Thoughts on Eldritch Moon

The following post contains my own opinions on the latest set, Eldritch Moon. If you disagree, please remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, until they start trying to shove it down others' throats.
With that warning out of the way, I'll begin my extremely likely rant.

Okay, so Innistrad has been a set I've always liked a lot. And adding the eldritch to it was something that made me very excited. So naturally, I bought a fat pack on opening day. Since I am a werewolf player and pulled many non-werewolf support cards, I was mildly disappointed. However, certain observations actually upset me even more.

1. Wizards is trying too hard to make meld obvious.
As a werewolf player, I carry a slight bias towards these double sided card situations, but I was especially upset here because, out of nine boosters, I pulled five of the pieces for Chittering Swarm. (Or whatever the common meld is called.) Perhaps this is simply (and most likely) horrible luck on my part, but seriously. FIVE OUT OF NINE flip cards were for one meld that isn't even that good! I suppose the header is a bit misleading, but this is not making me like meld. At all.

Again, this is likely poor luck on my pulls, but there seems to be a disgusting amount of human synergy cards in Eldritch Moon. Almost every white card I pulled had something to do with humans. Half the green cards I pulled had something to do with humans. SERIOUSLY. I get humans are pretty much the last faction besides zombies to fight Emrakul, but this is ridiculous. Also, white weenies have even more creatures. *insert sarcastic yay* And speaking of zombies. . .

3. Not a zombie in sight.
Out of 135 cards, exactly one, ONE, was any form of zombie support. And it was a poor enchantment that isn't really worth using because it's so slow. Maybe it's because we have Liliana and Gisa and Geralf, but COME ON. I can't see any reason to play zombies unless I get creative with Zendikar.

4. This format is stuck.
At this point, the only way to play this format is to play eldrazi. Whether you go ramping into Zendikar or swarming into Eldritch Moon, eldrazi are pretty much the only prominent win conditions. Everything else (except maybe the godforsaken white weenies) will have a difficult time keeping up.

5. Ulrich sucks.
I didn't actually pull this guy or anything. Just wanted to say that, as a commander and legendary werewolf, he has no tribal synergy, especially compared to something like, say, Geier Reach Bandit. (Yes, I blew cash on a playset of everyone's favorite nondescript bandit.)

And that ends my rant. Perhaps I'm painfully inaccurate on these observations. What do you guys think?


  • I like it because I got Brisella at the prerelease and used my Thalia, Emrakul's Evangel, and Brisella to make a GW Humans deck that kicked butt and almost won packs (My excuse is it had too many lands, and I substituted a couple lands for hamlet captain and stuff after round 1.)
  • Eldritch Moon seems fine to me... I play Eldrazi and WBG Lifegain, so this helped with my decks a bit. It seemed that Wizards was getting a little desperate with Emrakul coming onto Innistrad, but whatever. I got 3 lone riders when I only needed one, no melds, and one mythic from 8 boosters. I was a little disappointed.
  • I'm happy U/W spirits is a thing. SPELL QUELLER FOR THE WIN
  • I agree with @Lujikul. Eldritch Moon just seemed really bland to me because I didn't feel like Wizards made anything that new or special. I also think that they are making every sort of transform thing too obvious.
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