Tournament of Champions 5!!!!! (The Game Has Begun!)

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Ladies and gentlemen! Warriors and wizards! Beasts and summoners! Angels and demons!

I welcome you to the Tournament of Champions 18 5!!!!!

Choose your heroes that will enter the tournament where he, she, it, or they shall fight to eliminate the chosen of others until only one is left standing, as the true champion. The heroes of the tournament will fight in stages and for each stage won, the victorious shall continue to the next stage stronger than before. Those that lose shall leave the tournament, willingly or forced.

Here are the earlier iterations of this tournament:
Tournament of Champions 1 run by @Jonteman93
Tournament of Champions 2 run by @TenebrisNemo
Tournament of Champions 2 Rematch run by @TenebrisNemo
Tournament of Champions 3 run by @Jonteman93
Tournament of Champions 4 run by @TenebrisNemo
(Thank you to all the previous hosts and the hard work they've put into this saga!)

- This is a contest of both card creation and a role-playing game. You will both make cards and write/play the role of the characters you make. 
- Each cardsmith creates one or multiple legendary creatures with converted mana cost 3 or less that will represent them as heroes in the tournament. (Heroes don't necessarily indicate that they are in good alignment.)
- Each cardsmith creates a character with personality and background for their chosen heroes.
- Each cardsmith may also create one signature card or a companion card with converted mana cost of 3 or less. (The same mana limit as the hero card.)
- After each victorious match, the cardsmith can choose to improve their hero by making a new stronger card for them with new artwork OR the cardsmith can, if above is proven difficult, choose to add either an additional signature card or a companion card to emphasize growth. 
- Cards must at best ability be made balanced and reasonable. This is also true for the story of the characters. 
- Cards can be changed or replaced before the deadline of the active stage. 
- Old cards and characters may be used as long as they have not appeared in any of the earlier Tournament of Champions.  

Signature/companion cards:
- Signature cards are cards that represents the heroes' abilities, spells, equipment, or other utilities which they can use. This can also be memories, experiences and knowledge which the heroes have achieved.
- Companion cards are the companions which help the hero outside or maybe even inside the arena. They are the assistants, healers, squires, mentors, friends, and so on. They are creatures, normal or legendary.
- Like in the previous tournament, you can create multiple legendary creatures that will fight for you. You aren't limited to a single hero. (An additional fighter will count as a companion card and follow the same restrictions.)
- You can also bring multiple heroes within the same card. This will allow you to bring even more than two heroes. The limit of this is one of logic, so you can't bring an entire army just because it fits on a card. (It's a character contest after all.) 
- The signature cards and the companion cards are limited to the same converted mana cost as the hero, but they can be changed anytime you want while the hero card can only be changed after each victorious match and only if you choose to do so. (The option of not making a new card for the hero is just so that you are not limited by too little available artwork.)

Here's an example of what you can use this for:
At the start you can create a two-character fighter card plus a mentor or servant as a companion card. Then if you win the first stage you make a new fighter card with only one of the characters while you change the companion card to become the other character.

You have three options:
1. Fighter(s) + Fighter companion(s).
2. Fighter(s) + Non-fighter companion(s).
3. Fighter(s) + Signature card. (Non-creature card which your characters will use in combat.)

You may choose to only make a single card for your fighter(s) but that won't give you any significant benefits. In the case of a tie, I will use signature/companion cards to judge a tiebreaker!


Draft period (January 27th-February 10th)
The first two weeks is the period within which you create and submit your characters and cards. When this time has reached its deadline, the draft elimination will reduce the number to an amount fit-for-tournament. With other words, the 8, 16 or 32 best teams will be chosen.(This is also the best time to ask questions if you have any!)

First stage (around February 18th)
When the teams have been chosen, the positions will be randomized in a tournament bracket created by me! Teams will then fight in an arena where the winners are determined through two main factors, card design and story value. Here is my general criteria for both of these categories:
  • Card Value: Innovation of design, power level, color pie, connection to character's story
  • Story Value: Effort put into storytelling, creativity of story, storytelling, response to events within the tournament

Post-First stage:
The winners will be given a minimum of one week to upgrade their hero and/or make or change their signature/companion cards. Extra time may be given if the need is justified. This will continue in a similar pattern until the last two heroes remain. Some special rules will occur then but more about that then.

