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  • @bigbadbooknerd
    Thanks :) I'll post the others I did. I managed not to miss a single day!
  • Keep in mind, that was my first ever card alter attempt. Really my first time using acrylics on anything other than a miniature/sculpture period.
  • That's even more impressive!
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    Where would I ask for an alteration commission?
  • @Ranshi922
    Well, like I said, that was the very first time I attempted something like that and it actually took quite a lot of time to do. As it isn't a really worth-while use of my limited free time I hadn't planned on taking more commissions. However, I'm always up to chat with anyone via DM (which is how @Gelectode requested his alter).
  • Let's exhibit the finished Creatuanary pieces!

    Day 18: Kelpie

    Day 19: Yara-ma-yha-who

    Day 20: Oni

    Day 21: Dryad
    3"x3" sticky note:
    Rushed digitizing:

    Day 22: Hade's new pet

    Day 23: Nagas

    Day 24: Mapinguari
    3"x3" sticky note:

    Day 25: Draugr

    Day 26: Basilisk

    Day 27: Baby kaiju

    Day 28: Jellyfish shark

    Day 29: Kappas

    Day 30: Zlatorog
    3"x3" sticky note:

    Day 31: Feliciano the faun versus Venom
    3"x3" sticky note:
  • I like the sticky note of the venom one more than the other one, but they all look good!
  • @Bowler218
    It appears that a lot of people agreed with you!
  • Could I get some input on this? I'm working on coloring/reworking my old art piece.


    I want this to be the art for a white Cat Beast creature card with flying.

    Here are my questions:
    1. What plane do you think this Cat Beast could come from?
    2. What mechanical synergies do you think would work well with the art?
    3. What background elements do you think would look good?

    Thanks in advance anyone/everyone!
  • I think it would be cool as a jungle creature from Ixalan, you could make it based around stealthy type abilities such as skulk or unlockable, this could signify it silently sneaking up on and hunting it's prey in the jungle.
  • @bigbadbooknerd
    That's a great suggestion. There were no Cats on Ixalan at all and there were Hounds so that makes it an even better fit. I have two questions for you:
    1. Any cool Ixalan related things you think would work for the background?
    2. Any idea for a name for a Cat Beast species on Ixalan? [See previous WoTC's below]

    Cat Beast names by plane:
    1&2. Dominaria - Nishoba & Vorine

    3. Tarkir - Arynx
    3. Ravnica - Arynx

    4. Kaladesh - Felidar
    4. Zendikar - Felidar

    I'm still open to, and would greatly appreciate, more suggestions!
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    This illustration look like a pretty bestial cat compared to more human-like ones, I'd have a hard time imagining it speak (unless maybe you go for a Sphinx flavour, that could be fun). So I'd go with planes that have cats but not human-like. Among the already existing planes, that leave us with:
    - Dominaria: Would work no problem.
    - Kaladesh: Coud work, there were some big cats going on. They all have very specific stripes pattern though.
    - Amonkhet: Could work, it got a mix of cats and big cats, and there's already the Serpopard as a precedent of weird Cat hybrid.
    - Zendikar: Don't think it fits, Felidars has some very specific features on this plane.
    - Theros: Could work, the plane had Cats and monsters, but the Roman/Greek theme might push this out since it doesn't really fit.
    - Tarkir: Don't think it fits, Cats on there were even more bestial, linked to Temur.
    - Innistrad: Don't think it fits, Cats there were mostly domestic cats meant to bring bad luck.
    - Ravnica: Could work, the plane had some tigers and weird flying creatures. This illustration also have some Gargoyle vibe which goes well with the Gothic architecture of the plane.
    - Mercadia: Could work, but honestly I wouldn't try it, it's one of those sets that just don't have a lot of artistic cohesion, it would be a bit random.

    So, in the end, I think the most fitting plane for this Cat would be Ravnica. It has this intelligent look and a still stance that makes it feel like a Sphinx/Gargoyle which fits the plane perfectly, Ravnica already have plenty of different Cat styles roaming around, and the Simic can even provide a perfectly logical explanation for the bat wings.
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    Thanks for the breakdown, very helpful indeed! I came to the same solution on multiple planes.

    I notice that you didn't speak to Ixalan, do you have any thoughts on it? You think because it doesn't currently have Cats they shouldn't be added?

    As I intend to keep this Cat Beast (at least centered) in white, is Ravnica still your first choice even with this Simic aspect you've touched on?

