WUBRG creatures (All five colors)

Hi all, this is the first one of these I've done, so don't be afraid to correct me if I've done something wrong or tell me this contest has been done several times.

This contest is all about building creature cards with all five colors in the mana cost. With that said, I want these cards to be balanced, no 20/20 op creatures with indestructible please. Up to three submissions per cardsmith, and please put all three in same post, even if you do so via editing when you make them.

The cards will be judged by me on the following aspects:
Flavor text (hint hint flavor text is really cool)

First place will get 5 favorites

Second place will get 3 favorites

Third place will get 1 favorite

As a final note, these cards should be realistic, and something someone would want to play in a real match.

Example: Exerius, the Exalted (http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/exerius-the-exalted?list=user)
Exerius walks a thin line for being op, so scale accordingly.
I'll close this up on March 20th. Have fun and good luck.


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