Planeswalker's journey 3 [Cancelled]

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[This contest has been cancelled.]

After a dramatic moment of your life, you finally but slowly wake up to the sounds of the surrounding world. 

Your body is sore, your muscles are weak, your mind is spinning, your ears are ringing as like after an explosion - but there were no explosion. Not what you can remember at least. Something happened within you and pulled your very being away just before... before your death. 
Are you dead? Maybe you think so maybe you don't. All you know is that you are no longer in the same place - not even the same world. The ground, the air, the sky, the very essence of the place feel so different. 
It is different from your home but it is not paradise, nor a hellscape. It cannot be the afterlife as it feels so... real, but not entirely. There is something there, you did not think about it before but now you feel it like a cold body against your spine. The body is cold and filled with scales but it does not feel like an normal person - or animal. The body begins to move and turn. You try to push it away but there is nothing there - not beside you, not behind you, but within you. 

The body moves up around your spine like a strong muscle - like a snake. You can hear your own heartbeats as the snake crawls around your heart and lungs. You can hear your lungs move as you breath and your throat expand as you inhale air. You ears stop ringing as a whisper grows louder when the snake appears inside your head. 

The snake whispered. 
"Your sspark - has ignited... but it is about to die. 
Sseek - the tower. Sseek - the master. Sseek - the world sspark. 
But hurry. You being hunted.
Hurry - before your spark goes cold. Hurry.
The sserpent - is coming for you.
Hurry - or the sserpent will ssilence - you." 

The snake crawled away. Your body returned to normal, but the feeling of something burning within you was still there. Something that had brought you here but was about to go cold. 
Was the snake real? Was is a sprit or some kind of ghost, or was it just something created by your own mind. 
Does it even matter? 
All you know is that there is a tower in this strange new world, and right now it is your only destination.  
You barely get to think about how to find said before, before you turn around.
There beyond the horizon stands a tower so large that it can be seen from every corner of the world. 

Welcome to Clancularius - the world unknown. 
Here time and space in convoluted. The world is never constant, and ever changing. Land, sea, forest and mountains are created and destroyed in what in other worlds would be considered an instant, but here time is convoluted. Nations, kingdoms, people and creatures of all kinds are given birth and death both before and after other worlds have are given theirs. A world made and maintained in the hand of its master after all other worlds have ended, but before they were even born. Time is unknown yet it flows like normal in a river created for a purpose. Where and when is unknown for this world is unknown. People like you will arrive here after you just like they will arrive here before you. Some have already arrived before you and have arrived after you. Clancularius is only constant towards itself

The only thing of this world that is constant in both time and space - is the tower.  
So if you don't want to fall into the violent typhoon of time and space when your spark goes cold, you must reach the tower. 

The world is now at rest for you have arrived to witness it, experience it, live in it. 
Time is flowing like normal for you are here to float in it. 
The lands, climates, people and creatures of this land are existing like normal unknowing of their convoluted existance, for you are here to affect them. 

You are a planewalker, born into this world unknown. 
Your powers are new and weak but with time they will grow stronger - if you manage to make it that far. 
You might be a planeswalker but something is preventing your from leaving Clancularius, the thing that prevents planeswalkers from entering. 
You will be tested, the weak will lose their spark, and the strong will keep theirs for the time being.
Then when the end comes, only one spark of the last remaining planeswalker will remain.
This is your Planeswalker's journey.  

Instructions - joining the journey

To join this saga you will have to do the following:

(1) Choose 0-2 colors for your planeswalker and your spellbook.
- Your choice of number of colours will determine the maximum mana cost of your cards.
- 0 colours gives you a maximum cmc of 5.
- 1 colour gives you a max cmc of 4.
- 2 colours gives you a max cmc of 3.
- 3 colours cannot be chosen at this point.
- During the journey you will be able to increase the amount of colors at the cost of max cmc. 

Choose the initial theme or niche of your planeswalker and your spellbook.
What is your planeswalker specialized in? Large creatures? Necromancy? Artifacts or enchantments? Lands? Spells matters?
- This theme may change or evolve as time goes on and your planeswalker grows in power.

