Children's book art contest

Welcome to the Children's book art contest whether you MUST use a piece of art from a children's book for the art on your entry(s).
I will be judging based on how well the art goes with the rest of the card, so choose wisely.
The prizes are:
First place: a follow and 15 favorites of my choice.
Second place: a follow and 10 favorites of my choice.
Third place:5 favorites of my choice.

The rules:
You MUST use a piece of art from a children's book. (Chapter books don't count.)
You MUST credit the author and the illustrator. (Put the title and author in the flavor text.)
You have a limit of THREE cards.
Your entries shouldn't be broken. (I'll forgive this one if the art is good.)

You will be disqualified if you break any of the rules in CAPS.


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