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This is a card discussion forum where we create custom mechanics and discuss them with the rest of the group. Have fun, and don't spam cards. I'll start.

Ghostly Gravedigger


  • @Liwg Should we only discuss the mechanics, or should we also be critiquing the cards on which they're being entered? Also, do we have to enter them on cards or can we also enter mechanics in text form?
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    @MemoryHead Like I said above. This is just a card/mechanic discussion forum. I do prefer that cards are made to go along with a mechanic because its just slightly easier to notice, but anything is fine as long as it sticks with the theme of the forum. Also, I do recommend critiquing the most recent cards and while it isn't required, it makes the forum more fun for others rather than just uploading endless cards and not talking about them.
  • This is a CARD from darker times of my career

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    @LordTachanka123 Hmm...Debt counters, interesting. Seems like a good mechanic to be in Orshov. Also, artistic, while it's simple is a pretty neat mechanic overall.

    Note: The mechanic is from some guy at Instagram. It's not an original idea of mine. I just want to know about your opinions though.
    Note: This one is taken from a card game similar to MtG. Also not exactly an idea of mine tbh.
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos Meditate doesn't really feel like it'd be made into a mechanic in a real set. Because it's a replacement effect then having multiple cards with it is worthless (you'll only get one draw regardless) and because it stops you from gaining the life then it would operate counter-intuitively with cards that just benefit from you gaining life. I can see it being an ability that an individual card has, but not more than one or two and certainly not enough to justify being made into a mechanic.

    I can see the potential and purpose for mastery. The example that you've given for it feels pretty weird as a demonstration, though, because unless somebody reduces its power (which is rare) then it's always going to happen in combat, which I suspect would be the primary source of triggers for the mechanic on most cards.
  • Loot(Whenever this creature is tapped, put a card from each players hand into the loot deck)

    Could possibly make interesting synergies, I dunno...
  • @VSSS. Butcher is a pretty cool and simple idea. Ncrophagia also is pretty cool to! Getting massive sengir vampire nostalgia. 
  • @LordTachanka123. Loot could be interesting to...maybe have some creatures that are effected by the "loot pile". 

  • Or something like this.

    Goblin Thief
  • Yeah @Liwg, thats what I was going for.
  • With your permission, @LordTachanka123 , your Loot mechanic may appear in my new saga.
    (Link is above.)
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    Here's a cool (and a little funny) mechanic. Could be pretty cool. basically you get a bit of value from making it have a dream, but it stays tapped for a while. Maybe in a deck with one damage spells to exploit it. idk. I also don't know how it would work on instants and sorceries....

    Comfy Bed

    Slumbering Scribe
  • @Liwg Interesting mechanic. If you splashed into red and/or black you could have cards that deal damage to you on entry to untap dreaming permanents. Blue cards designed to go with the Dream mechanic could untap permanents directly. I like the idea of Dream.
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    Possess is found on Spirits in the Esper (White-Blue-Black) wedge. Spirits' Possess costs are meant to be almost always higher than its mana cost, so casting them is generally cheaper. When a player gains control of a creature via Possess, that creature is possessed until it leaves the battlefield. Some cards, like Dekrus and Doppelgeist, interact with possessed creatures in ways such as giving them abilities/bonuses or using them as resources. For most Spirits with Possess, possession would be a one-shot deal; the ability to return from exile without the use of other cards is unique to Dekrus.
  • @SkyWizard437. Yeah. I'm actually building a full set with that mechanic. Going to have self damage effects for Red, green, and  black, and untap and flicker effect for white and blue. 

    Also. Awesome mechanic idea. Really in flavor with spirits (since they possess beings and all) I could actually see this as a future mechanic.
  • @SkyWizard437 I think an important part of having a mechanic is that it can be printed on common cards, and I feel like Possess can’t be put on a common card easily. I’m not sure, maybe it’s just me. It have very good flavor though!

    Shadowed Appearence

    Invoke [Cost] ([Cost]: This invocation becomes an enchantment creature until the end of turn.)
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    @Liwg Thanks. In my mind I've played with the idea of another Ixalan-style tribal world, with two three-color tribes and two two-color ones. After thinking of Naya Cats for a three-color, I had figured to use Esper for the other. Once I decided it was to be Spirits, the idea for Possess came not long after. (On a side note, I think it was a missed opportunity for Wizards not to put Haunt on the Innistrad Spirits.) @shadow123 You raise a good point. I think Possess could be doable at Common, but very sporadically and at high cost; alternatively, some Common cards may be designed to support Possess. And, I really like your mechanic. I think it's really interesting to have enchantments temporarily become creatures like that. Seems kind of like an Enchantment version of Vehicles.
  • @SkyWizard437 Thanks a lot! I’m thinking of making a set using that as one of the mechanics, but I’m not super sure yet.

    My issue with possess is that has the potential to dramatically change the game, and I think that on common, the effect could still be balanced, but it could alter the game too much.
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    @shadow123 I see your point. Perhaps Common support for Possess/possessed creatures without actually having Possess, and limitation of the number of cards it shows up on in the other rarities?

    And, I think your mechanic could certainly be supported and built around. Definitely good for a set.
  • @SkyWizard437 Thanks a lot! I have another mechanic I am considering for the set, and I would love it if you would be able to review it!

    As for possess, that sounds a lot better!! I do still feel a little nervous about that type of mechanic interacting with commons, but I think your suggestion would be okay!
  • @shadow123 Yeah, I could have a look. What you got?
  • @SkyWizard437 Thanks! Here’s the second mechanic.

    (As this song enters and after your draw step, choose a mode that hasn't been chosen. If you can't, sacrifice CARDNAME.)

    Song of the Heavens
  • @shadow123 Looks good. Not difficult to balance, also easy to support, and I like the idea of a Saga where you choose the effect. Good job.
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    @shadow123 Here are some examples of how Possess might be supported in Common. What do you think? Also, I have another mechanic for the Cats in the set. After I make a couple more cards that use it, would you like to have a look?

    (I don't know why the third image ended up smaller.)
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