COLONISERS: Season 6!!! (Colonisers of Skyfaoll)



  • Eh, just number 3
  • I’d say boardwipe them all and then investigate
  • I might not exist this season, but I'd vote for the third one.
  • I personally like em all for different reasons

    but the cult and myself may not act the same ;P

    though the cult does have a tendency to take control of things haha
  • Proper response to come soon, but this intrigues the Witnesses...
  • Conjured monster throats full beyond comprehension
    lurks deep behind white painted dreamscapes
    and there controls as we quiver and quake.
    Underneath black heels,
    shadow cloaks dusk's lupine claw marks,
    behind its thick lashed third eyehead,
    you, deemed powerless by creature of darkest vision, revive!
    Remortalized mid watch's weak hours
    dare not grasp-hold life's vilest secrets,
    here redeemed dead sisters of your time beaten youth,
    warped distortions of painted alabastered memories
    midst a pure, clear-headed sculpting
    semi-circled and real... a stoical figure
    redeems from its headless parity.
    then drip-dry to immortality,
    redeeming our inmost landscapings.
    Within shadowed heads
    arced symbols of the real
    as perceived through senses.
    Now everything has shifted
    you, stand pinnacled-gazing
    upon sand-swept dreamish visions which none canst portray,
    enveloping black mirror which none canst depict,
    cyclonic vision immeasurable with
    haunting familiarities of our unseen landscaping.
    Touch - pure visions from her dark and blooded tower
    on high up above,
    painting into stars
    from star-swept visions as the light reflected
    from sun's brightest membrances
    distort under angel winged horrors
    these blued dead lands of eternity.

    Into the cloudless night skies - comet-tailed visions,
    painting dreary death towns as you sleep on
    under glow embers from haunted wood.
    This alone marks pinnacle,
    his apex 'neath which towered height
    connects to lowliest of stars crowned under man's eternity,
    mist of night and soft-winking vision
    as word and deed to symbolize
    something beyond it - these abstractions:

    -Releasing the scream,
    releasing the scream,
    releasing the scream,
    the hollowed echo of eternity's silence,
    redeeming itself midst thine eyes,
    as I, from such moments... redeem.

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    Ok, so Gurilla Savasi will protect itself and the Blackfair Accord and Cult of the Wheel with scouts equipped with spears long enough to stab the bats as they swoop in.
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  • *Entry*
    Bend to the Willful
    The first thing Tetravain does is experiment. He captures some to see if they can be controlled, what their weaknesses are, their strengths, everything. He doesn't like not knowing things so he is doing everything he can to learn everything about them. Should it prove impossible to control them, he will send some to another plane that won't be disturbed by their sudden arrival then eradicate all those on this plane that he comes across. 

    Reawin Liquidator of Life
    Reawin, a high ranking spirit of annihilation and salvation, will be the one in charge of the relocation and eradication of the species should it prove necessary. Both he and Tetravain hope it isn't but they also know that it could very well be required, if only to keep potential enemies from using their power.
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  • The Cult of The Wheel uses it's magic and resources to capture the bats, dead or alive, plus any that could be captured by the other factions.

    Through magical and mechanical means they experiment on the bats, the research lead by Sarkan, The Flesh Weaver, the greatest  mage to have practiced the transmutation of flesh in all the multiverse.

    Sarkan's the mage that creates the thrulls that comprise Medea's armies, and a personal tutor to many of the cult's practitioners, he's dedicated countless years to the study of the manipulation of life, if he cant find where the bats come from, he'll at least make good use of them.

  • Well, I knew what I was getting into when I agreed to that pact...
  • First before my entry some lore:

    The boats rocked back and forth as they swayed along the rising waves, Enclave sailors rushed across the deck steering the boat to its destination. Diego hung from one of the masts looking over the blue waves,

    “Any luck?” Keller called up to him,

    “No islands in site yet, just some small rock formations”

    “We’ll head towards those, might be an island close by.” Keller began to direct the crew of the small scouting vessel towards the island. As they needed the stone spited Diego could see large portions of coral and plant life growing along the sides, the formations must have been under the water for a long time to Have developed this kind of wild life. How could one wurm be so powerful? Diego pulled himself out of his thoughts and went back to looking for their destination, Bora said they would find something important on and island to the north that rested between two stone arches, they had travelled for almost a week and so far no arches. Suddenly Lluma called out from the other mast,

    “I can see an arch in the distance” she pointed to a rock formation just out of sight, Diego could barely make out an arch shape. The ship turned towards the island getting ready to land.