(3) Create your planeswalker.
- Your planeswalker must be an original creation of yours, it cannot be an already existing character. 
- Your planeswalker can be an earlier creation of yours, it does not have to be new or made for this contest.
Your planeswalker must have the colors that you chose in step (1), not more, not less. 
- You planeswalker cannot have a higher mana cost than the corresponding max cmc of your choice in step (1)
- You may change your planeswalker whenever you want but it does not have to be changed, even if you would add colors later in the journey.
- You may only make a single planeswalker, one entry. You cannot enter with two planeswalkers. 
Your planeswalker will be valuated a "planeswalker value" of 90% - 110%. More about this in score evaluation. 
(4) Create 2 - 4 spells for your spellbook for a worth of 20 spell points.
- All spells that you make for your planeswalker will be part of your spellbook.
- Any spell you make must be within your colours and cannot be higher than your maximum mana costs.
- Spells can be any type except planeswalker cards.
- Spells cannot be changed after the corresponding deadline.
- To create a spell you must spend "Spell Points". More about this later. 

(5) [Optional] Create a backstory for your planeswalker.
- Story segments nor backgrounds are never required. You can win this entire contest without ever writing a single sentence, but it is encouraged that you participate and write something. (This is a saga after all) However it will be easier to win if you write because:
- By being active with writing a story, even just by a little, your planeswalker value will be increased with 5% - 10%.
- Active story writing will give you 10% (Something has been written during the current challenge cycle.)
- Inactive story writing will give you 5% (Something has been written during earlier challenge cycles.)
- No story writing will give you 0% (Nothing has ever been written)
- Everything that gives some insight to the planeswalker's personality or actions, and is at least 10 sentences long will be considered story. (With the exception of caveman style story)


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    Instructions - The journey begins.

    From the start of the journey each week a challenge will be given.
    Some weeks you will be able to choose what challenge you want to take. 

    (6) [Eventual] You make a choice of which story path you want to take for that event.
    - The choice you make will affect what challenge you will have to solve. 
    - The choice might in some cases affect if you receive increased maximum mana costs or an additional color.
    - Regardless of what choice you make, you will receive the same amount of spell points.
    - Some choices will lead your character into a separate branch of choices for the next week's challenge. 

    (7) You create one, multiple or no cards for the challenge. 
    - At the start of every challenge you will be given an amount of Spell points for you to spend on cards. 
    - You decide if you want to use all points, if you want to use some points or no points. The unused points can be used later as long as you are not eliminated. 
    - By making a card for the challenge you will receive a bonus score of 1 for the rest of the journey.  (OBS! the card must be mechanically intended to solving the challenge. Any random card won't count as participation)

    (8) Elimination, positions and winners are presented
    - At the end of the weekly challenge those players with the lowest score will be eliminated.
    - The number of players that are eliminated will depend on the number of total players, the variation of the lowest scores of these players and a "random factor". 

    - The current scoreboard will be presented but without showing the actual score.  

    - The winner of the challenge will be presented based on who collected the highest score during that specific challenge. 
    - The winner receives an additional score which will be equal to 10% of the weekly spell point value.
    - The winner will also be given exact score that each player has collected thus far.  
    - If multiple players would be declared winners then the score prize will be divided equally between them. Every winner will receive the exact score information though. 

    (9) The next week's challenge begins. 
    - Based on your choice in step (6) you might get different options during this challenge. 
    - These challenge cycles will continue until there are five planeswalkers left who will enter the land known, the seven rings.
    - Three will then enter the tower where one shall be proclaimed winner of the journey. 


    Instructions - Spell points and planeswalker score

    "Spell points" is the resource which you use to create cards. 
    "Planeswalker Score" is the value of cards which can also be increased (or decreased) through participating and winning challenges, but also the Planeswalker value. 

    These terms are preliminary and might change before the first challenge. 

    The cost (spell points) of cards are the same as the highest potential value (planeswalker score) of cards. 
    A common card costs 5 Sp to create and is potentially worth 5 score.

    The costs and potential value of cards is:

    * Common: 5 points
    * Uncommon: 10 points
    * Rare: 15 points
    * Mythic 20 points. 

    Cards are valued based on the following:
    - mechanic, what the card does. 
    - creativity
    - Balance
    - flavor
    - artwork
    The usual actually. 

    Additional points are received from 
    - 1 point from each challenge participated in.
    - 10% of the total challenge value (the amount of points given out at the beginning of the challenge) by winning a challenge.
    1 - 2 essentially.

