The Adventure Saga - Make Your Adventurers!

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Come one come all, aspiring adventurers! Now is your time to show your worth, join with others, and conquer the most dangerous of perils together with your party! It is time for...

The Adventure Saga!

Phase 1Make Your Adventurers
For this contest, there will need to be eight people (at minimum) in order for it to take place. In two weeks' time, if we do not have those numbers, this saga will officially die and be lost to time forever.

Anyways, starting out, each contestant will make a Legendary Creature representing their adventurer. This creature must be a Cleric, Rogue, Warrior, or Wizard in addition to its other types. Your creature cannot be more than one of these types. However, your creature can be a different subtype, such as a Human Cleric, it just can't be a Rogue Wizard, for example. Your creature's Converted Mana Cost must be 1 or 2. This can increase throughout the adventurs, but it starts with a maximum of 2.

When creating your adventurer, make sure to come up with some backstory, personality traits, and other roleplaying things that will affect your character's decisions. This will actually influence the contest.

Once the deadline ends, all adventurers will be grouped into groups of four, including a Cleric, Rogue, Warrior, and Wizard. Because of this, keep in mind what other cardsmiths are making. It won't do to get seventeen contestants, but all of them decide to make Wizards. All remaining contestants will, unfortunately, not be able to participate in the saga.

Once grouped into a Party, the Party together creates a card representing the Party's dynamic. Any of the cardsmiths in the Party can publish and post this card, but the Party should work together to create it. This card has a few requirements:
  1. It must include all of the colors used in the Party.
  2. It must include some ability pertaining to having creatures in your party (as per Zendikar Rising).
  3. It's CMC cannot be higher than 5.
Once all the Parties have done this, Phase 1 ends.

Phase 2 - Choose Your Story
Once Phase 1 has ended (if we get that far), I will post a number of Plot Hooks for the Parties to choose from. Each Party can choose one Plot Hook. Furthermore, Plot Hooks are first come, first serve. Whoever asks about taking a Plot Hook first with the consent of their Party gets that Plot Hook.

This is the best time to do some roleplaying and introductions throughout the party.

Once Plot Hooks are chosen, Phase 2 ends.

Phase 3 - Adventure!
Once all Parties have chosen their Plot Hooks, I will give a brief summary of the beginning of their adventures. Then, I will present each Party with an Encounter.

Whenever a Party is presented with an Encounter, they must choose to either have one of their Party Members make a card to try to solve the Encounter, or they must collaborate to make a card to solve the Encounter. Once they have collaborated, they cannot collaborate again until the Adventure ends. Furthermore, once a Party Member has made a card to solve an Encounter, that Party Member cannot do so again until the Adventure ends.

I will judge cards created for Encounters based on three questions:
  1. Does it solve the problem/defeat the Encounter?
  2. Does it make sense for this Adventurer to use this (Roleplaying-wise and mana-color-wise)?
  3. Is it a well-balanced and well-worded card?
If I deem the card good enough, the Adventurer who created it gets 1 Experience Point. These will be used later. If the Party collaborated, none of them get Experience Points. However, when collaborating, you have access to all the skills and colors of the entire party.

Once each Party has overcome 4 encounters, the Adventure Ends.

Phase 4 - Spending Experience
Once the Adventure ends, each Adventurer can spend their Experience Points to make new cards or improve their character. During this Phase, you can change your Adventurer card however you want. However, you must follow these guidelines:
  1. You cannot change the subtype which is relevant to the Party. Your Wizard can't suddenly stop being a Wizard. However, you can add new subtypes or change other subtypes.
  2. You cannot change your Adventurer's Converted Mana Cost unless you spend 1 Experience Point per additional Mana added. For example, if your Cleric's CMC is 2, you can spend 1 Experience Point to increase it to 3, thereby allowing you to increase the power of your card.
When creating a side card for your Adventurer, you can make any card reflecting spells, artifacts, allies, etc., that you got while adventuring. However, you must spend Experience Points equal to the card's Converted Mana Cost in order to create the card. You may create a card as a Party, pooling your Experience Points together, but, if you do, it must follow the first two guidelines of the Party's card explained in Phase 1. 

When everyone is done spending their well-earned Experience Points, this phase ends, and a new Phase 3 begins.

Phase 5 - The Big Bad End Guy
Once a certain number of Adventures have been completed and I've seen the growth of the characters and the party, I will declare a final challenge: The Big Bad End Guy.

For this challenge, the actual Party and the cards they spent Experience Points on will be judged. Each Player will contribute 21% of the total Party Score, and any Party Cards will contribute 16%.