    As the ship docked the three hunters got ready to explore the island, they were docked on one of the only beaches they could find. The island was in fact just the tip of a mountain that had sunk under water ages ago leaving only it’s peek above.

    “So what are we looking for?” Lluma asked,

    “Don’t know, Bora said their would be “Something important to out survival” Keller responded.

    “Well it’s going to be a hard climb” Lluma tossed a set of climbing gear to Diego “Sure your up for it?”

    ”Yeah, I’ve climbed mountains before I was a scout what do you think scouts do?”

    she shrugged turning to the door “Just asking.” With that the three began their climb up The mountainside hoping from crevice to crevice they scaled for almost and hour before stopping at a cliff side overlooking a large portion of the island.

    ”Nothing yet, just keep an eye out” Keller started moving to climb again but Diego stopped him.

    ”There’s a pathway down there.” The young hunter pointed towards a winding path that led down into a valley below them, small statues lined the way.

    ”Good catch, might be important!” With that the three climbed down to the path and began to follow it down into the valley. Up close Diego could see the statues more clearly, they were carved rocks made to look like tiny creatures several had worn and old paint adding some color.

    ”Any ideas on what this could be?” He asked Lluma, she was inspecting one of the idols as well,

    ”Their old, probably religious most people don’t put in this kind of effort to decorate for fun.”

    After another hour of walking they found something, a building tucked away in the valley, it was huge with y’all decaying walls and as they entered it seemed like a small city. They searched through the remains of the ruins finding only broken buildings or old tomes whose pages were lost to time, they eventually found their way to the center of the fortress, it was a dark room the walls were covered with carvings and at the center a stone sarcophagus lay its lid thrown to the floor,

    ”Looks like someone beat us to it” Keller walked over to the Sarcophagus inside a mummified body rested its hands lay atop it’s chest as if it was holding a weapon of some kind, but they were emptied, Diego and Keller started to search the coffin but Lluma called out,

    ”I think we’re going to need to get some translators out here” She was bent over the lid of the Sarcophagus eyes wide,


    She stepped back and let them see what was carved on the lid, a giant wurm was coiled across it covering almost everything, but it wasn’t just one wurm, there were two of them one of them lay on the ground slain while the other was entwined in the earth below it, on top of the slain wurm was a single human figure clutching in their hand a spear, the spear glowed with a bright aura of magic as the figure plunged it into the slain wurm.

    ”I think that’s what we were supposed to find”

    (@HeroKp if this messes with the established lore that you already have just tell me and I can change it no problem.)

    My entry:

    Two of the mutant bats swept down from the sky towards an unsuspecting cart on the road below, the moonlight illuminated their white fangs and showed their massive form. But that’s just what the hunters wanted, The first creature grabbed the cart, as it did a flurry of arrows flew through the air hitting it’s soft underbelly. The arrow’s poison coursed through the creature’s veins. The second tried to fly away but from one of the tree tops a hunter fell two swords drawn he crashed onto the beast’s back digging his blades into its wing ripping hole, it lost control and fell onto the ground. The beasts were not slain yet however, they bared their fangs And readied their claws As hunters emerged from the bushes. Zane smiled to himself, at first the bats had been a challenge but the Seresi love a challenge. He had found that the creatures would dive for carts or people out in the open and thus they made new traps, now all it took was a few hunters to dispose of them. He pulled as great sword from his back and yelled to the archers,

    “Aim for the eyes! Their pelts our valuable to us!” On his command the three archers shot but the drakes deflected the shots, Zane and two others charged for the beasts throats easily dodging the claws and fangs, Zane silenced the first in a single blow but the second proved to be more aggressive. It shook the hunter from it’s back and pounced on another biting into their leg. Keg, a dwarven hunter from another plane and Zane’s right hand man ran up and jumped onto it’s back cutting down as Zane swing for it’s eye. Both the blades connected and the creature roared in pain, it shook itself trying to knock over as many of the hunters as possible but it was to late, Zane swung his sword under it’s foot tripping it. The beast rolled onto its back and Keg pinned it down by it’s neck quickly ending it with his two swords. 


    The hunters took a second to breath before Zane spoke,

    ”Get these ready for transport, The Cult wanted some to experiment on.” He then turned to Keg the dwarf was treating the injured hunters wound. “When you’re done check the area for any nests or young and dispose of them.” With that the Huntmaster started to scout a new area to set the trap, the hunt wasn’t over yet.

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    Within the fortress, forces bustled. Everyone seemed to be moving in quite well. A couple more aether storms had struck, but the fortress withstood them all.