    Then there is the planeswalker value which will act as a multiplier to the total score of your spellbook. 
    In worst case your score will decrease in value by 10% and in best case it will increase by 20%. 
    The value is based on:

    A normal planeswalker card will be valued to 100%
    A terrible planeswalker card will be valued 90%
    A perfect planeswalker card will be valued 110%
    The background and story will then add 5% or 10% on top of this. 

    Planeswalker score = Planeswalker value *(Spellbook score) + participated challenges + won challenges.

    This third iteration is quite different from earlier ones.
    If you are interested to see those, here are the links:

    There is also a discussion thread that is or is not directly related to this contest:

    So in conclusion (TLDR)

    To join and play the journey
    - you make a planeswalker within a theme, color(s) of your choice and corresponding max cmc.
    (2 colors & 3 cmc or 1 color & 4 cmc or 0 colors & 5 cmc.) 
    - you create 2 - 4 cards of a total value of 20 points
    (C+C+C+C or C+C+U or C+R or U+U,)
    - You may write a little backstory for your planeswalker. 
    - During each challenge you may make cards to solve the challenge and write a little story of the event. 
    - You gain score for participating in and also when winning challenges.

    The first challenge begins 14th of May. 
    The latest date to join the journey is 21st of May, 11:00 Pm (London time) or when the first challenge ends. 

    I will post more in the days to come. Among other things my own example planeswalker, a map and a rough plan of the challenges. 

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  • Ahhh! Yesssss! Very excited for this!

    Just a quick couple questions before I post an entry:
    1. Does your initial entry have to use all 20 spell points provided (7 makes it clear we can bank points, but the summary at the end makes it look like you're expecting us to spend all 20 for the introduction) or can we start banking points right away?
    2. Does our planeswalker cost any spell points?
  • Also - is having a two-faced Origins-style creature that turns into a planeswalker okay?
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    JS02 was more than a little puzzled by the situation at hand. Its systems could not compute where it was or how it had gotten to this place, nor did it really understand the words of the strange serpentine creature that it had immediately encountered. It concluded that the snake certainly didn't seem like talking or listening, as the serpent had slithered away before JS02 could compute any queries to ask it. It had left JS02 with some information to add to its database, however, namely that there was some kind of tower, and that some person lived at the tower which might be able provide JS02 answers. 

    JS02 would have frowned if physically capable, but it had not been constructed to do such things. Its binocular photosensors were framed by a simple smile, painted on under them. Besides, JS02 rarely would have considered adopting an alternative expression to smiling, as it was systematically content with its purpose and usage. This, however, was an exception, if JS02 understood the human emotions well enough and wished to garner an appropriate response. If it was not mistaken, its database of knowledge matched this lack of being able to reach a logical conclusion as confusion, and humans tended to frown when they were confused.

    JS02 then took a moment to gather information on its surroundings. They were very different from its traditional environment. JS02 had been constructed in a large city by its inventor, a great and revered creator that JS02 admired deeply. JS02's inventor had filled its database with a wealth of information, taught JS02 everything it knew, and provided JS02 with its purpose: to spread happiness by sharing music with the world. Now, the inventor was gone and JS02 was all on its own. Its programming told it that this was undesirable, and that JS02 should seek out its inventor once more. It recalled there being some large explosion before it had initially lost power, perhaps the explosion had somehow flung it outside the city. Heading to the tower might afford it the chance to find its way back to the city, and perhaps it could still fulfill its purpose of spreading some joy along the way.
    JS02 is a construct created on an industrial plane which received its spark due to a planeswalker magically transferring it to it (details on this were intentionally left out of this initial post, as they are not apparent to JS02 yet. These will come in later story inserts). JS02 is themed to music and songs, and this mechanically manifests itself through enchantments and sagas.

    JS02 and other cards in its spellbook will utilize the action keyword "play CARDNAME's song," which means you exile the card, then return it to the battlefield transformed under its owner's control as a saga. This saga enters the battlefield as a new permanent, and thus gets the lore counters it needs to progress. It represents the verses and power of the song as it plays. While not all entries will utilize this song mechanic, all of the entries will fit into the flavor of music and/or synergize or interact with enchantments or sagas.

    I'm making two commons and an uncommon to start.

