Progress update on the "Adast" collab set.

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For those of you that checked out my other thread on the subject, you are likely aware that I'm currently heading a collaboration set, made by Cardsmith's from the site - We're sorry that we don't quite keep up on the site and add the cards to the site itself, but there is an overwhelming amount of uploads and re-uploads already, so we haven't quite gotten around to it, sorry :3
It's a huge amount of grunt work, so I'll probably force @Linjam to do it some day soon ;)

We finished all of our commons and we did a bit of playtesting, so this is where we're at for now:

We have 116 commons for now - This includes a cycle of 10 dual lands.

So, basically, our set is currently in a "pre-draftable" phase - The custom set is draftable, with all commons.

If there are folks who are interested in playing 1v1 sealed decks (Easier to coordinate between few people) or if people are interested in trying out all-commons draft with us, I am happy to coordinate.

As long as we are online, you can find me and the team over here:

All you need to playtest is an account on Untap.In and a Discord account. Both are free and come with a minimal amount of strings attached.

I hope you enjoy taking a look at our commons, and I hope you stop by to play at some point!

Best regards, Grimshac


  • That said, I am heading to bed now - I'll be back in about 12-15 hours, and I'll be hanging around Discord to talk to anyone who's interested.
  • I'll help you guys get test hours, it has been a long time since I helped something.
  • @Grimshac
    Awesome stuff! I wanna playtest eventually (guess I'll need Discord).
  • @Grimshac Sure, I love doing that kind of stuff! *eye twitches
  • bump it real good!
  • I'm on Discord for the next 8-10 hours if anyone wants to give playtesting a go :)!
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    Sacred Sovereign (flip side of Karsi Cleric):

    Alternate wording suggestion - Sacred Sovereign gets +X/+X where X is equal to your current life total minus your starting life total.

    I think it is "more correct", at least, in my mind, it is far easier to understand.
  • I agree, actually, but doublefaced cards are a pain to fix, so since it's still understandable, I'll leave it in for now
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    Resolute Detainer has a different name in its rules text (Auris Detainer).

    Endless Longing doesn't work currently. Just like Snapcaster, if it grants Flashback it has to specify how you calculate costs.

    Zealous Apprentice and Curious Magi are missing the word "from" in there remove spell counter ablity. Karsi Cleric has it though.
  • @Faiths_Guide

    Thank you for the feedback! Fixed, fixed, fixed and fixed :)
  • Bump. Still looking for more playtesters.
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