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  • How about this: a planeswalker with all static abilities. Seems appropriate for a rust-based planeswalker.
  • Interesting, it seems difficult to control the number of artifacts on the battlefield. It is a card that devotes a deck built around her and patience. But the last effect can compensate, it is devastating.

    My card: An old philosopher friend.
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    Some rulings/considerations about this card:

    a. The first time you cast Tashi, the commander damage threshold becomes 22.

    b. Adding one "times casted" while Tashi is on the battlefield will not increase the commander damage threshold inmediately, because that triggers when entering the battlefield.

    c. The first part of the enter the battlefield ability will override any existing value of commander damage threshold. Ex: Before entering the battlefield, commander damage threshold was 22. Then, Tashi is casted by its "three times casted" cost, so, enters the battlefield and commander damage threshold becomes 24.

    d. The second part of the enter the battlefield ability resets the "commander damage" dealt by any player to Tashi's controller to zero. Ex: Player B dealt 20 commander damage to Tashi's controller, when Tashi enters the battlefield, that commander damage becomes 0.

    I know is a little wordy and complicated...

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