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    I am currently planning, though not certain, on using a character I've already created. In his "canon," his first planeswalk (and any from then on) involve his companion (think Yanggu and Mowu). Would that be acceptable for this (with said companion being one of his signature spells and also: legendary)? Said companion is sapient, to be clear.
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    Guess who's back

    Back again

    Not Aggrol because I'm pretty sure that's illegal

    I'll have something made for this soon! Very excited to participate in another one of these!
  • @Arceus8523
    1: Yes, the entry cards have to be summed up to 20 points. 
    This is also true if entering during the first challenge. (20 points must be made that are not included in the challenge)
    Banking of points is only for points gained during the challenges. 

    2: No, your planeswalker does not cost any points to make or edit. 

    Yes, as long as there is a planeswalker on the physical card it is allowed to have a two-faced card. 
    Respectively cards that are not the planeswalker card cannot contain a planeswalker even on a backside. 

    Planeswalker that are eliminated from this contest will lose their spark, only the winner will actually keep his/her.  
    If your character would be eliminated you would need to have his/her spark be re-ignited somehow. 

    I have increased the max cmc with 1. 
    So now 0 color gives 5 cmc
    1 color gives 4 cmc
    2 colors give 3 cmc. 
    3 colors is still not available. 
    Thus it will be more in line with the earlier PwJs. 

    Keep asksing questions and inform me if you find anything strange so that I can either explain or fix it.
    I have almost certainly forgot to mention something. 

  • Sable leaned heavy against her walking stick, the dizziness and ringing in her ears still plaguing her even as the serpentine being seemed to speak to her. She reached out, trying to feel the energy of life around her, and was met with nothing she recognized. The witch frowned.

    "I do not fear death my friend,"she whispered back to the snake, and it was true. She knew it was gone and yet speaking to something, even something as unsettling as that gave the woman some small sense of comfort. "It is only a chance to start anew."

    Still, even without the motivation of apparent death, the Tower seemed her best bet. She was, in general, not a fan of spending time in large structures like that, but the building would certainly have other people inside. Other people who could tell her where she is and how to get back home. If she was very lucky perhaps they would even help her return home. And so, still limping and disoriented from what felt like an explosion but was not one, Sable set out for the tower at the center of Clanuclarius. She missed her deepwoods already.
    Sable is a witch from a typically placid plane where war is a rarity. She lived in a human village when she was younger, but always felt herself drawn to the Deepwoods at the village edge, where monsters were said to lurk. As she grew older she began to spend more and more time in the Deepwoods, learning from the creatures who lived there and coming to understand that monsters were not always monstrous. She has spent several decades since traveling back and forth as a wise-woman helping how she can and trying to bridge the gap between the village and Deepwoods.

    Her spark ignited as she tried to protect the village from a horrible storm that threatened to wipe it off the map, the worst weather the plane had seen in centuries. She spent hours anchoring down building by having the wood grow roots into the ground, encouraging trees to grow taller and act as lightning rods, etc, but it was too much for her. Collapsing from exhaustion where she stood upon the the tallest roof Sable fell quick. The crack of thunder sounding as she hit the wet earth was the last thing she heard before her spark ignited and brought her to Clanuclarius.
    Sable is a BG planeswalker with a thematic focus on mushrooms and decay fueling new life, and a mechanical focus on graveyard synergy and saproling tokens which will hopefully be obvious once you see her cards lol.

  • Arvis had fallen in and out of consciousness repeatedly since arriving. He had no clue where he was or how he got here. Throughout his body he could feel a coiling mass. He shivered and tried to shoot awake, fearing a serpent or kraken attack. It would be odd, for sure, his mere size deterred most predators, and the great colossus of the deep, Abussaee, kept the sea monsters quelled. However, upon arching his head to look over his body, he found no such being, instead looking more like a land creature, some kind of smaller land serpent. Despite his great size, the being coiled around him like a rope, making him feel every breath through his gills, sending a chill through him. How had it gotten to him, and how had it not drowned? It was surrounded by water! Whatever it was, it clearly wasn't bound by the laws of reality. 

    "Your sspark - has ignited... but it is about to die. 
    Sseek - the tower. Sseek - the master. Sseek - the world sspark." It hissed.