Maximum converted mana cost at each stage: 

First stage: 3

Second stage: 5

Third stage: 7 (An additional signature/companion card will be allowed.)

These limits are both for the fighters themselves AND the companion/signature cards. While not required, it is a good idea to make at least one new card for your hero at some point to demonstrate growth.



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    Rules and important notes:

    - Firstly the obvious. Don't break the rules of the forum. 

    - Don't spam messages.

    - Respect the larger story, the world, and its rules, or at the very least, leave it alone. It is quite difficult and very time consuming to make a story for this kind of contest. So i would like you all to keep yourself within the box of the story. Don't try to take over the world or start a war. It is suggested, however, to collaborate with other contestants to strengthen your character's story as well. A good backstory is also super helpful, since that was the deciding factor in some of the other Tournament of Champions finals!!

    - By joining this tournament, you agree to let me take control over your characters and do with them as I see fit. I will also control how the fights are played and how larger parts of the story take part. So it is important that you give me some instruction about your character. Personality, motivations, abilities and such. This makes it easier for me to keep your characters true to their intended image. 

    - Don't be afraid to make mistakes. We are here to have fun after all!

    Here are some stellar examples of previous entries:

    Niran’s Entry by @MonkeyPirate2002 - ToC3 finalist!
    Intro to Imilia by @Usaername

    Example Cards by me (@shadow123)!!
    Nilani the PureheartedNilani the Hopebringer
     Guardian of Hope Hope Twin Abyssal Hope
  • Welcome to Avelaide!

    Avelaide is a plane created by @Jonteman93. As we delve into the tournament more, we will learn more about its gods, the abyss, and so much more!

    In the world of Avelaide, the Tournament of Champions has been held in a variety of places across Liskadonia, a continent in Avelaide. Champions of the tournament have the option to serve Goddess Friyena, a powerful goddess that has saved Liskadonia from an abyssal dragon. However, after mysterious ties between the seventeenth Tournament of Champions (ToC4) and the abyss were exposed, tournament was abandoned and Friyena disappeared, along with most of her champions.

    Fifty years later, the landscape of Liskadonia has changed. As turmoil increases between kingdoms within Liskadonia and the abyss starts to make its mark once again, the ruler of a new kingdom, called the Rosakel Empire has decided to bring back the tournament, in hopes of getting Friyena to return.

    Welcome to Southern Eviera, a part of Liskadonia:

    These islands are the home of the Rosakel Empire. This is where the tournament will be taking place for the most part! To the north, in the main part of Eviera, are much older factions that remain fractured after Friyena disappeared.

    I will publish story soon for everyone to get a better idea of the tournament : )
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    [The Akisaki bear their greetings]
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    *raises hand* There's a number of things I'd like to confirm… 
    1. There is no apparent upper bound on the number of fighters a cardsmith can create. Am I missing something, or would it be perfectly viable to enter a 5-fighter party from the outset? (There seems to be a roundabout implication of a maximum of 2 fighters in the rules for signature/companion cards, but I see no concrete rule to this effect.)
    2. The rules for signature/companion cards say there can be more than one fighter on a single card so long as it is logical. Is there an unwritten upper bound on this? Additionally, do all fighters on a card have to be included in the card name?
    3. There is only a restriction on the mana value of cards, and no restriction on values such as color identity?
    4. Is it preferred that a cardsmith upgrades their character instead of making a new signature/companion card? Will there be potential judgement consequences for not upgrading the main fighter(s)? (i.e. will a cardsmith be less likely to advance if they instead create a variety of signature/companion cards to support their initial fighter(s)?)
    5. How aware are each cardsmith's fighter(s) of the other fighters? Can they watch other fighters' matches? Can they interact with each other while between matches? Where are fighters allowed to go between matches?
    6. What happens to a fighter after they lose? Is it still possible for them to participate in the story? (Implications of this question are greatly reduced because you're controlling the characters, but this might still prove relevant.)
    Figured I'd just ask instead of reading through almost 150 pages of previous tournaments. :sweat_smile: 
  • @cadstar369 you start off with only two cards, so a 5 fighter party would be impossible. There's also no restriction on color identity. Interacting with other characters in between matches is a key part of TOC and was highly recommended in previous iterations. Fighters usually stick around for a little after they lose a match, usually long enough just to finish their storyline, though sometimes they stick around longer as background characters
  • @cadstar369

    Yup! @Usaername answered most of it!