    "So... how are things going with the Syndicate?" The Last Genzian asks one of his servants as they walk into the room.
    "Bit of news on that," the servant replies. "It seems like the Syndicate is holding out on us. They made a much more lucrative agreement with another group. They call themselves the Banewood."
    "There are more people out there?"
    "Yes. Multiple nations, supposedly."
    "And I guess that means... we're not as important to them..." The jackal rises from his seat. "I want an eye kept on that Syndicate, and I want you to look into the Banewood. I know from experience how this plays out. But do you know what information was traded?"
    "Our forces didn't catch much, but the Banewood promised info on the land."
    "I smell something bigger's up then. We have gotten a great lay on the land, and would have eagerly provided such information without hesitation. But they made a point to ask the Banewood instead and avoid us nearly entirely. That's highly unusual behavior for a nation that just accepted an armistice with us... unless they have plans to break it. I want spies to be deployed in Talun, but don't do so until I give the go-ahead."
    "Seems like a mission for me, Pops..."

    From around the corner comes a viashino, tail unfurled as their tongue slithers. He bears some semblance of status, but it's played down by his black cloak.

    ~ Lore Card ~

    "Grandmaster, Ven," the jackal scoffs. "For a former advisor of Vtesia you sure don't act it."
    "Yeah, well it wasn't my fault I became a fugitive. Got framed."
    "The only reason we decided to let you in is because of your potential. Don't disappoint us."
    "Way to treat someone like me. I didn't ask to be thrown on the streets, okay?"
    "Enough talk. I want you on standby, ready to go in and investigate, but don't start working until you receive the signal."
    "Okay. Fine."

    The next day, Spire ran to the Grandmaster, exhausted.

    "Sir! We are getting reports of attacks from wyvern-esque creatures. They're everywhere, attacking everyone!"
    "Hold on... you said... everywhere?" The Grandmaster asks, intrigued.
    "Yessir! One of outposts nearly got overwhelmed from an ambush!"
    "An ambush? Interesting... these creatures seem strong and clever. I must ask... you did say... they were everywhere, correct?"
    "Yes, Grandmaster. We're getting reports of sightings from the Syndicate, but... why do you keep asking?..." Spire gulps.
    The Last Genzian rises from his chair... and smiles. "Well. I suppose it's time we get to see... everyone who's out there."
    "What are you suggesting?"
    "Ready our mages. At the top of noon, I want us to find where they're nesting. I'm sure we could make them useful..."

    At noon, as suggested, The Last Genzian heads out with a squad of 12 of his finest mages, Crag included, along with several archers and a few scouts. Along the way, the group is attacked viciously, but manages to avoid any casualties.

    By dusk, the squad has followed the signs of activity to a large cave. The Witnesses marked the area before, but the cave is new.

    "Hm... this is mildly unsettling..." the jackal notes. "Apparently, one of two things happened here. Either this cave was freshly made by these creatures, or it's been here this entire time, well concealed. But no matter. In either case, for them to suddenly start appearing across the plane means they must be expert stalkers. Therefore, I'm sure they'll prove more useful alive." He turns to Crag, and smiles. "Crag. Begin the ritual."

    A variety of objects are brought to the cave. Sweet flowers. Candles of honey. Burning incense. The air is tranquil, if for but a moment. After half an hour, the spell is finished, and no creatures have emerged.

    "Great work, students. Now, I will enter..."

    The mages watch in horror as The Last Genzian walks into the cave with arms open. 30 more minutes pass, and his soldiers doubt his safety. But soon enough, a beating of wings can be heard, and suddenly, the entire cave is vacated, and The Last Genzian is carried out by two of the creatures.

    "Grandmaster!" Crag cries out as he lands.
    "The spell has worked. It may be a tedious relationship, but the creatures have been calmed. They will obey basic commands, and we will be able to see through their eyes. Maybe now, we can get a closer look at just what we're going to be dealing with..."

    ~ ENTRY ~

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  • A little bit of lore post entry ;P

    Deep within his studio Arkan works on the newly captured samples of the creatures he's been tasked to study, though many would say that that place is nothing but a factory of horrors from what is created there, for practical purposes it could be called a research lab, and from appearences it could be called a cave made primarely of rock and pulsating flesh; regardless he is content with his place of work, a twisted and crooked grin cracks his mouth open from side to side as his sharp clawed hands weave like silk the flesh of his newest subject, his eyes staring unblinkingly as he does so, not wavering from even a second as the captured bats screech and claw at their cages in the distance, only meeters away from the piled up corpses of their bretheren.