    Its words made Arvis shiver. Spark? Dying? What was it talking about? He was being hunted? Were human after him? His impressive size had always kept them from ever being able to snag him up in a net or impaling him at the end of a harpoon, and Abussaee created great currents that kept the humans away from the deep oceans, but the humans were crafty and cunning. Perhaps they were finding away to overcome even the great Colosusses of the world.

    In all his pondering, Arvis had hardly noticed his surroundings up to this point. He was on land. Well, mostly. Surrounding him was something of a sphere of water, keeping him alive. He swam forward and the water followed. It was something Arvis could immediately sense was coming from within himself. He had always been special among his species; he had the power to manipulate the ocean he lived in. He thought himself blessed by Abussaee in some way. Perhaps this strange scenario was an extension of those abilities.

    Regardless, though, it didn't answer the question as to how he had ended up on land, and such unfamiliar land at that. In fact, everything about this place was odd. Being wherever this place was didn't feel like anywhere Arvis had either been or seen. Was this some other world, a place different from Amplalo? He puzzled over this for a good while. There was one thing that seemed clear: the answers to his questions would lie on the path to that tower.

    I would like to introduce Arvis, a whale shark planeswalker from the plane of Amplalo.

    Amplalo is a world dominated by massive colossuses that rule over the plane. Arvis lived in Amplalo's oceans as one of many of the plane's great sea creatures. He made his home among Krakens, Serpents, Leviathans, and other titans of the deep, including Abussaee, the great Kraken-Colossus that rules over the depths. As a planeswalker, he has special hydromancy powers that allow him to control and manipulate water, which for the purpose of this saga will primarily be used to swim across land. His connection to the great sea titans of the deep also allows him to communicate with sea life and call them to his aid. Thus, Arvis' mechanical theme is sea life and the manipulation of islands

    And my 20 spell points worth of cards for the spellbook.

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    Emb rose from the ground, "Well isn't this unfortunate" he was surprised at his new predicament. A feeling he was not used to thanks to his powers of prophecy. However, as the current situation would prove the universe will always find a way to surprise it's denizens.

    "Now lets get your bearings, he held out his hand focusing trying to summon an orb of flame through which he could delve the future. But something resisted his grasp pushing back against his efforts to divine the future. Whatever magical force encompassed this new place causing the terrain to change without warning was also making it difficult to see a consistent future. Emb grumbled "Looks like we're doing this the old fashioned way" he found the tower on the horizon and with an annoyed huff began his trip to it.

    Emb is a hermit from a plane known as Polla, which is a vast world of mountains that pierce the sky and underground nations. He is a grumpy older human who prefers to spend his days reading and cataloguing in his reclusive underground library (really More of single room cave filled with books but don't tell him I said that.) He primarily uses his prophetic abilities to divine the location of old tomes but will occasionally help some hero or dignitary on a quest with a few words of advice (as long as they bring him some kind of new information or gifts.). His theme is Deck Manipulation with a subtheme of putting high cost spells ontop of your library.

  • Jonteman93 I'm...not entirely sure what you mean or what that has to do with my question.
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    Does anyone know how to do the tap symbol on   Never mind, its a T in between the {} fancy brackets, just like here.
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    ( A link to all the cards if you need it

    Quick Blurb:
    Nikolai is a dwarven Runesmith from Kaldheim who has spent his life working to create "The Perfect Weapon". His Niche is(take your guess!) Runes(Cause in my opinion they were pretty badly underappreciated). 
    He is also blue. 
    (If i messed up somewhere pls tell me).
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    For the first time in the short history of this series, I will not be making my character La'ayiv (Partly because he has ascended beyond being a planeswalker.) Instead, we will introduce a new, deific creature:

    (Sorry about the image size)
    Qubris is a powerful being, who is depicted as a gnome. His true nature is uncertain, perhaps he was a pre-mending gnome planeswalker who was treated like a deity similar to Serra, or perhaps he is really a powerful avatar or incarnation who has managed to develop a spark. His main deific trait is his carrying around a personal world on his back. Whether or not this originated from metaphor is again uncertain, although it is now real.
    This World is held in crates and boxes he carries, although inside that world the gaps between areas are virtually nonexistant.

    Qubris has a relatively large church, mostly of gnomes. One of the main beliefs of the religion are in the flavour text of the above card. And it is indeed true that certain towers and mountains in the realm Qubris carries are directly linked to his clerics.