    1. You start out with only TWO cards: Your champion and your signature card/companion card. Each round, you are given the option to either upgrade your champion OR add another signature/companion card. However, you must start at two cards total!
    2. There can be more than one fighter on a companion card. Your champion must be ONE character though. Just be reasonable with the amount of fighters you choose to put on one companion card.
    3. There is no restriction on color identity! I highly suggest having a core color of the card though unless a huge shift in the character's story convinces you otherwise.
    4. There is no difference with what you choose to do. I suggest that you upgrade your character at least once at some point to show growth though, but that choice is up to you.
    5. All of the fighters are aware of all the others unless indicated otherwise. With the other characters' owners' permission, I highly suggest you interact w/ other characters. More details will come about what characters can do when not fighting.
    6. Once a character loses, they become a side character! But, I, as a judge, will no longer focus on them.

    Hope this helps!
  • The link to Niran's entry directs to Imilia's entry (that witch is a spotlight hog, amirite? ;P)
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    Oop- lmao I shall fix that ASAP heheh

    edit: fixed!
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    Ebb, and flow

    Ebb, and flow

    Ebb, and flow

    That’s what I had always been told, and here I was again, telling it to myself. 

    The dance beyond the borders of my mind surged wildly, flashes of blood, steel, the sounds of screams cut short. In the span of a single moment, life leads into death, ebb leads into flow.

    Ebb, and flow

    Ebb, and flow

    Ebb, and flow

    The dance was over now, and the ocean of blood that pooled around my shins swirled and eddied, twisting and writhing like a great ophidian beast.

    Blood dripped from my blade, a consistent tap, tap, tapping sound as droplets joined their place in the sea, creating ripples, ever expanding outwards.

    Crying Moon, I had been told it was called, and such a fitting name it was. It cried its great red tears as I brushed it across my tongue, my earned nectar trickling past my lips, coating my throat, failing to quench my thirst.

    I bit down hard on my tongue, spilling now my own blood, and as it filled my mouth and dripped down my chin, I could have sworn I heard it.

    The weeping of a goddess.

    And then it was over, and I bolted up in bed, covered in sweat. I was holding the sword in my grasp, and as I looked on in horror, I felt something warm and wet spill over my lips.

    The dreams were becoming too real.


    I had first met the blade many years ago, before I could even wield it. At the time, the curse of our magnetism was weak, but over time, it grew. Exploded and blossomed into an insatiable and terrifying desire.

    It wanted me.

    But even more terrifying than that,

    I wanted it.

    And we wanted blood.

    I proclaimed my resolve then. I would take this cursed blade, a blade of killers, a blade of killed, and hold it up at the zenith of slaughter, we would bathe in blood, and we would be satiated. And once satiated, we would be unmade.

    For now, I am its master. But the future is clouded, and nothing lasts forever.

    I have been set out on this fatal quest, and for the sake of humanity, I will see it carried out.

    My name is Miyan Yunyue, and I have accepted my fate.

    I will win this tournament, and then I will die.



    Grounded yet distant, melancholy yet content, humble yet confident, peaceful yet violent, friendly yet cold, and nihilistic, but for a logical reason, Miyan comes off as an enigma to most people. When faced with a problem, he either fixes it or moves on, not having time for anything else. He moves quickly, but never hurriedly, and he often slows down while he still can. He can move between his carefree side and serious side almost instantly, and he doesn’t take kindly to anyone who would seek to disturb peace. When he cares for someone, he will protect them to the death, but he has yet to meet someone who he truly feels connected to. Additionally, he assumes that everyone who enters a fight is prepared to die, and struggles to understand why anyone would accept surrender.

    Fighting Style

    The grace of a great blue heron imbued with the soul of a dancer, interwoven with the precision of an edge of chipped obsidian. Like a flowing waterfall of death, or a sudden gust of cold wind. A breath caught short and a blade already resheathed. Quick, efficient, and deadly. Nothing more than necessary, nothing less than assured victory. 

