Intrigue in the Marble Council

As some of you know, I have recently launched the sixth installment of my main contribution to this site, COLONISERS. But recently, I have found I want to branch out and try new things. So here is a saga trying to explore the never-before-explored, which I hope will not crash and burn.

Introducing.... the MARBLE COUNCIL!

Once upon a timey time, there assembled a collection of peoples, of different races, of different planes, but all of the same two contradicting desires. Stability and POWER. That group has since been altered many times, as planeswalker wars ravaged the universe, but those two ideals still hold. The council's existence is extremely beneficial to most everyone in the multiverse, firstly because of the prosperity and trade that it brings, and secondly because the members are all constantly plotting against each other rather than trying to take over the world.
There are 14 as of this moment, but many more shall soon join.

'But Hiro, who could spearhead these new factions?'

YOU. Congratulations! You are the leader of a newly accepted faction that just joined the ranks of this Interplanar Parliament, and you are just as ambitious and power-hungry as these chumps!

'That's all fine and good, but why is the parliament diagram a Tier List?'

See, that's another thing. Not every marble councillor race is equal. The Iron Councillors, making up the largest subdivision, are the relatively new members. This is where your factions will start out. In Major decisions, they each get....


Above, the Bronze Councillors, who have been in the council for sufficiently long to deserve the status. They each get....

1.25 VOTES.

The Silver Councillors, denoted by charitable actions towards the others, get....

1.5 VOTES.

And finally, the Golden Councillors. At the moment, there are only two. They are the factions that really call the shots, and they each get....


Soon, descriptions will come for all of the factions already present in the council and their quirks, but for now, what you must do, is.....

FOR THE 31st of MAY, 

Make anywhere from 1 to 6 cards describing a new player in the multiverse's political game. You must outline what they will bring to the council (resources, information,, and if they request anything in return. We will start with however many players we have then, but unlike in COLONISERS, new ones can JOIN AT ANY TIME!

Then, every week or so, something will stir inside the machinery of the council, and a new decision will be put to vote by one of the AI councillors. Players can put decisions forth at ANY TIME! You can do anything at ANY TIME! Every vote or political action should be ideally accompanied by a card. Then, I shall set up a RNG table for different outcomes that could happen (as fairly as I can), and I will roll the dice.


If your influence ascends high enough, you'll move up a tier. If your influence sloops down, you will get KICKED FROM THE COUNCIL!

The ultimate goal of each player is to become the chairman of the council, but again, open world, do what you want.

Good luck, and happy smithing!



  • This is extremely experimental, and it might not get any participants, but that's ok. I just want to try if that's alright with you. 

  • @HeroKP This sounds like it'll be pretty good. I'll definitely try and make a group for it unless something comes up. Are there supposed to be any color limitations or anything similar, or is the only real limit the flavor and designs of our Council groups?
  • I WANNA JOIN!!!!!!!!
  • Can I be an older card?
  • So do we need to make an individual character or a full faction?

  • Sabin is the leader of the religious group, the Vespi. His goal is to have so many worshippers that he is ascended to godhood. He will bring influence to the council, with more than 3 planes celebrating Vespyism as their main religion. In return, he asks only for their help in getting him more followers.

    I'll probably post more cards, but for now I gotta go...
  • Calling dibs on wolfkin
  • @MemoryHead Definitely the second option. The sky is the limit.

    @Aggroman15 A whole faction is more preferable, but the 1-6 cards you submit can really be anything.

    @LordTachanka123 Woah, already! This will work just fine, thanks!

    @DrakeGladis You heard the man! No one else make wolfkin factions.
  • I actually just got 5 minutes of freetime...

  • Veldrak Decider of Fates
    Veldrak comes from a plane where nightmares and horrid monsters lurk at every corner. He brings the service of making anything "Dissapear", as well as deadly warriors whenever needed. He wishes to gain trust among the other planes, so that the people of his plane aren't feared by everyone.

    Their will be more cards coming soon.
  • edited May 2020

    Does that work @MemoryHead?
  • @LordTachanka123 Have you considered making all of your cards and then posting them in a single comment, instead of posting them in many different comments one at a time? It makes it much easier for people to find them as a group, which in turn can make it far easier for them to appreciate the faction, flavor and so on.
  • Sorry, I made them all while I was a little distracted @MemoryHead...
  • Can I choose one of the races in the collection of art above?
  • Wait, does the faction have to contain a constant race?

  • @Abu_Jafar I don't think so. It's just got to have a theme, which could be based on a race, but could just as happily not be.
  • May I ask where the council is located? Is it on a plane, or more like the international space station?
    Welcome to the interplanar blind-eternities station, better know as the IBS.
  • @Abu_Jafar

    You have to have a main race, but you can have other races chip in.


    By all means. You can see some of the races are even repeated (three elves)
  • Nightmare assassin...trying to get trust...I wonder why...
  • Does this mean that dreams and nightmares are at the top?
  • @LordTachanka123

    Oops, sorry, missed your question! It is stationed on a particularly small plain called 'Equilibrium', that is devoid of natural life.
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    Introducing the Klex!

    The Klex primarily communicate chemically with each other. By physically linking together they are able to relay memories and thoughts to each other with nearly perfect fidelity. This has lead to a highly communal society,  where young Klex are given specific memories and reared towards a specific purpose. 

    There alien culture and unusual form of communication often brought them into conflict with humanoid beings. The Klex were proficient chemists and struggled to discover a way to transfer there thoughts and memories across species so this bloodshed could be avoided. Although the Klex never succeed fully, they were able to synthesize memories, both humanoid and Klexian, into potions. Any who drank it would gain those memories. The demand for these potions were immense. They allowed people to gain knowledge instantly, recall vacations to exotic places, and see the world with new eyes. The downside was unless the potions were regularly taken, the memories would fade. 

    So in essence these potions served as extremely effective, extremely addictive performance enhancing drugs. Anyone using them had an immense advantage over those who didn't. By controlling the supply of these potions, the Klex were able to first manipulate, then dominate their trade partners. And so the Klex spread, introducing there product from plane to plane, dominating their economy and corrupting their leaders time and time again.

    In order to accomplish this, the Klex needed skilled diplomats, and none were more skilled then Aljex

    Aljex negotiated the Klexian Concord's entery into the Marble Council. They help finance the council and in exchange they stymie all other nations efforts to ban memory potions or raise tariffs against the Concord. 

    The Klex are capable of verbal communication as well. There language consists mostly of clicks and drones. Most humanoid languages fall beyond the range of their vocal limitations so Aljex is rarely seen outside the company of his translator.

    Gabe Evertill also serves as Aljex's unofficial enforcer. Anyone operating in secret to hurt Aljex, Gabe finds and eliminates.
  • I love how Aljex bribes you @Derain2!
  • I will post my faction later, headed out for a mothers day rendezvous.

  • Thanks @LordTachanka123! I had a lot of fun making him. Table politics is one of the most fun things about commander, and I wish there were more cards like this one. 
  • Will it be possible to potentially make alliances with the AI Councillors?
  • @LordTachanka123 Oh, definitely. The top two will be good people to befriend... If you can.
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