    As well as the active believers, various gnomes across the multiverse pay loose service to Qubris. They have less impact on the landscape of his world than true believers, but they still have some influence. 
    Qubris' Niche is mountains and potentially gnomes.
  • How long until we're not allowed to enter? I want to know how long I can put off reading the introductory wall of text. 
  • this is dope.
  • Anna shook her head and dusted herself off. She looked down at her clothes: unsinged, despite the fire. She looked down and heaved a sigh of relief to see her cat familiar, Opal, beside her. She still couldn't believe they were about to kill her!

    And now she was in a mysterious place with some sort of demon whispering in her ears. Demons were not her strong suit. Other witches did that sort of thing, but Anna had learned a more civil magic. Her threads were filled with Sunlight, and she laid enchantments upon clothing. To protect people, mostly, or whatever other small things were needed around the village.

    The village! Anna still could not believe what had happened. The Hunters had come to Balenna! She needed to get back.

    Well, she was nothing if not resourceful. A stern look of determination on her face, Anna began walking, her trusty familiar stretching and following behind her.

    Colors: White
    Niche: Sunburst & artifacts, lots of different colors
    Backstory: Anna was a witch on the plane of Laniat, a peaceful plane filled with witches. Then the Hunters arose, and started burning down villages and searching for witches to kill them. She was found out, but, just before she was burned, her spark ignited, plunging her into an even greater danger: this challenge.
  • @SammySammyson
    I might have misunderstood your comment earlier, it was not clear what you meant. 
    What I understood from what you said was that you wanted to use a character who's planeswalker origin would be this contest. This would thus be an origin story. 

    This contest is about new planeswalkers that are trying to keep their spark. 
    For him/her to have a spark later on he/she either needs to win the contest to not have his spark taken from him or he/she needs to have it re-ignite. 

    I don't know if I understand the second part of your comment either. Are you asking if you are allowed to make a spell which is legendary? Are you asking if you are allowed to bring a companion to your planeswalker? Are you asking the strict combination of legendary and companion? 
    In any case, I don't know. Can your planeswalker bring a legendary companion? If he/she can than he/she can, if he/she can't then he/she can't. 
    Your planeswalker still cannot leave or in any way really reach other planes so building a bridge to other planes on which this companion will travel after your character is here is impossible. 
    Even if you could build a bridge your companion might as well already be dead, or not even born yet, during the event of this contest. Time here is convoluted after all. 

    So the only solution to bring them here is in the moment when you are brought here while they still do not get the spark which is the reason why you are here. 
    You have to accidently bring them in that moment by somehow pulling them with you through the "spark interplanar travel?".   
    That also leaves the question - how will you bring them back home... if you bring them home? 

    I won't prevent you from bringing companions but I would suggest that you don't bring them because of the nature of Clancularius and the intent behind these planeswalkers being brought here. 

    You have chosen two colors.
    This gives you a maximum mana value of 3 which two of your cards are overextending. 
    Illegal cards are not included in the score evaluation so you have effectively only spent 5 points (Weave Flame) 
  • @Jonteman93

    I think you're overcomplicating the question. Sammy is pretty much just asking if he's allowed to enter a legendary creature as one of his spells, even if that legendary creature isn't from Clancularius, similarly to how Anna has Opal as a signature spell. It'd be a familiar that is tied to the planeswalker and planeswalks with them, like how Mowu planeswalks with Jiang
  • Sounds cool. I'm looking through my art now. Cards to follow.
  • @Jonteman93 ah, I misunderstood the restrictions, I’ll get to fixing that now.
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    Xamil flinched as she felt the cold scales of the snake dance around her flesh. At first she assumed it was just another one of her nightmares. They made her writhe in her sleep every night, terrifying her. But she’d learned to cope with them. It was the price she paid for reckoning with the beyond. Her soul had been permanently changed from that of a mortal, an ordinary human, to merely energy. But none of this had been unexpected. When she’d found the deck, she began to notice different things about herself. She was stronger all around, but nightmares plagued her constantly. However, these nightmares were not all bad news. They were omens. They told her in distorted ways the future, a power which she had almost mastered. In one nightmare she felt herself beaten again and again by bracing waves, suffocating her. She’d warned her village of some kind of Tsunami. They’d ousted her, calling her a witch. They told her she was lucky they’d allowed her to live.
    The village was crushed by massive waves only a few days later, and she could do nothing but watch.
    It was that which had taught her more about the nature of the world. She was not an evil person, she did care, but she decided there was only so much she would put on the line for others. She cared for herself, but after all, didn’t everyone?
    Xamil began to hear something. But it wasn’t what her nightmares normally bore. It was too specific. She listened intently. Was it telling the truth? Where was she?
    She opened her eyes and found herself in a location unfamiliar to her. It felt strange not to know what had happened. She’d become so used to it. She looked and saw she still possessed The Deck, which she’d found in her attic as a child after she and her father decided to move from the house in which her mother had died. She felt the memories flow through her, torturous yet unavoidable. She stared down at the cards, leafing through them. She found herself unable to feel the future. It was cloudy, unclear. She took a deep breath and stood up slowly, wandering forward, not much caring where that might lead her.