    Assorted Statistics:

    • Age: 19
    • Height: 5’ 8”
    • Hair color: Dark brown
    • Eye color: Dark brown
    • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    • MBTI Type: INFJ (NiFeTiSe)
    • Enneagram: 2w1
    • Lunar zodiac: Rabbit
    • Hobbies: Practicing Taijijian based Tàijíquán, reading, painting
    • Occupation: Librarian
    • Favorite food: Green onion pancake
    • Favorite drink: Hot water
    • Favorite flower: Night-blooming Cereus

    Power: A - Miyan may not be notably strong, but he’s far from weak, and Naku Tsuki is always kept extremely sharp. Every attack he makes has the potential to cleave right through its target.

    Speed: A - Miyan uses speed to his advantage in order to overwhelm his opponent with flurries of blows, as well as to escape from counterattacks. He wears no armor in order to maintain his speed longer.

    Range: D - Given that Miyan’s only main offensive move is to use Naku Tsuki, his effective range is quite limited, ending about two meters away from him in any direction.

    Durability: C - Though he can move fast and has a good amount of stamina, Miyan’s lack of armor can turn any unlucky hit into a potentially crippling one.

    Precision: A - Though Naku Tsuki is a katana by definition, Miyan uses it like a Chinese jian, which can involve very precise stabbing. Additionally, every foot placement and body motion is fully thought out.

    Potential: ? - Miyan and Naku Tsuki have only grown more and more powerful. There’s no telling how powerful they could become.

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    maybe I missed it in what I read but, what is the main motivation to participate in the tournament? Is there a special prize? Glory? Magic?
    So far I only see the honor of serving the goddess, but that's not very interesting for characters with chaotic alignment. 

    And about the Lore of the world: are there specific races? I'm looking at a medieval fantasy world but I may be wrong..
  • are there any desert areas in Avelaide?
  • @WarriorCatInAhat Yep!

    @SMPrague Prizes will be revealed later! The top places will likely earn lots of favorites and maybe a follow. The winner will also have the opportunity to host the next ToC after talking w/ Jonteman93, the creator of this saga. You can choose whatever race you want for your character- I'm not that picky about that!
  • @Usaername Love it! Nice entry
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    Raeza's character sheet is currently under construction practically done. @shadow123 is there any motivator on the tournament's end to participate other than potentially serving Friyena? (I have a more personal motivation in mind for Raeza, but I'd still like to know.)

    I'll keep everything over on this document so I don't have to come back and edit this post a thousand times. (Will post a short introduction here once it's finished.) Edit: background post below.

    Raeza Photocryst Photon Array


    Raeza stood outside the headmaster's office. How many times had they passed through those oaken doors, carved with heroic scenes of past alumni? It wasn't worth keeping track. Raeza briefly wondered what it was going to be this time as they were called inside.

    She changed the theme again, Raeza noted as they glanced around. This time around the office was decked in garish reds and oranges. The headmaster sat behind a vermillion desk, finishing up the last of a small mountain of paperwork. "Raeza," she said, flashing an easy smile, "I hear you've been making a name for yourself on the training grounds again."

    "How so? I haven't had an opponent for the last week."

    "That's part of why I called you here. Isn't it time you started thinking about reaching out to other places?"

    Raeza sighed. This again. "Have you forgotten how that went the last seven times? I've been blacklisted from a number of prestigious institutions for 'embarrassing' their top students and a number of relatively prominent scholars."

    "That's because you haven't aimed high enough!"

    "And what exactly is 'higher' than this academy's competitors?"

    The headmaster held up a sheet of paper. "This is an advertisement for the Tournament of Champions. I want you to represent us this time around."

    "I refuse." Raeza said instantly.

    "What? Why?"

    Why does she look genuinely shocked? "The Tournament of Champions is a combat festival. Why would I ever want to participate in something like that?"

    "Some of the greatest combatants from across the world will be there. Don't you need strong opponents to test your theories on?"

