Artist Challenge #6: Noah Bradley!

Just barely made it in time! Here's my FAVORITE Magic artist, can't wait to see what you guys come up with! And good luck to anyone entering @MTGCardsmith 's official Tribal Troubles Contest! You can find it here:
A reoccurring challenge of making cards featuring works from talented artists! To start off the challenge is to get inspired and to create a card based on an artist's works!

This month: Noah Bradley!
Official Website:

Have fun, be as creative as you like!
If you want an artist used for next time, please, send me a message with their name and/or online profiles! :)
Note: It is preferred the artist has at least 10+ finished works, as it increases the different cards people can make!

Remember to credit the artist! That's what this is all about!

Previous Artists
1 - Jason Nguyen:
2 - Even Amundsen:
3 - Daniel Kamarudin:
4 - Kevin Hou:
5 - Shahab Alizadeh:


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