    This last card a representation of her increased control over her nightmares, sometimes being able to bring them into reality, though it often comes at a psychological cost to herself.

    Her niche is obviously deck revealing, though there’s also a theme of life total matters, representing the decay of her soul.

    Side note: The reason she doesn’t have blue is because this isn’t a kind of magic she controls. It’s something that merely comes to her without control.

  • (Link to ugly MTGCS version)

    Aghar (pronnounced ash-arr) is a minotaur from Akros, Theros. His spark ignited when Purphoros pressured him to be better, strive for destiny, and this made him more and more bloody and psychopathic. When he was taunted by Purphoros, his anger reached its limits and his spark ignited. Aghar collected minotaur agents from all over the planet
    Aghar yelled in his deep, gruff, voice as the echoing voice of Purphoros bounced around in his mind.

    "You are no fit to be the servant of a titan....."

    "You have gone soft.  I could put more trust into a broken hammer than you."

    "Ha! Bloodthirsty?  You can't hurt a cartyid."

    Aghar's anger overcame him and he charged.  Purphoros merely flicked him away like a fly. 

    Aghar screamed in rage and felt a tug in his chest.  The world of Theros dissolved before his eyes, and everything went black.

    Aghar opened his eyes.  He could still feel the anger pulsing around his body as he contemplated his surroundings.  This wasn't a part of Theros he knew, and he'd been a lot of places.  After sitting there for a moment he realised....

    This wasn't Theros.  He could sense it with some unknown power, lurking in the corners of his mind.  A name flashed into his head: Clancularius. 

    The minotaur felt himself suffocating....His body being overtaken by a mystical force.....

    And then a snake, a long, writhing serpent crawled into his mind.

    It said in a raspy voice:
    "Your sspark - has ignited... but it is about to die. 
    Sseek - the tower.  Sseek - the master. Sseek - the world sspark. 
    But hurry.  You being hunted.
    Hurry - before your spark goes cold.  Hurry.
    The sserpent - is coming for you.
    Hurry - or the sserpent will ssilence - you." 

    'M-my spark?' Silence; the snake had disappeared. 'W-who a-am I?' The anger he had felt for years was snuffed.  He continued wittering on stubbornly for hours, until he collapsed.

    When Aghar woke up, he was in a forest. He looked around for the cause of his movement, but when he looked down he was still sitting on the same rockbed, and there was no way anyone could move some of those boulders.  He also noticed the same ocean on the horizon. 

    He had seen some strange things in his life, but  nothing like this...

    Just then he saw a grassy plains appear in the middle of the ocean.  Now this was too much.  He jumped up, pulled out his axe, and started exploring.  He journeyed for long days and long nights, and finally he came up to a town. 

    Many of the townsfolk were terrified of Aghar, and backed away. But a crowd of 20 or so gathered to herald his arrival.  As he was introducing himself, a hill grew beneath his feet. 'Arrgh!' He yelled in shock. Many people were confused as to why he shouted, but one woman pushed to the front, a look of shock on her face. She asked Aghar to come into her hut.

    Aghar and the woman pushed the door to her house.

    "So, minotaur, you noticed the hill?"


    "Have you taken any time potions recently?"

    "Have I taken what?"

    "OK. Where do you come from?"



    "Akros. You must know it."

    "No, I don't, and I think I know why."


    "This is the plane of Clancularius. You must have travelled here by the Blind Eternities."

