Tri-Color Instant or Sorcery Head to Head Tournament

I love the challenges on this website! All kinds of uniqueness. I do notice that the challenges are creature heavy (nothing wrong with that) I wanted to do a different twist. For this challenge players will post an instant or sorcery card that either cost 3 colors to cast or gives benefits for using up to 3 colors.

1. Must in some way incorporate 3 colors.
2. Must be an instant or sorcery
3. Must be realistically playable in the current standard environment
4. If Artist credit is available please give them credit (Or at least a portion of the url)
5. Be creative (I want my mind to be blown)
6. Only one submission per user.

The last day to enter the tournament will be 5/18/15. After this we will create a head to head tournament with single elimination rounds until only one card is left standing. If needed for the first round I may put 3 or 4 cards in one match up.

This is my example card.

If you are unsure if your card meats the rules fell free to post it. I will let you know if it's not what I am looking for, and you will be allowed a re-submission.


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