    As soon as he's done with his work, like a well oiled clock, a woman steps into the room, her skin as white as bone, her eyes crimson like blood, and her snake hair slithering in anticipation, she places her hand on one of the many rocky spots on the fleshy wall and stands, looking at the wizard with a subtler smirk of her own.

    Arkan: "First report on my investigation, I have yet to discover the origin of the creatures, though progress on the subject is going smoothly.

    They're very interesting creatures, one of them had it's entire ribcage open and didnt succumb to infection, some of them posess only legs and whings while others posses arms, and the secondary traits of their profile can vary widely; it's very fascinating.

    The fact that not even the few locals we encountered knew of them with so many discerning features suggest they're either not local to this area, or perhaps the plane entirely, their interesting qualities do suggest the possibility of magic being involved in their existence to some extenct."

    (All of these are things drawn entirely from the art shown to us and the lore said lol
    Sorry if you didnt mean the art to be entirely accurate xP)

    Medea: "Yes, all very interesting indeed, but you know I didnt come here to discuss theories, you have many people to that with and even with a perfectly managed schedule I have little time for myself right now.

    I need concrete stuff to help our situation so far until you figure out where these bats come from, and I saw in the wheel's course that you'd have something by now.

    So, what do you have?"

    As soon as she says so the Sarkan's face that had gone to a relaxed smile from his explanation turns to a full twisted grin once more as he presses his hand on his work table.

    Arkan: "Well, the creature's unique features were so awe inspiring~

    I couldnt help to be... Inspired."

    From the table a creature rises, what once looked like a giant lump of flesh now stands, some of it's many hook like legs supporting it's body in something akin to a bipedal position as the other legs pull back and rest upon it's body, it's wings slightly opened and stretched to show it's body as if to allow itself to be inspected.

    To this the gorgon rejoices, her subtle grin widening as her eyes glow with intent and her hair tangles arround itself with the course her fate has taken, even knowing the incomplete picture, she cant help but rejoice these moments.

    Medea: "This will be a fine addition to our areal troops."

    Her overtly pragmatic response not hiding the joy that her tone clearly shows, the wizard rejoiced as his Archbishop complimented his work, in her own way.

    (This is a lore card.)
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    (Sorry for the delay — I’ve had a bit of trouble in my neck of the woods.)

    “These beasts... I’m tempted to send the Federation’s full force after them.”
    “I dispute that proposition. We’d have a nonzero chance of losing that battle, and why not let our allies do the fighting for us?”
    “I move we send some of our best sleuths out to discover exactly where these beings originated.”
    “Also seconded, I suppose.”
    “Motion passed. Xander, put some of your rogues on the case as soon as possible... and Ilyan, make sure they’re well equipped. This looks quite uncanny.”
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    The last few precious hours you can do anything are coming to an end! Please! We like your faction very much and don't want to cut it so unceremoniously!
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    "So, Radhan, things seem to be going well." Shalann told her partner. They were out on a walk through the forest. Everyone in the Wildbonded enjoyed being out in nature now that they were out of the Sanctuaries.

    Radhan growled. Yes, not only are we no longer dealing with that storm, but the people are happy, and we have allies.

    Suddenly, they heard a rustling in the trees, right before a strange bat-like creature swooped out towards them. Shalann jumped back, just narrowly dodging the creature. As it swerved around for another pass, an arrow found it's mark directly through it's head. It fell to the ground, obviously dead. Two figures, an elf and a snake, dropped out of a nearby tree. The elf shouted, "Hey chief! I figured you might need some help!"

    Shalann instantly recognized the two as Josu, the Sage on the Council in charge of hunting, and his partner snake, Rile. They were expert hunters and trackers who trained many Wildbonded hunters themselves.


    "Thanks. What were those things?" Shalann asked.

    "We're not sure exatly, we just know that they've been attacking all over recently." Josu replied.

    Shalann was surprised. She had heard nothing of these strange creatures until this one attacked her. "Well, if they're attacking civilians, they need to go. I want your best hunters clearing these things out."

    "Right, chief! On it!" Josu said.


    Soon, a task force of talented hunters had been assembled to go across the Wildbonded nation and find and destroy the bat-monsters, and find out where they came from.


  • Krall knew it could deny the presence of a fellow being. It also knew it had to send in it’s offering of power to the beings before they did something else. With the Commune’s help, Krall knew those small seemingly cute animals could become horrifying powerhouses.
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