Un-organized (Cube?)

Okay, here's an idea I had. By now if you know who I am, you know my biggest project has been the Shards of Ikoria cube.

And, if you've checked my profile recently, you'd have seen my folder called "Un-organized".

So... you may have already put two and two together... but, what if I made an Un-organized cube!

Scratch that... what if WE made an Un-organized cube!!

The contest is simple, there are only TWO rules. The rest is up to you!

Rule #1: It MUST have a silver border. If you have a burning reason NOT to use a silver border, message me privately and I will consider your request. Otherwise, no exceptions!
Rule #2: It must be (at least hypothetically/theoretically) playable in some way, shape, form, or fashion. Please do not make a card that just straight up doesn't work or is completely unplayable. (Also, no memes, inappropriate content, personal (real-life related) cards, roborosewater cards, or cards that make you do illegal stuff like ante, period.)

Also, just as a TIP (but not necessarily a rule), try to make it work well in a draft/limited environment!

Oh, and most importantly, have fun! I know it sounds cheesy and all, but seriously, if you don't find this sort of thing fun, why are you still reading this? ;-)

Good luck all!

(Oh, and I should mention, obviously, if I like your entry, I will most likely use it in the cube... duh. I mean, why else would I put out a call for un-card submissions?)


  • Hello there. I will make cards.

    (Why didn't you use my Snoopy Dracodon?)
  • I will definitely make cards. Here's my first:
    Force of Deception
  • Are old cards allowed? Pretty please, I have some good ones :smiley: 
  • Okay, so here are some of my older un-cards:

    And there is much more...
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    I recently discovered ms paint, and am using it to unnify these arts. more coming soon!
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    Some more:

    (Just noticed the Expert isn't silver. my mistake.)

    Also a card I didn't make silver bordered because I want it to work as a real card, but is unny in concept:

    Back to real un cards:

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    Why isn't this at the top?
    Here new cards, along with a new mechanic:

    (Foolish Owl might be to OP.)

  • Seriously why isn't this always the top post?
    It has homunculus allies!
  • For y'all wondering... yes, old cards are allowed. As many as you want! After all, there's only 2 rules, so the rest is fair game...
  • @KorandAngels - thanks for this - very funny contributions!

    Same goes to the rest of you... this is very interesting... daresay it's giving me lots of ideas...

    Keep it up guys!
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    Thanks! Here:

    Technically, this is just either a free Shock or a free Painful Lesson. But it's great in Storm decks!...

    (As you can tell, I'm trying to use "You lose the game" as an effect.)

    Another Force!

    And Another! (Just don't let anyone play it while they have Platinum Angel... also I forgot the border. Sorry.)

    (This one is a free activation of a Circle of Protection!)

    This one is a free cantrip! and I forgot the frame again!

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    I'll just drop these off here...
  • Wow, this is getting so much attention. I think I'm going to start adding to the challenge by proposing a few themes that I think I'll want to have multiple different cards using said themes throughout the cube.

    For now, here's an idea I had that you guys can feel free to experiment with: favor!

    Here's how it works... you may know that in Conspiracy, Take the Crown, there were cards that had you reveal them as you drafted them, and note certain things that would make them have certain effects during gameplay based on the draft. The favor mechanic will work as a sort of combination between that and energy counters.

    The rule for favor works like this:

    A player acquires and has a certain number of favors at any given time, just like they might have a number of energy counters during a game. But, here's the catch. During a draft/and or the play session that follows said draft, you don't lose your favors outside of any given match. I.e. suppose the draft is followed by a certain number of matches, or suppose it's formatted as a tournament. If you acquire a favor either during an earlier match, or during the draft itself (similar to the Conspiracy cards), then you have that favor for the rest of the tournament unless you spend it. 1 favor will be worth a lot, so it should be hard to get. I.e. a rare card might say "reveal this card as you draft it. If you do, you get a favor.", and an effect of another card might be "If this card is in your opening hand, you may reveal it at the beginning of the match and spend a favor. If you do, your starting life total is increased by 3." Or perhaps "You may spend a favor as you cast this spell. When [cardname] enters the battlefield, if you spent a favor, target player reveals their hand and discards three cards. Otherwise, that player reveals two cards from their hand. You choose one of them. That player discards that card."

    Have fun, be creative and experiment, and thanks for all the support and ideas everyone! :)
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    I continue to agree this should be top post.
    Here new card:

    Tribal cards with non-creature subtypes are a thing I wanted to do for a while.
    (Also, this assembles a party, if that has any bearing. That's why I gave it the Zendikar symbol.)

    (Forgot the frame on this one)

    (Don't know why I gave it Pro-Rhinos.)
  • These are my only silver-bordered cards but I might make some more for this.

    EGAD Amity Teddy of Destruction

  • Un-set cards have always been kind of silly, and I wanted to try to make an un-set card with more of a darker theme. So here we are.
  • I love the steady contributions @KorandAngels! They're getting better as you go too! Please keep it up! :smiley:

    Also, I don't want this one to go unnoticed, so shout out to @RandomFandom for Blood Pool! This one is really good, I'd love to see more in this ... uhh vein (see what I did there? :wink:)
  • Would love to see more multiplayer-interaction-based cards as well... perhaps more like Amity, Teddy of Destruction by @Daedalus_The_All_Father (I really like that one!)

    Remember, it's going to be a cube for drafting, so keep in mind Rule #2 and the suggestion below it as you guys are submitting cards. The better quality we put into it, the more fun we get out of it!

    That's all for now folks!

    P.S. - you may have noticed that high school's got me busy lately, so I'm on here less frequently, but rest assured I'm not going anywhere in the long run, and as long as I've still got that gold border (premium) around my Cardsmith Icon, you can trust I'll most likely be back and making cards again at some point in the (near-ish) future.

    Likewise, I've got little time to make those custom set symbols for everyone. Sorry about that, it's my fault; and I kinda dropped the ball there :/. I realized I was knee deep in requests from a while ago, and, well, if I were on Ravnica the Orzhov would probably have me enslaved or something by now :P. Anyway, Idk if/when I'll be able to work on those, but hopefully others are willing to perhaps step up and try it in the meantime...
  • @Alextorrez6 I'm glad you like my teddy bear, it's so sweet and innocent, isn't it?
  • @Alextorrez6 Thanks for the shoutout! Here’s another life-in-mana-pool card.

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