the ground, you would hide there from the growing fears. Somehow I reached you. On how I did it you will never know, and with that, your pain slowly grows into a timeless bomb. As the clock counts down, until it's the time for me to move on.

    It's bedtime now but you know better, if you drift into sleep I'll haunt you forever I will grab you with my fingertips. My cup of poison you will sip, your mind is now a war torn place. I've reached your dreams and won't let go. You’re tainted now, your soul can't be replaced.

    Happiness seemed so real to you, but then I took your reality away, and filled your head with bitter lies. Morning is too far away to wait for my horrors to leave you alone. This time you might not wake up, my horrors will take you away before you have time to scream...

  • The Banewood is all operated by one being — Krall. The whole forest is intertwined serving it,s consciousness. It gives life and takes it away, though it never truly grants it as it was always the one in control. The strength it possesses is untold, and unchecked.

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    The army, though it serves Krall’s will, and is Krall’s will, still faces the need for a leader — a need quenched by the strongest bear in the forest. Farem had an aptitude for almost all required to fight the outside realm, and was willing to use it. 

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    As the Banewood is ever shifting life, ending and creating, the shamans of Krall’s will have become quite adept at serving the woods. Their magic extends beyond the bounds of thst of the outside world, transmuting life at the flick of a wrist.

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    Now, when the woods are faced with conflict, it is essential to see the strength of the enemy. And, they mustn’t fall behind, and must stay in pursuit. So, there are scouts sent out. They examine terrain, and in the case that there is too large of a deficiency on the part of the Banewood, take some of the profits and treasures of the enemy — being sure to use them in the fight. 

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    Here are five more cards exploring the lore and mechanics of the Banewood:

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