Players and their cards will be judged on these grounds:
  1. 40% Roleplaying. How does your character act and interact with the world around them? Is their character consistent? Do they add an interesting dynamic to the story? How do their cards reflect their character?
  2. 30% Creativity. Are your cards original? Do they have ideas that would be fun to play with? Do they add interesting components to the game?
  3. 20% Resourcefulness. Do you use existing ideas in MTG to create your card? How do you combine existing MTG mechanics to make new and interesting cards?
  4. 10% Balance. Are your cards balanced in terms of power level? Are they playable, or do they just win you the game/shut down the game immediately?

Power level of the Party will also be taken into account. After all, a more powerful party has a higher chance of defeating the BBEG, which is what makes Experience Points important. However, keep your cards balanced, as that is part of the judging process.

The winning Party beats the Big Bad End Guy and each cardsmith gets a Follow and 8 favorites of your choice.

The runner-up doesn't beat the Big Bad End Guy, but manages to get a little fame and glory for their adventures. Second place gets 8 favorites of your choice for each cardsmith.

That's all, folks, so get Adventuring!

TL;DR - Make a legendary Cleric, Rogue, Warrior, or Wizard with CMC 1 or 2 to join a party to go on adventures.


  • Pall Tai the Questioning

    Pall Tai is a charismatic priest undergoing a slight crisis of faith. He has begun adventuring to explore the world and reaffirm his faith. He is somber and watchful, making sure his companions survive what perils may come.

  • Insom was a wizard under the instruction of a great damon, who one day decided to show Insom how to cast a poison spell by using it on a crowd of people. Insom decided his master was very very evil, and trapped him inside a bottle. Insom then ran off for he knew that the other damons would be mad at him, and he decided not to ever trust someone again.
    But since he still wanted to learn, he decided he'll do everything to learn BUT be taught by someone. He's very caring about people who grow close to him, but he can seem cold if you don't know him well.
    He's really a genius but still wants to know more, but besides that he'll do anything to make sure that evil does not win. 
  • Are we allowed to enter without giving lore?
  • Here's a Wizard:

    Azorta was a wizard that trained at a wizard academy. He was a novice when an adventuring party came through town, looking for a wizard. He decided to join them, not knowing what ill fate lie in their future. After a long year, the party finally came across the evil necromancer, Mordenthuar, which had tormented them all along their journey. Unfortunately, the heros do not prevail in this story. Mordenthuar killed all of the party except the wizard. Mordenthuar took Azorta as his apprentice. Eventually, Azorta stumbled across a prisoner, a wizard like himself, who managed to free Azorta from the spell compelling him to do Mordenthuar's bidding. Azorta managed to escape, vowing revenge upon Mordenthuar.

    Azorta often tries to follow someone's lead, and doesn't often take the initiative. If not for this, he would probably been able to escape Mordenthuar by himself.

    For those who don't know, Your Party is a real thing. It comes out in the Zendikar Rising set.
  • It even inspired a whole contest of mine @fire12!
    Also, can you detail "Dynamic of party"?
  • nvm didn't read all the sections.
  • @LordTachanka123
    Sure. I probably should have explained it further earlier anyways.

    Basically, I want the Party to create some sort of card that represents their teamwork and their goals. If the Party is all about getting treasure at the end of the Adventure, a card that makes Treasure tokens could work, for example. If the Party is all about fighting things, a card that gives all creatures in your party +1/+1 or something could work. 
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  • Hmph
    I don't know if I want to do this or not...
    How much time do you think it will take?
  • @DrakeGladis
    It honestly depends on how many full Parties join in. For each Party, there will be four Encounters per Adventure. With two Parties, it might take 2 days per Adventure to write out the Encounters, get responses to them, and judge them. As for the number of Adventures, I was thinking around 8. So, since it starts at September 15, it'll end around the end of September, give or take.

    Probably. Honestly, I can't give precise estimates, since there are a lot of variables. If you think you'll be too busy to participate, then you probably shouldn't. But if you think you can make time, by all means, join in.
  • Eh.  Do I need to make a new card for this for the first one?
  • It doesn't say you do @DrakeGladis, but I dunno. 
  • Then why did you answer?
  • Well @DrakeGladis, i had an answer, but it might be wrong. 
  • @DrakeGladis
    Sure, I'll allow old cards for your first Adventurer card.
  • Here's a Rogue:

    Naeyarus was born with a special gift. With a single touch, he could look a little bit into someone's future, and with time and self-teaching, he learned how to alter these glimpses. He lived in a town with major prejudices against magic users, and so when he told his mother that she would die unless she did one thing, he was exiled from the town. He sought a teacher in larger, more accepting cities, and he found a group with similar gifts, who accepted him and taught him the basic pieces of fate magic. Very recently, he has left this group for the first time to seek his destiny as an adventurer.
  • Making a cleric... I need some art.  Azorius, preferably Kaladeshian

  • so I guess since its been two weeks that this isnt happening @Ydoplus_of_Forduuath?
  • @ChoyBoi
    Not enough people joined, so it seems this contest will simply fade out into oblivion...
    Or @Corwinnn or someone could close it (please and thank you).
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