    1. Any cool Ravnica related things you think would work for the background?
    2. Any idea for a name for a Cat Beast species on Ravnica? Arynx exists in Gruul and appears wingless.
    3. Are there any mechanical themes/synergies that you'd suggest relating the art to the plane?
  • @Faiths_Guide
    Well there's always the possibility of putting Cats on a plane that didn't have them, or even a plane we haven't visited yet, but the creature grid of each plane creates some expectations from the player and going against it would make it more difficult for your illustration to feel part of that plane, I think. For Ixalan specifically, I don't think it really fits because the creatures on there are especially primitive and bestial, while there's a sense of intelligence that comes from your illustration, I'm not sure I would picture it surrounded by dinosaurs. For instance, here's the closest creature I could find on Ixalan, I don't think they really match together visually:


    For the Ravnica lead:

    1) As I said, the posture reminds me a bit of a gargoyle or sphinx. So I would consider maybe the roofs of an Orzhov church, an elaborated court room of Azorius, or setting at the highest point of the city with the roofs spread out as far as eye can see below in the mist.


    2) This one definitely doesn't look like an Arynx. The hybrid aspect could make it a Simic card, in which case you'll need a funny portmanteau word like Skartocrab, it could also be a creature from Orzhov like Twilight Panther (I could see Taysa wandering around with a bat-winged tiger for instance) with itw own name, like the Thrulls. The bat wings also makes it a good candidate to be some kind of Dimir Bat Vampire creature I suppose, with a name that hints at what it does more than what it is. And as I was saying, if you interpret it as a weird Cat Sphinx creature, it could also fit Azorius, which would give it a very boring descriptive name xD

    3) I think that will depend on the guild you'd choose to tie it to flavourfully. Depending on its colour I would expect different things from it. The only thing I'm certain is that it has flying and it has at least 2 power. Otherwise, it gives me a sense of intelligence, and is a bit unsettling in an Esper way.
  • Adding to this thread:

    I really jive with @ningyounk's comparison to a gargoyle in Ravnica. With that in mind, I think it would make most sense in one of these two places.

    My first suggestion is that you can put the cat among the tips of many buildings; a "spire-scape" is the most appropriate description I can think of. Maybe even hide some gargoyles in the background. Personally I think the art is a little bit too static/symmetrical, and this would complement the art the most.

    My second suggestion is that you place it within a menagerie, surrounded by generic Ravnica tokens. You could use this to etch out some overlap between the Selesnya and Sonic guilds.

    I'll fill in more ideas as they come.
  • Another idea, I could totally see Teysa petting it:

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    @Temurzoa @ningyounk
    So what do you guys think about me making it Teysa Karlov's (from Ravnica Allegiance) pet and giving it a "Sacrifice a Spirit: [Effect]" ability? Strike that last bit...
  • @Faiths_Guide
    I'm a bit late to the party, but I'll drop in my two cents. I'm partial to Dominaria for the simple nekoru comparison - it'd be feasible to see this as a 'northern' variant on the existing cat dragon paradigm, but if you're looking for an aesthetic match Ravnica definitely has the high contrast environment you'd be looking for.

    By effects, you'll be a bit bound based on your plane. Dominaria would indeed be tougher since the nekoru were in Jund but you could play around with it as a flier with a saboteur effect. On Ravnica, you're probably looking more toward either a nod toward sphinxes or gargoyles. I think ningyounk was talking about whether or not it was 'intelligent' and that can point you to whether you want to go toward an etb trigger, a combat-based skill or a more static effect.

    I don't know if any of that is helpful, but it's where I'm thinking as I look at the art and read the comments.
  • @DomriKade
    Very helpful. Cat Dragon caught me a bit out of left field, didn't even remember there was such a thing to be honest, but I'm very glad you mentioned it. I may move in that direction, I'll have to give it some thought.
  • I actually think I could see this as a w/r creature, sitting in the middle of a ruin in Theros.
  • @Faiths_Guide
    1. I don’t think any plane currently has flying cats. One idea is that it could go on Naya as an evolution of the cat people post conflux. The visual aesthetic (minus the wings) fits existing Nayan art decently enough.
    2. Perhaps an activated ability that gives it flying? This would indicate that it is naturally bipedal but also flies.
    3. Something that indicates it is hunting and ready to pounce as that is what the posture suggests.
  • Thanks guys!

    I think @DomriKade has mentioned the only plane with flying Cats: Dominaria.

    I feel like adding Teysa will be the most interesting visually, so I’m going to give that a try first and see where I want to go from there. I’ll run it back by all of you here when I’ve got something since you’re all so helpful!
  • Wow, making progress, but I may have bitten off more than I can chew!
  • I feel like its wings are little too small to fly. Maybe it gains flying by its ability?
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    That's a good option. It's wings are mostly folded in the sketch, but I think you're right that I might be a little undersized for the weight of this guy. Temporary flight could feel a bit like "pouncing" and gliding.

    Gargoyles also seem to have undersized wings in a lot of art.
  • @Faiths_Guide, I am far too tired to read all that is above... what are you planning on doing for the theme?
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