    "Not at all. I've simply come to an arrangement with some of the other students, occasionally resulting in opportunities to explore applications of–"

    "I get it, I get it. I already signed you up a week ago though, so don't go wasting this opportunity! You'll make us look bad~"

    "So you signed me up for this tournament knowing I wouldn't want to participate?"

    "Whatever do you mean?" the headmaster asked innocently.

    Raeza covered their face with one hand. "So what does one get for winning this tournament?"

    "Glory, fame, maybe the right to serve the goddess Friyena… what's with that look?"

    "You don't seem to understand how absolutely worthless that sounds, but I know you won't stop bothering me until I say yes; when does this tournament begin?"

    ~~~ (A few weeks later)

    Raeza walked silently down a sidestreet, idly munching on a fruit bun they'd picked up from a street vendor a few streets back. The main roads were far too crowded, and Raeza had already checked the city's main landmarks days ago. Even the main library was loud and suffocating, making it impossible to focus. Reaching an intersection between three roads, Raeza pulled out a small folded paper, double-checking its contents. The innkeeper said there was an enchanter down this way, and there should be a bookstore or two nearby as well. Let's see if I can't find something stimulating

  • @cadstar369 Nice cards! The document is very helpful too.

    I would love a personal motivation- it makes your character story much more interesting. The tournament itself offers a chance to serve Friyena and of course, glory, since only seventeen other beings have been crowned champion from such a large tournament before!
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    "This is a bad idea."

    Ushri called out to her companion as they walked through the bustling streets. Normally Ushri was confident, she was a warrior after all, but with the price on their heads increasing she'd taken to being very paranoid around strangers. This city, as beautiful as it was, was full of potential assassins and bounty hunters.

    "Yeah, probably." Meka said, shrugging. "But if we win this thing we can finally pay off our bounty."

    "It's still way too risky!" Ushri jogged a bit to catch up. "The best fighters from across all of Avelaide will be here."

    "That's exactly why we gotta be here! You saying we're not big time?"

    "Meka I'm being serious, we're just some two bit mercs who killed the wrong person."

    "We?" Meka said putting up air quotes. "I seem to remember the princess' head getting cut off, not shot off." 

    Ushri just stared at her companion with anger. Sure she may have been the one to actually kill the princess, but it was Meka who got them the job in the first place. She had told Ushri it was just a routine assassin gig. Turned out to be anything but. The entire royal family of the area was involved in some Demon worshipping cult and hadn't taken too kindly to their interference. It'd only been a few months, but in that time the pair had gone from mid-level ronin to wanted criminals who stayed alive by the skin of their teeth.

    "C'mon Ushri, we've got this." Meka said, laughing at her companions anger.

    Just then a shout rang across the street. Four armed killers rushed out from the crowd at all angles. It was obvious who their targets were. Ushri sighed and usheathed her sword as Meka flung the sheet off her gunlance, still laughing.

    "Let's show these fools why our bounty is so high!" Meka shouts

    "Oh shut up already!" Ushri responds as gunshots and swordstrikes echo down the street.

  • @East2West Wow! Love the intro and the entry!!
  • are there orcs in Avelaide? asking for a minor backstory thing
  • @WarriorCatInAhat Avelaide is not my creation, it is @Jonteman93 's from the very first Tournament of champions, but for the purposes of ToC, let's say yes, but not too many!
  • yeah I'm just including one really minor character so that works

  • @shadow123 if my hero is a flip card that transforms, if and when I make it a new card would I need to remake both sides, or just one of the sides and have the other remain the same?
  • @theirintheattic Both sides! I consider a flip card as one card.
  • Alright thanks!
  • And Planeswalker? We can use Planeswalker?
  • @SMPrague judging by the Tournaments I've been in, I don't think contestants can enter as planeswalker cards, but they can upgrade at the end of their story should there be a reason for it.
  • @SMPrague The characters CANNOT be planeswalkers. Your character may be from another plane, but other than that, planeswalking isn't allowed. Characters cannot upgrade to planeswalkers throughout the tournament for story purposes unfortunately either.
  • Mmmmm... Yeah. That's a good option. I think I already have an idea to handle... One last question: What are the powers of the Goddess? Does she have absolute wisdom or something close to it?
  • Friyena is the goddess of love and war, as stated in a previous Tournament of Champions. She is very wise though.
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