Inspiration Challenge #1: Comic book Characters

In this is a contest, you will be giving comic book characters a Magic: the Gathering (and fantasy) makeover. I want you to choose a character from a comic, and make a card inspired by it. You are not allowed to mention the character at all on your card however, and I will be judging on how good your card is, not the character. I would like it if you added a link to a page about the character though. I recommend DC Comics, Marvel, and Dark Horse Comics. However, there are many more publishers and characters and I wouldn't mind seeing some others.

1st = A Trophy, a follow, and 10 favorites!
2nd = A follow and five favorites.
3rd = Three favorites and the privilege to choose a Honourable Mention.
Honourable Mentions get two favorites. I will choose one Honourable Mention.



Inspired by Prince Namor


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