[RESULTS] The HALF-Great Designer Search 3 — Challenge 4: Finding a Good Mechanic



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    First impressions (could be way off base) as follows:
    Ransack doesn't feel super flavorful--why do we discard to do something?
    Hit&Run feels like a wacky spinoff of Dash, which is already in 2/3rds of your colors in the same block.

    But I'd still say that both have potential, I'm personally just not sure in what way yet.
  • Difficult to choose. I think I am going with Dimir. If anybody else has special interest in this Faction, I would gladly pick another one.
  • I may join this if I have time. If I do, I probably will choose the DINOSAURS FROM IXALAN!!!
  • @ningyounk I think I'm going Rakdos guild. My idea for the Rakdos guild is inspired by Captive Audience.

    Sideshow {cost} (You may pay this cost to have this permanent enter the battlefield under the control of an opponent of your choice. At the end of your turn, return control of it to the owners side of the board.)

    So that means that when it enters the battlefield, your Opponent gets either the upside or downside that the creature brings. This can hopefully be used in numerous different ways, but I'll give two for now:

  • If I didn't miss someone already claiming it, I'd like the Kamigawa spirit faction.
  • @LeSelton
    Do you mean the Kamis? Sure, nobody have claimed them yet (you can find the list of all claimed factions in the introduction, I update it as it goes). Note that both the Orzhov syndicate which can sometimes have a Spirit subtheme and the WU Spirits from Innistrad have already been claimed. While this doesn't prevent you from taking the Kamis, you will have some though competition on the spirit theme so remember to emphasise what makes your faction different ;)
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  • @Derfaulehelmut, I would first drop the colon after "Ruse 3", then I would italicize the reminder text.

    The mechanic (I think) should be phrased as such:
    Ruse N (You may have target opponent gain N life. If you do, this creature has protection form that player until end of turn.)

    The effect where you are getting treasure tokens should have quotation marks around the effect of the treasure token.
  • @Ranshi922

    Cool, thanks, I redo the card
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    Innistrad Werewolf -- Full Moon (At the beginning of your opponent's upkeep, transform all werewolfs you control.)
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    @KorandAngels, I commented some criticism on the sheen and Shadow card. The comments, while specific to it, can be applied in spirit to all of the cards.
  • @Ranshi922
    I will change my entry.
  • @KorandAngels, I am pretty sure that you can't take Orzhov, being that I already had it. Your mechanic had merit but needed tweaking, that's all.
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    @Ranshi922 I know. sorry.

    Kamigawa Mortals -- Chastise N (Deal N damage to target Spirit, Dragon, Demon, Horror or Devil)
    image image image image
  • @KorandAngels
    Do you want to claim one of those factions, or is this just brainstorming for people to give you their advice until you decide which one to pick? ^^ Remember that you can only claim one faction, normally I would consider the Mortals claimed by you right now but as you posted for three different factions in a very short amount of time, I am going to need you to explicitly claim one faction in the comments before I add you to the introduction list (you can still change that faction later of course) ^^
  • @Ningyounk I pick the kamigawa mortals. the others didn't work.
  • @KorandAngels, here I come in with more criticism... I'll just PM you... I swear I am trying to help.
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    @ningyounk I want to switch factions. Mardu is surprisingly hard to make an ability for. Instead, if you will let me, I choose Kamigawa Ninjas, since I can actually make an ability for them.

    Here it is. Ambush (cost) (If this card is in your hand, whenever a creature you control blocks, you may return that creature to your hand. If you do, you may cast this card from your hand as though it had flash for it's Ambush cost)

    It needs rewording, so if anyone has suggestions, I would appreciate it!
    P.S. Hope it isn't too similar to Korand Angel's faction.
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    Sorry, the Ninjas of Kamigawa are not a faction per se, they're simply "The Mortals" and this faction has already been claimed by KorandAngels :/
    You can use the same mechanic for another faction of your choice though if you'd like?

    P.S: You can find the official list of all factions by following the link in the introduction to the article "Faction Packed" if you're looking for inspiration.
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    @ningyounk Thanks!
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    @ningyounk Can I have Innistrad Zombies? My true people... I have missed you.
  • I think that the only faction that seems to be the right flavour to use Ambush is the Temur, what with all of the Morph shenanigans that they do. What do you guys think?
  • I'll choose the River Heralds of Ixalan (The Merfolk)
  • Sure thing, @Undead, that's a pretty fitting faction for you xD
    You got it, @TheCenterOfTheUniverse =)

    I try to not help anyone more than anyone else in these challenges so I'll try to stay as neutral and informative as possible for this next bit, to help you choose your faction:
    - Morph (and its variants Manifest and Megamorph) was a mechanic that appeared in all colours in the Tarkir block. It was not meant as any faction's mechanic.
    - Temur was the faction that cared about strength.
    - That being said, there was an archetype more focused on Morph in green/blue, which means Temur did care a bit more about Morph than the other factions. The same was also true for the Sultai faction though.
    - You might also want to check the Faeries faction from Lorwyn/Shadowmoor. It really depends on where you want to bring your mechanic but they're depicted as pretty mischievous and have some mechanical overlaps with the Ninjas of Kamigawa. It's possible they might suit your needs.
  • @TheCenterOfTheUniverse
    Another Ixalan faction, yeah! XD
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    I've got a rules question for you: could a single ability word have multiple formats depending on specific scenario?

    For example, my (current) mechanic for the competition:
    "Muster - ..., if you control another creature that shares a creature type with ~,..."
    "Muster - ..., if it shares a creature type with ~,..."

    Could both of those versions still be correct for a single ability word?
  • @Faiths_Guide
    Yes, as long as they are mechanically similar.
  • Thanks, @murkletins; you're probably right.

    I might move to something a bit more flavor-centric for my Pirates:
    Hoard - Whenever a Gold or Treasure token enters the battlefield under your control,...
  • @Faiths_Guide
    You can have a mechanic work slightly differently depending on situations, the most common occurrence of this are mechanics that work slightly differently on permanents and non-permanents like Ascend or Haunt. Beware that having a mechanic feel like multiple separate mechanics will be considered a downsides. That's partly what got Jay Treat eliminated from the original GDS3 challenge in this challenge!
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