Player Counters Challenge (phantom coins)

Good morning, afternoon or evening, smiths!

We all know that permanents get counters, but sometimes so do players. The in-game examples include:
  • poison counters (a player with ten or more poison counters loses the game.)
  • experience counters (some legendary creatures try to count them.)
  • energy counters (can be spent somewhat like mana.)
My task for you is to design your own player-counters that do something interesting (more similar to poison counters). You can create up to three types of counters this way and submit up to four cards for each of them. I won't judge single cards, but the counters themselves, but your inclusion on cards will be taken into account (how interesting, pretty and balanced the cards were).

Deadline is the 20th of June. All cards should be new, but you can use counters that you've created before.

1st place - 4 phantom coins
2nd place - 3 phantom coins
3rd place - 2 phantom coins

To spend your phantom coins, visit the Phantom Emporium:

Happy smithing!


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  • @AboveAndAbout Neat idea, but the challange is to create new and original player counters, not use the already existing ones. Reading the whole thing is important.
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  • The deadline has been moved due to minor inconsequences, I'd love for anyone to join
  • Mozax Holder of Chains

    First Entry. 
  • Skies of Venageance
    vengeance counters, an interesting resource gained from being attacked and targeted, used to control the board and the combat step with mainly enchantments centered in red black

  • My idea for a return to Valor's Reach would be a point-based mechanic, with each archetype having cheap ways to accumulate points and late-game-ish payoffs for having the most points. 

    At Her Majestys Behest At Her Majestys Behest
  • So, a day after, but I think that still counts. Judging!

    1st place: point counters by @Temurzoa
    I love the flavor! Everybody gets point counters and whoever has the most gets some bonuses. I think this would be amazing in some kind of a limited environment (you've mentioned return to Kylem/Valor's Reach and that's honestly perfect for this mechanic). Both card's you've shown showcase the mechanic very nicely and in slightly differnet ways. You get 4 phantom coins !
    2nd place: fate counters by @pstmdrn
    There are some flaws in the wording ("fate" should not be capitalized; you don't sacrifice counters, you remove them or pay them as is the case with energy). But appart from that, this is a cool concept that I would not really think of! It's a fair way to get an extra turn, which is a very powerful thing in Magic, and it would have some fun synergies. Your card is simple, but showcases the mechanic nicely. My only concern is, that this would need to be in a deck based around the fate mechanic, since the counters don't do anything by themselves. 3 phantom coins for you!
    3nd place: brain counters by @Corwinnn
    I'm a little bit unsure on how they work - do they always reduce a player's hand size or are they just there and a part of the Illithid mechanic? If the first is true, then that should be written in the reminder text of the counters, if the second is the case, it's an interesting concept, but it needs to find some way to kill your opponent, because "deals damage in the form of counters" means it doesn't actually deal damage and so your opponent doesn't die naturally. Whatever may be the point, there's some potential in these, so 2 phantom coins are yours!

    Everybody who got coins, be sure to visit the Emporium at some point to get nice stuff. Currently there are no other contests where you can get the coins, but they will pop up soon.

    Phantom Emporium:
  • Yes! Two Coins! Thank you for the fun Challenge!
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