    "The what?"

    "So I see you don't know who you are."

    "Yes, I do. I'm Agh-"

    "Not in that way. This may come as a surprise to you, but: Akros is not the only plane."

    "Akros isn't a plane. It's a city in Theros, which the only plane in existence, and was created by the five gods."

    The woman raised her eyebrow. "No, there are thousands of planes, and you can now travel between them : you're a planeswalker. You can travel between planes."

    "I-I-I can-n?"


    "So I can get out of this place! How do you planeswalk?"

    "Never mind that now; you can't planeswalk. Time and space are convoluted here. I tried to planeswalk, but I couldn't. We need to find the 'master'."

    "Well, what are we waiting for!"

    "I can't come. You must go. I have...unfinished business here."

    "Alright...but wish me luck!"

    More will be revealed about this mysterious woman later.

    Spellbook: 4 commons
    Furious RampageDemolition Minotaur
    Profane BrawlProvoke the Enemy


    I feel the Spellbook and the planeswalker mainly cover the archetypes for this challenge.

    This is the complete list of archetypes:
    Divided damage, artifact removal, fight, and provoke.  (not the mechanic, forced attack and forced block)

    Of course, the cards won't be pinned down to just that.
  • @Jonteman93

    "In any case, I don't know. Can your planeswalker bring a legendary companion? If he/she can than he/she can, if he/she can't then he/she can't."

    This is all I needed. If they can, then they can, and if they can't, then they can't. No contest rules for it. Got it. Thank you.
  • Lamtos took in his surroundings, they seemed very odd and mysterious as if there was something just waiting for the right moment. It seemed he would have to reach this tower if he wanted to go back to his home. He wished he had a book right now. It seemed like a good moment to read.
    "Stop it! You can have a book when you get back to the Draconics." He wondered what a spark was for a moment. He had heard some news of some powerful members of the Draconics having a spark. He suddenly remembered he had to get back to help them. He looked around for a moment before dashing towards the tower.

    After a bit of walking (and some flying) he reached a grassland. It looked unusual in the landscape. He looked into the sky and saw it was getting dark. He decided to set up camp and spend the night there.

    Lamtos is from the plane of Drottever. In this plane, many humans try and capture dragons out of fear. A group called The Draconics has tried and put an end to this, no matter if it gets violent. Lamtos is one of the leaders of the Draconics. Lamtos' strategy surrounds around attacking as much as possible to trigger Rush abilities. I created a dragon planeswalker because I love dragons and I wondered what would happen if there was a dragon that didn't only try to act menacing.

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    The world slowly came into focus around Andraste. She blinked, shaking her head, and tried to remember what had happened. Something to do with what she had been drinking....

    She froze as a slithering sensation went up her spine. A voiced hissed into her ear, telling her about the tower, her quest, the thing that hunted her and, she guessed, the price of failure.

    Feeling a sense of where to go, Andraste stood up. She brushed herself off and began walking.


    Andraste Duchess of Rk

    Before she was a planeswalker, Andraste was a noblewoman of Rôk, a kingdom on the plane of Alatrisse. She's trained in magic focused on aggression, supporting her allies while intimidating her enemies. She looks to expand her realm of influence, commanding more and more resources and people for herself and the betterment of her kingdom.

    Andrastes Command Vista of Rk
  • Farek got up, dazed. Where was he? Was he drunk? he tried to remember what happened last. A dragon had come... yes, a dragon had come to him with a job. He was to kill someone who could travel planes, and that Farek would know one when he saw one. Farek had thought the dragon was just spewing nonsense, but he offered a lot of money, so who cared? Farek remembered it now. He was running away from the strange creatures in blue. The Eternals, they were called. He turned the corner to see a vampire appear, seemingly from thin air. Farek couldn't remember the details of the fight, only the end, when one of the Eternals leaped into the fray and seemed to suck out the vampire's soul, if they had such a thing. Farek grabbed the fire in the Eteranl's hand and... ate it? The whole situation was a blur. And now... well, one of two things could be happening. Either the dragon was right, or Farek is dead. He hoped the former was true.

    Farek was a Dimir assassin, but not one to look through memories. He made his name by removing other, bigger names. He was hired by Nicol Bolas to kill planeswalkers, but Farek accidentally took the spark of the planeswalker, sending him here.
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