Underplayed Tribal Challenge

Hey guys! I haven't been as active as usual recently, but now that hybrid borders are available for everyone (WHEEEEEE), you can expect more content from me! :D

Anyway, I also wanted to create a challenge because I haven't done one in a while, and these things are great ways to bring out the creativity from the community while also giving me the opportunity to stea--I mean, get inspired by other people's stuff. :P

The challenge is to create a card utilizing one of the six tribes below with their respective colors. There are no limits to the number of cards entered per Cardsmith, but I will only accept new cards made for this challenge; sorry, guys, no digging through your account please.

Tribes are as follows:

WHITE: Elephants
Okay, so I know that most people think that Elephants are in green (Trained Armodon, Terastodon), but here I'm talking about the Loxodon. You can of course, make a normal Elephant, and I'll accept those entries alongside our tusked warriors and priests.

BLUE: Advisors
Definitely not one of the more commonly found class types, which I believe makes for great design space. There's so many ways to portray these critical second-in-commanders; and without them, your victory cannot be assured!

These guys "kind of" got a tribe in the Kamigawa block, but when I opened a few Gatecrash and Return to Ravnica boosters and pulled two Ogre Slumlords and a Pack Rat, I saw much more potential. You have a few options with humanoid Nezumi or the generic duct crawlers.

RED: Devils
I saw the beginnings of fun Devil shenanigans with the release of Shadows Over Innistrad with cards like Dance with Devils and Devils' Playground, so we have some strategery ideas to follow here. But we have yet to see a solid tribal lord (unless you count Hellrider, my favorite aggro curve topper), or a lot of decent supporting creatures.

GREEN: Squirrels
This one's for you, @Corwinnn. Make our own hardworking, Patreon-promoting nutcracker proud, boys.

There are quite a few Thopters, and good ones too, in Magic, but some solid tribal-esque effects for these flying kites has yet to be seen.

1) As many entries per Cardsmith as they like, but please remember I have to judge at some point. Say, July the 7th.
2) You are allowed, and dare I say encouraged, to mix types and colors. The point of this challenge is to stretch those creative juices.
3) At the end of the contest, whichever tribe has the most entries, each of the entrants to that tribe will get an additional favorite.
4) Winner gets 10 favorites and 5 pieces of feedback, 2nd place gets 5 and 3, 3rd place gets 3 and 1.

Good luck Smithing!


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