Pauper Collection - Master Set Creation

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Hello everyone. I'm Brazilian and I'm using Google Translate.
My reason for starting making cards at MTGcardsmith was to explore the Pauper format.
The idea is to create a set with 250 cards in Master mode to raise the level of the format (hopefully without bans).
Don't worry, the initial idea will be just to archive my ideas.

The focus will be on reprints of cards with old frame or due to the price, try to lower the level of some uncommon cards that at first would not harm the format and focus on five tribes: Angel, Ape, Warrior, Elemental and Wizard.

Mechanics that will not be dispensed to include in this set:
  • Bard cards - the Human Companion
  • Soul Guide - the Graveyard Companion
  • Legendary (Planeswalker) Trade - it is possible to explore this mechanics in other ways, but I chose to use the Planeswalker frame
  • General Creature - same dynamic as Legendary Creature, but related to a military post instead of the name.
As it is a Master set, other mechanics can be addressed:
  • Combat Force X (Whenever this creature becomes blocked, it gets +X/+X until end of turn.)
  • Affinity for enchantments (This spell costs {1} less to cast for each enchantment you control.)
  • Desertcraft - (something) as long as you control three or more deserts.
  • General (other creatures that share one of the General's subtypes gets +1/+1.)
  • Warrior evolve (Whenever a warrior creature enters the battlefield under your control, if that warrior has greater power or toughness than this creature, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature.)
New land types:
  • Desert Lands
  • Enchantment Land - the same ideia of Artifact Land.
  • Tribe Lands - Needing to reveal a tribe card to enter untapped and punishing if I don't cast a creature from the specified tribe.
  • Soul Lands - In this case, it would be a demonstration to transform the land into a creature until end of turn (we don’t have the format)
Some examples:
  • Bard cards

  • Soul Guide Cards

  • Trades

  • General
  • Reprints

  • Downgrade



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    Pauper Collection - Master Set (250 card) - 20/06
    • Cards with Reference to Angels: 16/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Warriors: 14/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Apes: 16/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Wizards: 14/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Elementals: 16/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Warriors/Wizards01/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Warriors/Angels01/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Warriors/Apes01/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Warriors/Elementals01/250 cards
    • Lands Cards: 35/250
    Total: 115/250 cards

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            History Summary

             As it is a Master set, it does not have a well-defined history. In addition to a mix of mechanics.

             In short, this plan focuses on five tribes: Angels, Apes, Warriors, Wizards and Elementals.
             The conflict applies between Warriors and Wizards. The tribe of Apes and Elementals are not directly involved in this war, but because of it, these guilds have begun to invade the forests.
             Apes are the rational protectors of nature and are allies of the Elementals, who would be more free spirits in this context.
             Angels are intermediaries, but they try to interfere as little as possible, only with more emphasis when nature is the target, but they are not necessarily allies of the Apes.
             In the kingdom of Angels there is a civil war between its generals. One part of the Angels argues that souls must suffer and pay for their mistakes in purgatory (black mana), while the other part of the Angels believes that everyone can seek redemption with a fair trial and not necessarily with suffering (white mana).

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    • Desert Lands, Creatures and others

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    • Snow Lands, creatures and others

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    • Affinity for enchantments and Enchantment Lands

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    • Beauty Cycle
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    • Puppy Cycle

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    Some Promo Cards
    • Promo Cards
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    • Vehicles

    • Mutate Cards

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    • Wastes

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    • Equipments

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    This looks awesome @CassZero! I don't play a lot of pauper, so the idea of a common planeswalker to me is kind of weird, but if something would get me into pauper, this is it!
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    Thank you. I really find it very difficult to have a common planeswalker, at least in the current design format. Legendary creatures too. Very difficult today to fit a justification. I recommend Pauper ... accessible and fun format.

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    • Adventure Cards

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    I forget that you only have a month to edit. XD
    Pauper Collection - Master Set (250 card)
    • Cards with Reference to Angels: 17/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Warriors: 15/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Apes: 16/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Wizards: 15/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Elementals: 16/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Warriors/Wizards: 01/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Warriors/Angels: 01/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Warriors/Apes: 01/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Warriors/Elementals: 01/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Dogs/Elemental: 01/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Dogs: 03/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Reprints: 07/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Downgrade: 08/250 cards
    • Cards with Reference to Trade: 06/250 cards
    • Lands Cards: 50/250 (The intention from the beginning was to make 50 lands. I finally got it.)
    Total: 158/250 cards
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    Here are some possible Pauper lands you might like.

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    Thank you. It is registered.
    Unfortunately, or better fortunately :smile:, your last idea served to finish the 50 lands I wanted to do for this set.
    I still need 20 more cards to finish the set: (of course, I would probably have to review the older cards due to grammar.)
    3 white, 3 blue, 3 black, 3 red (one of them adventure), 4 green (one of them adventure), 4 colored or colorless
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  • I take that as a yes @CassZero?
  • @LordTachanka123 Yes, you can help.
    In the last post I can't see anything
    3 white, 3 blue, 3 black, 3 red (one of them adventure), 4 green (one of them adventure), 4 colored or colorless
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    • Trades

  • Is this something you're looking for?
  • @Corwinnn
    The card is really cool. It looks interesting on a BG Carrion Feeder or with some interaction with Village Rites
    I adapted it for my set, of course, if you don't mind.
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